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Considering the result of yesterday's vote concerning the Blunt Amendment, I guess I'll bring out this classic again. ;D

Let's get SPARKy for the first Friday in March! :D File this story under "No $hit, Sherlock." AND, if the ladies are drinking coffee at the same time they're acting all escorty (just made up that word), they're REALLY in trouble! Do any of y'all remember this insanity? I was not one of the insane, thank you very much. I was probably playing with Star Wars action figures or Matchbox cars. Man, when kitties have found A SPOT, they WILL NOT LEAVE said spot! :D


Remember the story a couple months ago about the 50 - some - year - old toaster that was still working? This appliance got jealous & demanded its moment in the sun. :) Finally, check out these Australian - rules pine cones! $HIT!!

Let's Countdown & mind the pine cones, fer Pete's sake!

#5 "Abhorrence in Broadcasting" AKA "One Track Mind" - Wow, for the first time that I can remember, sponsors are actually bailing on Boss Limbaugh because of pressure from we, the people, to stop financially backing his on - air shenanigans. Some prominent GOBPers  are calling him out, too, but will probably apologize by the end of the weekend. Could it be that maybe - just maybe - people & organizations think he went too far singling out a single woman & calling her a slut & other lovely things? Keith confirmed my recollection! :) Boss Limbaugh's lost 3 long - time sponsors & might lose a fourth. But, he's just getting started. Sandra Fluke has acted admirably in the face of such ilk. Carly Fiorina didn't like what he had to say, Senator Nude Cosmo didn't like what he had to say, but others are saying they don't like what was said but didn't trash who said it - namely the 2 "front runners" in the MENSA party. Speaker Sobber's trying to blame Dems for what was said?! Rep. Issa DID blame them. President Obama called Sandra Fluke & said her parents would be proud of her - a direct reaction to some of the hate spewed from Mr. "EIB." Laura Bassett gets oogy duty. She thinks this crap is the new high in low replacing the Komen/PP debacle. Keith, I think Boss Limbaugh knows EXACTLY how birth control works; he just doesn't care & likes lobbing the red meat to the minions who listen to him. What he said about Sandra Fluke was an attack on ALL WOMEN, too. Our Great Orange Satanic Leader gets to weigh in on this stuff, too! :) He thinks Senator Nude Cosmo stepped in only because of his Senate race with Elizabeth Warren. Boss Limbaugh is the voice for what many men in the GOBP think (?). Well...yea...maybe... The gold folks will abandon Lonesome Rhodes in favor of Boss Limbaugh?! HA! Social media could play a huge roll in a Boss Limbaugh downfall. :D

#4 "The More You Know" AKA "Primary Problems" - WA state is caucusing tomorrow, and 10 states will doll out convention delegates on Super Tuesday this upcoming...well...guess which day it is. :D Mittens is closing the froth gap in OH! However, he might not be quite the DC outsider he portrays himself to be. Man on Dog is accusing Mittens of class warfare. Lots of Penn State peeps are also taking issue with Man on Dog's portrayal of the attacked lone conservative. And, what made "Herb" crawl out from under his rock?! Craig Crawford gets to follow up "Herb"'s latest faboo ad! What the spark indeed!! I'm sure the citizens of WA will really appreciate Mr. Craig's "cartoon" comment. However, if that caucus runs as smoothly as most of the other previous GOBP contests have been run...*&^%$#@! ABC News has a tape of Mittens bragging about going to DC to get as much federal coin as he could get at the time, so his charge of the other MENSA candidates getting money for their states & districts might have lost a wee dram of punch.

"Time Marches On!" - Did Wilt Chamberlin score those 100 points before or after the 20K women? A little guy's Daddy made a political ad for said Daddy. The 2 of them made quite a pair on FAUX News. Will his parents use this video to embarrass him in front of girlfriends? A chimp & a baby were kind of sort of duking it out; the baby could care less. :) Another soccer game featured big wind scoring an inadvertent goal. OK! That was a little trippy.

#3 "NY/NJ Metro Czars" AKA "NYPD State of Mind" - Tonight's fight ticket features Mayor Putz & Governor State Helicopter! And, the winner is...???!!! Yea, the Governor ain't happy about clandestine NYPD work in the "Garden State." Mayor Putz is resurrecting the classic "noun - verb - 9/11" memo. :) Mayor Cory Booker & Governor State Helicopter are on the same side - at least on this issue! Errol Louis is in studio to talk about the NYPD being the world's police. Governor State Helicopter could really cause some problems for Mayor Putz by contacting some buds in the DOJ to ask for an investigation. NYPD is stationed all over the world? Wow, the rest of the world can't be happy about that!

WPITW - Some dude is claiming the AIG bailout was just a cover for sharia law. HUH??!! And, he used to be a general. Some GA state Senators want to make all picketing illegal. Is THIS how the south shall rise again? They're members of ALEC. A gentleman in NM proved voter fraud by getting a ballot for his dog. He's a GOBPer & the husband of a NM state Senator who's big on the issue of...wait for it...VOTER FRAUD.

#1 "Fridays with Thurber" - Tonight, we get "Look Out for the Waruelens!" Well, no wonder Marvin the Martian's so very angry all the damn time! :D I still can't believe so many people back then - and even still today! - belief that Orson Wells "war of the worlds" shtick.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Fri Mar 02, 2012 at 06:04 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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