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It has been an interesting day, and I thought that I might share a few highlights.

When I was dragged from my warm and cozy bed this morning, the Polls were about to open. For a moment I forgot that this was Super Tuesday. To be fair to me there has been very little that is "super" about it. A simple continuation of the Race to the Bottom doesn't really qualify the use of an adjective that, in another context, describes a guy who wears his underwear outside his pants, and saves the planet.

All I see in the Primaries so far is a few Republicans, same as the old Republicans, trying to lie and cheat their way into the most powerful Office in the world. Actually, I wish they were like the old Republicans, this new breed takes a strong stomach to even listen to.

However .... I had coffee waiting, and a wife to chat with before she departed to instill learning into students unwilling to receive it. We do this every morning, then I get the kids up, force feed them, fois gras style some indescribable cereal, and the big yellow bus collects them from the end of the driveway.

This morning was the same as the others except I noticed unusual activity next door.

Next door is about five hundred feet away. It is a small community church. We live in a rural area which is just outside our local City Limits, and our nearest neighbor is a small church, the kind I would probably choose if I wasn't an atheist. They are good neighbors, generally quiet even on Sunday and Wednesday. Activity on a Tuesday morning is unusual.

Eventually I woke up sufficiently to remember that it is also a Polling Place. It's an Oklahoma Polling Place and I have a clear view of it through the living room windows.

What I was witnessing was a steady stream of Oklahoma Republicans bent on choosing their Champion. It is important to them. They know that their Guy will be the one to return prosperity to the land, kick some Iranian butt and repeal Obamacare. Obamacare is the Devil's work, doncha know!

My other task this day was to spend the next eight hours as Editor for the Community Spotlight. I don't usually do the day shift, so I figure our wonderful scheduler planned it this way, so I could look at Republicans ... all day. She has a sense of humour.

Then the irony, and a great deal of amusement, struck , me. Here were all these good folk, hell bent on taking part in democracy, and returning America to Republican control, and watching them come and go was a guy picking, discussing and scheduling Diaries for a Front Page spot on the biggest Progressive Blog in the world.

You just can't make this stuff up. Honestly, it's comedy gold yet I suspect the local inhabitants would be less than amused if they knew, on a number of counts.

"We have a librul living among us? Watching us vote?" That sort of thing only happens in the big cities not here, not among folk who live right. I would be part of the great Liberal Conspiracy ... heh.

It's mid-evening now. The Polls are closed and Rick Santorum has won Oklahoma (well no one else was going to). As I write this sentence he is on the TV, prattling on about his wife and kids .... Jodie has been home from work, had a restorative nap, and we have just been watching MSNBC.

A few minutes ago the Newt was speaking, and Jodie was disgusted. She actually yelled at the TV and in that moment I knew her conversion was complete.

You see, when I came here I married a Republican. Many of you did as the 250+ comments in that Diary testifies. My wife is no longer a Republican, and can not even listen to them anymore without expressing disgust and annoyance.

I am so proud of her.

It has been a good day.

Originally posted to Every Part of You Belongs to You on Tue Mar 06, 2012 at 06:33 PM PST.

Also republished by Pink Clubhouse and Personal Storytellers.

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