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Rush said some, depending on your location on the ideological spectrum, despicable/insensitive/stupid/honest things about a Georgetown student, and contraception. This is the political theater's outrage of the moment.

Look, Rush Limbaugh is an asshole. I don't mean that in the insult/pejorative sense. I mean Rush says things and people react. He shares opinion on a great many things, and you can like it or hate it. At the end of the day he really doesn't care if you like him or not. He's an asshole in the same way my buddy Roy is an asshole, or in the same way my Dad can be an asshole. Don't like what I say - go fuck yourself. At the end of the day Roy is my buddy and I love my Dad and at their core they're good people. Rush's job is to be an asshole on the radio. People listen, like, and keep listening. Others listen, dislike, and don't listen, or make a stink. It's political theater like I said.

Here's the issue. We don't need anymore political theater. We've had the same bullshit theater for the last 20 yrs. Since the 92 election it's been theater way over the top. I'm tired of it.

Why is it people say we should have a leader with business experience? Really, why is it that a person with business experience is so valuable for the economy? Because they are the experts in business. We're told that because they live in the business world, they can speak to the real world applications of how the economy manifests itself. Well why, when the consensus of the scientific community - the experts - say that climate change is real, the same people say we should not listen to those people.

In 2008 when the financial sector of the world economy nearly melted down because the leverage in the system from opaque derivative instruments is so great, and interconnected that there is not enough liquidity when swaps are called in. Why is the solution from the same experts who didn't see this in the system, more of the same "let the market" figure it out. The market nearly melted down without rules. Now you tell us the solution is to keep playing the game with no rules?

Regardless of your stripe of politic - ask the question, and demand a debate on the issues that matter. When the media dipshits give you the assholism of the day from (insert dickhead media person) turn it off. OK, Rush Limbaugh is an asshole. We've known for a long time. Rush Limbaugh being as asshole again is not news.

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