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One has to wonder, considering all the unadulterated evil done by the United States around the world for the last century or so and the myriad enemies we continue to make each and every day through our inhumanity as an Empire in the modern world, one has to wonder if at some point Americans become fair game in the war against our corporate-military government's exceptionalism and cruelty always in the name of Freedom and Free Markets. One man's terrorist is another's man's freedom fighter.

I am an expatriated American. From the outside, I hear the world howl at the American people to do something about its government before it is too late. Not the phony “do” to vote in the next in a long line of charlatans, but to really do something before it is too late.

The world is on fire. Americans can think all they want it was 911 which got us into this mess. But the world has a longer view.

Most of the world believes America's bellicose global meddling is a big problem. You can count on one hand the number of countries which do not have a U.S. Military installation.

Maybe you don't know what I'm talking about. Do you think the people of Southeast Asia have forgotten about America? Or has Latin and South America forgotten about Reagan? Will Iraq ever forget us? Or Afghanistan or Pakistan or any Stan or Iran or the abandoned people of the fake Arab Spring? Or any of the people oppressed around the world under “our” dictators and oligarchies? Our vassal states?

When the world finally collapses as it must under the present system of debt slavery and culture wars and the orgy of finger-pointing is done and all eyes slowly turn our way, will they chase us if we run? Will they ghettoize us when we're caught? Will they kill us for sport in honor of their murdered ancestors?

America's “Big Stick” has bludgeoned the world, except China and her friends, into stupefied subservience. We pay where we can and kill where we must. And each human, billions all told, under the heel of American Supremacy, cry oceans of tears, shout waves of bane and swear upon their grave to never forgive and never forget and generations of terrorists are begot to do the family proud.

In some parts of the world I'd be hunted down like a dog and kicked, stoned and bludgeoned to death. Not because they don't like whitey, but because whitey is an asshole. Because up to this point, the world has been able to separate the American People from the criminal and inhumane behavior of its venal and incredibly stupid politicians serving the interests of The Few. But our heretofore immunity, based upon the tolerance and understanding of common people all around the world, will end if Americans just do what they do and deny, excuse and justify the actions done in our name all around the world for four score and more years. From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli...

We've been running rampant over the globe killing for profit, position and power. And now we are broke, broken and bitter.

It's all been for naught. We've left rivers of blood and bone in our quest for supremacy and never gave it a second thought. But we haven't been forgotten by those lives left shattered in our imperial wake.

America is going to face a reckoning (currently underway.) But what about Americans out in the world? Are we safe? Will they chase us if we run?

I wouldn't bet against it.

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