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Breitbart and lieberal hate

Liberals are descipable scum as shown bythe death, of Andrew Breitbart, when liberals celebrarted, made fun of him,called him ugly names event though he has small children who will read these horrible stroies, and will be scarred for life.
You are hateflu scumbags who would murder all conservitives if it wasnt illegal. All you do is hate hate hate. I cant wait for Rush Limabugh to die because then your nature will be reveiled for all to see. You will probably dance, and sing ,and insult him because your are too chicken shit to insult to his face. And then americans will understand that liberlas are bloodhtirsty monsters who celebrate death and suffring like their firends the muslims. you have no desency and no souls.
I bet you have nazi style consentration camps ready for consevative people, where you rape and torture them etc etc. Ever wonder,who are the new nazis? Well its you! Liberals are monsters who want deatjh for all their enemies and we all know it. Your all atheist scum all of you, and you have ntohing but hate. God is love so no wonder your all atheists and communists. You live in hate, i live in love, guess who wins? Your a fool Moulitas and you are doomed to hate and to lose!

If that's your "love", I'd hate to see your hate.
Rush Limbaugh

     I think your organization is disgraceful and are just pandering to left wing groups you and other Obama sycophants might have an awakening in the next election .
     I will try to get the word out about you hypocritical
Positions.I reject everything you stand for.

There is no "try". There is only "do".
Liberal TREASON!

Stupid question: why do you carry water for the CRIMINAL and ICOMPETENT Obama Regime? Better question: When you eat obamas ass do you stick your tongue all the way inside or do just work the outside? Do just suck his dick or do you take it in the ass too? Fucking homo traitor piece of shit, faggots like you are destryoing this country! Either you are on drugs or your having gay-sex with obama, only reasons you would support a failed FASCIST CRIMINAL! You keep spreading fske polls that "show" Senator Santorum "losing" to obama when in reality obama would lose at least 55-45! Keep on dreaming and get ready to be disapointed when Santorum kicks obamas ass! Do you think homos will be runnign this country under PRESIDENT Santorum? HELL NO! In fact homos will be going to hell! Santorum will beat both democrats, th real democrat obama and the secret democrat romney! The facts are theat you are a traitor and you will be treated such!! Good night and good bye TRAITOR!!!

So according to your own made-up numbers, 45 percent of Americans are either on drugs or having gay sex with Obama? For the president's sake, I hope most of that is drugs.
War on women

Not buying what you are selling. Isn't time you get your nose out of Saul Alinsky's playbook and think your own thoughts.  There is no war on's all propaganda to take our minds off the real problems this potus has created.  They are man made and on purpose to drag down MY country of which I love!  Moveon please move on. I am voting for whoever runs against obummer!  Post that jerk offs.
Monica XXX
Trust me when I tell you...people DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD YOU SAY! LOADS OF PEOPLE. Hypocrites taking tax dollars to fund your propaganda..hahahaha what a joke!  Call if you have any questions.

Wait, that was supposed to be a joke?
hunter article komen

pls forward to hunter...thanks for your article hunter...regarding the bishops but i would also highly suggest you look into komen's zionist ties and how pandering to the zionist christian far right had more to do with that then was a good front for an amoral unapologetic sociopath like brinker...there is so much depth to this corruption...ari fleisher just the tip of the iceberg... they are sponsored by catapillar and a rabid pro apatheid/zionist was the main speaker at their rally in portland... the corruption and subtext at komen esp brinker would make wall st look saintly...

There's this guy George Rockwell you should meet...
word choice
To: mcjoan

"Massive fail."

The word is actually "failure."

Someone isn't aware of all internet traditions.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Mar 17, 2012 at 10:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by DKOMA.


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