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      Nope, the title is not a typo. Long before this 2012 campaign began, there are many tidbits, blogs and websites out there, who have been engaging in efforts to slam Mitt Romney and Bain for their modern day Robber Baronesque ways. One such website is by someone pure, who just wants to see justice done. At there are several articles detailing the history of the ruthless ways and federal system of justice corruption that Bain is engaging upon. Mitt's Tangled Web is one story by the Bankruptcy Misconduct website.

       Let it be known, (as if most of you are not aware already) - that it's my duty to my country to make sure Romney's to get back what he and his stole from me and mine. The case, is eToys and related issues. Being that Romney and his organized, criminal, ruthless Empire is enjoying above the law status in cases like Stage Stores, Liquidity Solutions, Kay Bee, FAO Schwartz, Jumbo Sports, eToys and Off Shore entities like Sankaty in Bermuda.

      We are thankful for the many websites like BankruptcyMisconduct.Com and Where is Justice for All- for going out of their way to help us get back what Bain and their cohorts stole from us. Romney's is as close to Al Capone as organized criminals need to get these days, because the SEC, OSC and others of the Dept of Justice are now publicly known to destroy case files. We are going to do many diaries to help you understand how sinister and nefarious Mitt Romney and Bain are. Your conscience will be shocked and your mind blown.


      Detailed on the BankruptcyMisconduct website, are many stories. This one, of Mitt's Tangled Web, denotes Conflict of Interest issues extraordinary as the website states and shows;

We're sorry that it's so hard to read the names.  The problem for us, and Willard "Shakespeare" Romney, is that there are just so many companies who are entwined in the greedy money grab that defines the illicit Romney Empire.  We tried our best to make a few of them fit.  But we were forced to make a blow up version too.

    The fact of the matter is, we had to draft the chart for the BankruptcyMisconduct website, because there are so many laws broken by Bain and their cohorts, so many Conflict of Interest and other federal violations profuse, no one else could possibly know them all. There are more than 100 felony violations and yet there are NO investigations and prosecutions. There's an explanation for this below. But the gist of it is, even without Romney being the POTUS, he already enjoys Above the Law status for he and his cohorts engaging in cronyism, corruption, conspiracy, perjury and racketeering.

    Now I am sure you say whoa guy, those are heavy allegations. Yes They Are! What may alarm you and shock your conscience even further, is the fact that the law firms that have engaged in organized criminal acts that Bain has benefited from (and hence Romney has) - are already CONFESSED in part. The law firm and Paul Traub's various firms (we keep chasing him from one firm to another and a couple have closed down); already admitted to erroneous testimony to a Chief federal justice and "Intentional" Frauds upon the Court.

     There's also much humor out there, on these issues. Here's Jon Stewart showing us a great take on the Bain issues.

And - here is Steven Colbert talking about
                          Mitt Romney the Ripper (Serial [company] Killer)

      What is the reality, is that - akin to Madoff - we have been detailing Romney's Bain organized criminal Racketeering ways for a decade now. Even though there are Confessions and public docket records with overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of more than 100 crimes and Perjury. The Dept of Justice, SEC and OSC refused to do anything about it. But wait, the SEC has confessed to destroying case files, the OSC (Office of Special Counsel) head was raided by the FBI, for destroying case files and we even have evidence why the Department of Justice refused to investigate and prosecute. This is because Bain also had a secret weapon, the United States Attorney in Delaware (Colm Connolly) who refused to investigate and prosecute the case, was in fact a partner at Bain's secret law firm (MNAT) in 2001 - the Very year the organized crime spree began.

    Another great set of pictures from Bankruptcy Misconduct website

    Colm Connolly (now at Morgan Lewis law firm) was the Delaware United States Attorney from 2001 to 2008. For his entire tenure, he declined to investigate and/ or prosecute the federal frauds in the eToys and surrounding cases. Never Once, did Colm Connolly disclose that he was a PARTNER at the MNAT law firm in 2001 - the very year the crime spree began. MNAT confessed to crimes but was never punished.

These are just some of the bad faith acts, conflicts of interest, robber baron ruthless and/ or crimes we will detail - one diary (1 crime - 1 issue) at a time. So that everyone will see the vast criminal empire that Mitt Romney controls.

  1. Sodexo
  2. Jumbo Sports
  3. The Learning Company
  4. Stage Stores
  5. Liquidity Solutions
  6. Madison Liquidty
  7. Kay Bee Toys
  8. FAO Schwartz
  9. Toys International/Playco
  10. Jack Bush
  11. Barry Gold
  12. eToys
  13. Toys R Us
  14. SanKaty
  15. SEC Fraud
  16. Off Shore IRS Fraud
  17. Federal Election Fraud

         The REAL Biggie that Mitt Romney hopes and prays that no one ever looks into are Ropes & Gray, MNAT and Paul Traub. Secretly, these are Bain's law firms who have committed crimes - that if investigated - the Law Firms WILL Close!

        OH, by the way - beyond the fact that Romney, through Paul Traub, is connected to Tom Petters, Marc Dreier and maybe even Madoff - that is not the only bad news for him.


    Romney's own  family (5 brothers who are cousins' to Romney) does not think he should be President, they are supporting Ron Paul.


Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Sun Mar 11, 2012 at 11:57 PM PDT.

Also republished by WeeklyBUG.


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