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My secret resource inside the Mittens campaign quoted the following coming outta his pie hole after placing 3rd in MS & AL: "As Joseph Smith is my witness, I'll never eat grits again!" :D

And, even though Lucien Carr's dog ate the bottom part of the OTR scroll, it's still quite a sight to see the thing completely rolled out! :D Go to the Countdown diary to see a past scroll photo that I took.

It's SPARK time! :D I was damn shocked that Detroit didn't earn this honor. Just take a wild guess as to who doesn't think it's such a great idea to visit The Great White North again? ;D Finally, there are days where I'd seriously consider a career change to...

On with The Rachel Maddow Show! :)

{DVR spark up made me miss a few minutes of the show. If anything super good or funny happened, please fill in gaps in comments. :)}

Mucho appreciado to Ezra Klein for pinch hitting for Rachel tonight!

"Can You Digit?" - Man on Dog won the popular votes last night; however, Mittens got more delegates. MS only has 82 counties? HA! Indiana has 92, so [insert Bronx raspberry here] MS! :D Mittens is WAY ahead in the delegate count; he's got over 400 - WAY more than Man on Dog. But, momentum's not exactly gone Mittens way because no one sparkin' likes him! Jeff Berman gets delegate duty. Ah...the whole SUPER delegate memo...the 2008 memories... AUGH!!!! ;) Rep. Paul doesn't have enough support to fully implement his county/state conventions strateegery. Man on Dog, however, could make some end roads if he can get his frothy $hit together!

"Let's Get Ready to Crumble!" - We finally finally FINALLY have a highway bill! It didn't used to be that difficult to pass one of these mothers. With the current state of the GOBP, however, if President Obama declared that breathing was good, the GOBP will hold their breath 'til they turn blue. Even Senator Inhofe thinks big spending on infrastructure is a good thing! Huh...I wonder who the 22 who voted against it were? I'll have to take a look! :) However, what passed in the Senate may not see daylight in the House. If a 9th short - term extension there doesn't work, it'll be bad - to be charitable about it. States can't continue to build roads, workers will get laid off, etc. Senator Barbara Boxer is hoping to avoid some road rage in the House. :D Even gas taxes can't be collected if this effort goes down the terlet! The coin requested in the bill is WAY LESS than what President Obama wants, but Senator Boxer will take what she can get at this point. Uh, Senator Boxer, y'all couldn't do anything in the Senate WHEN YOU DID HAVE 60 DEMS! *&^%$#@! 

"The Chuck Stops Here" - Man on Dog beat Chuck Norris last night, too? Golly! He endorsed & recorded robocalls for Newt. Huh...he went from a minister to a philanderer?! If I was a MENSA candidate, and Chuck Norris offered to endorse me, I'd say "Thanks but No Thanks!"

"It's Just a Flesh Wound" - Oh goody...a whole segment full of Python. I got enough of Python today where I wasn't expecting it! Newt didn't sound like the HUGE loser he was last night; his grasp on reality's never been that great. I wonder if Newt thinks Python's funny? Steve Kornacki gets to follow up the Black Knight. Did he say Newt's hoping for a plane crash with the other MENSA candidates? OUCH! Newt's a "Mitt - seeking missile." PAGING DR. FREUD!! Newt's desperate for some relevancy later on this spring by having just enough delegates to put Mittens over the top.

"Credit Where Credit is Rued" - Health care costs are increasing more slowly in MA than in anywhere else in the country. Thank you, RomneyCare! :D Overall health is better in MA, too! This news should be good; HOWEVER, with this GOBP...he might as well admit he's Karl Marx or something! There is absolutely no mention of RomneyCare ANYWHERE on Mittens' campaign website. However, he does spend plenty of time trashing ObamaCare - which was based on RomneyCare & AFTER he told President Obama to base HCR on RomneyCare!! He is so full of $hit! Jonathan Gruber helped design RomneyCare AND ObamaCare. The core of "ObamaCare" IS ROMNEYCARE! I can't wait until that topic gets debated in a debate between Mittens & President Obama. :D Premiums are down 50% in MA?! $HIT! RomneyCare was paid for by the federal government?! HA! No wonder he doesn't wanna talk about it, that Kenyan socialist pig!

"Warning: Graphic Content" - I had pie on National Pie Day! That whole 3.14159...whatever Day was dreamt up by some nerd in his/her parent's basement. We then got a best of the worst or worst of the best of pie charts, which Ezra just LOVES!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Mar 14, 2012 at 07:14 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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