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Newt Ginrich is the "thinker" on the right, the "big ideas" man to head the American Right forward to the Middle Ages.

He is also an idiot.

A complete an utter idiot devoid of rational thought.

The idiot GInrich is now trying to pretend Rethugs understand science and as a result he falls flat on his face.

He claims that we Liberals "don't believe the Wright Brothers invented flying, they don't believe Edison invented electric light, and they don't believe we're about to invent the next generation of interesting things."

Err yeah, there is a reason for that, Mr Idiot.

Ahead of the primaries in Mississippi and Alabama, Gingrich called into a local radio show to discuss his "plan" to reduce gas prices to $2.50 a gallon. He then claimed this "plan" was terrifying liberals because the Left fears energy independence and rejects new technology.

Mr Ginrich was one of the people mocking the idea of using algae for fuel all of one week ago.

He then continued to show how much Republicans hate that damned book learning stuff that suggests there is a World outside of the boundaries of the United States of America.

Spreading a Santorum level of stupidity he claimed

Liberals have this desire to ration, to regulate, to control and the possibility that we could actually produce enough energy that we did not need the Middle East is something that most liberals just look at with fear because it suddenly means that you and I could be free, we could buy the kind of car that we want, we'd have a job here at home, the government would be less important. It's a fascinating experience.
So it was some left wing Liberal President who invaded Iraq to steal their oil?

So it is Liberals who mock the next generation of cars that reduce the need to be dependant on oil?

Damned hippies.

He bloviates:

The Left has believed for at least forty years now in a concept called Peak Oil that says 'gee, we're about to run out."
So oil reserves are not drying up, leading to different ways to extract oil?   The right have not been mocking ideas that reduce our dependence on what is still a finite resource.

Yep ConservaJesus will just create more fossils for us to burn, after all ConservaJesus just put fossils out to test our faith.

Ginrich continues on to show why,if he is the great thinker and historian of the right, that they are truly screwed:

Well, it turns out that our reserves in the US, because of new technology, which is something that the Left rejects - they don't believe the Wright Brothers invented flying, they don't believe Edison invented electric light, and they don't believe we're about to invent the next generation of interesting things.
The Wright brothers invented flying?

Mother Nature may say otherwise

Human flight maybe? Alberto Santos-Dumont may say otherwise.

Edison invented the electric light? Really, what about Humphry Davy?

The linked article has a good quote that will never be understood by the great thinker of the right

Fortunately science, like that nature to which it belongs, is neither limited by time nor by space. It belongs to the world, and is of no country and no age. The more we know, the more we feel our ignorance; the more we feel how much remains unknown...
November 30, 1825

We all know that the inventors of this generation of interesting things were all rabid right wingers, such as Mark Zuckerman, Steve Jobs (hey rethug, there's that word again).

The problem for republicans is that time and time again they show that truth has a liberal bias.

(With thanks to RightWingWatch)

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