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I have just one remark to make about Rush Limbaugh:  Rush? Jesus may love you, but many VOTING American CONSUMERS  think you're garbage wrapped in skin.

I lied; I have a little more to say...

On the subject of Rush, I'm with Senator Al Franken, who wrote the book on Rush Limburger:  "Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot!"  The problem is, we feed Jabba's gut by paying attention to him when he spews this evil horseshit, because, as we know, pigs love to wallow in crap.  And wallow he does.  I had a similar feeling about Timothy McVeigh (may he RIH); personally, I had no interest in creating a celebrity out of that animal.  Any word spoken, every "in-depth," "once-in-a-lifetime interview," every bit of attention from the media's feeding frenzy over this heartless, soulless, bastard made me nauseous.  It's good that he's dead; he can't hurt anyone else ever again (he attacked AMERICANS - and our CHILDREN!).  Rush Limbaugh isn't far from that kind of nature; he's a bloated, toxic gas bag who will, courtesy of our Constitution, be permitted a forum for the big, filthy, stuck-in-traffic behind-an-old bus exhaust pipe he calls a mouth.  In the case of McVeigh, his death was not enough; he can't be dead enough, ever.  But I find comfort in the fact that because McVeigh is dead, he's not Tweeting, texting, or showing up in tabloids.  The SILENCE is the blessing brought by the end of a sociopath's reign of terror; such is the case with this windbag (what a face for radio!); he feeds on our outrage.  If we find a way to silence him, where he falls from grease and is no longer a public sideshow, we will win.  And his balloon will be popped (let's not mention the damage it will cause to our ozone layer).  We must, for the sake of the sorry people who agree with him, and the sanity of those who are exposed to him like second-hand smoke, SHUT HIM UP.  And the fastest route to his silence is showing him NO MONEY.  If we sincerely boycott his advertisers (and let them know we are doing it), eventually, Limburger's loss of revenue for his evil overseers will outweigh his value. Only then, will we fill this crevasse of darkness with goodness, light and intellect.  And daisies.

In conclusion:  Rush?  Keep overeating, drinking too much, sucking down the disgusting cigar smoke, and all the poisons you ingest as you reign over your minions like a big, fat, anencephalic grub; you may save us all a lot of trouble and give us our longed-for Rush-less world before your bosses, who eat their own young as well as their employees, have a chance to do it.  For that, we thank you in advance; RIH, Rush.

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