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That's right. Lot of c-words being flung these days, some worse than others. Panties and boxers and all manner of undergarments are being wadded and ruffled and twisted. But to the FReepers, they are being faced with the realization that their hero, Maha Rushbo, he with talent on loan from the G-word, is a coward.

no funny graphics here, because the quotes are so entertaining...

Et tu, Rush?
I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart by my best friend. Didn't think I'd ever see the Day Rush would loose his spine. Listener from 1990.
Instead, what [Rush] did was tell us to put the gun in our mouths and pull the trigger.

I believe I have a firm grip on the reality of this issue. Rush has been the major bulwark against Republicans caving on every single issue. Today he did everything he has condemned in others. Now that he has caved, who do you think will advance the cause?

Perhaps you should get a grip on the situation we face in this country.

I feel much like you lifepath. I never thought rush would cave like this. I felt like he was the only one truly carrying the conservative water.
I don't accept Rush's apologies, one to Fluke and one to us, his listeners.

By his apology, he has taken the bait, hook, line and sinker in one bad gulp. He now twists and the end of a rope held by the politically-correct.

I just hope Rush will survive this, but to be honest I don't know if he will.
I think Mark is going to be really conflicted on this one. He is, I believe, a good friend of Rush. Mark will struggle to rationalize this betrayal, because Mark is a fan, too. I worry for Mark Levin's heart. I agree with you: we live in a parallel universe. I had breakfast with a friend (actually, an ex-wife - can they be friends?) who believes she lives her life as a conservative. She was all for the government compelling free contraceptives, especially if it meant those evil bastards in the Catholic church had to pay. I sat there stunned, fork halfway between plate and mouth.
I feel like a Bush-supporter today. I had his back for two terms over the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, then bags us on illegal immigration and TARP.

A lot of us had Rush’s back over this, then he comes out with lame-assed apology over something he was right on.

Very well said. Rush shot himself in the foot, but shot his core listening audiance in the head. The life boat was leaking water, and Rush threw us overboard, I wonder what Mark Levin has to say about this? Defending Rush, and then getting shafted, too. Limbaugh dosen't need me anymore.
Does anybody really, sincerely think these sponsors are coming back???? The libs are in for the kill. Even with this lame-azz apology, any sponsor that has already quit will be attacked like crazy for returning to Limbaugh's show. Plus now he has betrayed millions of his listeners. Limbaugh is finished. Rush said nothing wrong in his original statement, and should have stood is ground. Now he is a pansy in the dust.
I want to agree with you, I really do.

But, no one except those of us Rush (former) fans are going to read his apology. No one is going to parse his words except us, looking for the up-side, and his and our enemies, looking for and gleefully finding his weakness.

They find the weakness, and they exploit it. Rush loses, we lose, and the country we love loses.

The only part of this abject, humiliating apology you will EVER hear again on the MSM is the ass-kissing, tea-bagging part.

Rush today lost untold numbers of long-time listeners, true believers, and loyal conservatives. There is no brilliance, there is no up-side. Churchill said never, never, never give up. Today, so that his check did not drop 5%, Rush gave up.

Go ahead, find the “brilliance”.

Andrew Breitbart would not have apologized
Agree - despite his high opinion of himself, Rush has always been good about not making himself the story...always the issues.

That did not work out this time...

Pretty much his weakest, post-addiction moment...

Here is the difference: George Washington never met with his British/American enemies in order to broker an agreement to avoid criticism of his actions. Rush undoubtedly did - that’s why he caved.

Had George Washington issued a statement in 1779 saying that he apologized to the British Crown for an inappropriate choice of words when directing his army to defeat the British, he would never have been the father of our country.

Had George Washington repudiated his beliefs and his loyal followers (as Rush did today), he would not have been the General of the Army, he would have been dishonored. He would have been Benedict Arnold.

And here is another difference: George Washington risked his life and all that he held dear. Rush risks a minor drop in advertising revenues. Not his life, not his fortune. His sacred honor? Gone. He bets that you and I will overlook his betrayal. Based on this thread, it appears that he was right.

Whether women can get the pill at Wal-Mart for that price, or whether some get it elsewhere at a higher price, may make her a liar but it does not make her a slut. Seeking to have the pill included as part of health insurance does not make her slut either.

That is what Rush called her, and that is what this is about.

Rush: You expect other conservatives to stand firm and you do not. You apologize to a slut, to an activist. What does that say about you? Follow the money.

The old Rush Limbaugh show with its swaggering confidence is gone RIP.

I suspect you are right. I have wondered why he kept it up this long. Either love of his job, or he is maxed out. Sadly we will know soon. I think he is done this time.
If you have ever played sports and I was your coach. . I’d kick you off the team for being a disruptive element in the lockeroom. Just because we are behind in the third quarter, you have a baby fit and walk off the battlefield. . You sound like Harry Reid “this war is lost”. . .Well go then. . .you big crybaby. . .The problem, pal, is that you spend all your time looking for heroes rather then being a hero. Here’s my final word: The war is on. . .men of valor are all around you. .stop whining about your fallen heroes or who does or doesn’t meet up with your standards. . . the Left is the ENEMY . .WADE INTO THEM. . spill THEIR blood. . shoot THEM in the belly!!!GET UP A FIGHT!!
emphasis added
"I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart by my best friend."
When I read the apology yesterday, that is exactly how I felt. I texted my bff saying "my bf betrayed me" (I always referred to Rush as my "boyfriend".

She called me back and I was so upset. We were just talking about the slut thing. She is not a listener but she could not believe he apologized (I'm her "informant").

She could not comfort me, just said sorry. She was upset because I was so upset. We both despise betrayal, so she could understand where I was coming from.

this remains my favorite, though:
Rush was the main voice that ridiculed the left, and kept the pansy-assed Republicans from straying into pansy-assed territory. Today, he surrendered his left and right testicle, plus at lest three inches of what was left. Now he is forever neutered. The left has proven that he can be bought, can be checked, can be neutralized.

The winners are the evil left, and the Republican elite. Permission has been given to nominal Republican candidates to tack hard left, since they no longer have to worry about Rush, or any other voice from the right.

We are screwed. The country is screwed.

Do you get it now?

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