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And, we're back! :D We now interrupt this diary barely in progress for some shameless diary pimpage. By 9:00 a.m. IndianaNoPlace time, I'll be posting a non - Countdown, non - TRMS, non - "Beat" diary about another subject very near & dear to my heart, so your comments, recs, kudos, etc. would be awfully very appreciated. I'll give y'all a bit of a clue concerning the subject matter:

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.
Let's get SPARKy! :D Here's some hypocritical smut - "Hoosier" style. I DO NOT want to know if corn was involved!! I guess Florida residents have more to worry about than gators & hanging chads! Finally, to those of you who thought there was nothing to do in "Big Sky Country"...[insert Bronx raspberry here]!

Let's Countdown...

Hey!! We get Eliot Spitzer pinch - hitting for Mr. Keith tonight; this oughta be good!

#5 "License to IL." AKA "Monsters of the Midway" - Hey! There's only 1 "monsters of the Midway", and it sure as $hit ain't these MENSA members! After Man on Dog told the folks in Puerto Rico they'd never be a state until they began speaking Amurikan, Mittens CLEANED UP there yesterday. Tomorrow? We got primaries in my neighboring state to the west & grateful parents and 2 sisters who are IL residents and are probably damn tired of robocalls & ads. Mittens was in Springfield today. Did he go to Lincoln's Tomb & rub Abe's nose for good luck? He was also pumping his econ creds. Man on Dog TOOK ISSUE with being called an "economic light weight" and tried to get a little St. Ronnie mojo in Dixon, IL. David Shuster's in Chicago tonight; get some Giordanno's 'za while you're there for me, OK? :D Man on Dog's Sheldon Adelson better start ponying up some coin to keep his boy in the race. Mittens has a fairly comfortable lead throughout most of the state. I'd wager my Dad is a Mittens man; with all 4 of his daughters on birth control at one time & 1 daughter still on birth control, he won't suffer ANYONE implying his daughters might be sluts! I grew up in an ammo dump, the house I grew up in is STILL an ammo dump, and Dad knows how to fire every gun in the house! ;D Wow! Former Governator Bob Edgar isn't endorsing ANYONE?! THAT'S something. The GOBP thinks they can be competitive with BARACK OBAMA IN ILLINOIS??!! Yea, I don't call 'em MENSA members for nothing! :D There is much "down ticket" concern among the GOBP in the "Land of Lincoln," too. Ken Vogel puts in his Carnac hat to predict MENSA futures. Man on Dog was photographed sunning himself in Puerto Rico?! That's a little GAY, ain't it??!! AND, DID WE REALLY NEED TO SEE THE PICTURE??????!!!!!!!! Mittens is past the halfway point in delegate numbers needed to wrap up the nomination. So, if Man on Dog pulls a Puerto Rico tomorrow, does he go buh - bye? The PA primary is coming up in a few weeks. Didn't Man on Dog get his clock cleaned there the last time he was in an election?

#4 "Risky Business" AKA "Budget Battle Round 2" - If I see Speaker Sobber or Rep. Kill Medicare doing their impersonations of Tom Cruise in his underoos, I AM BAILING! :D Rep. Kill Medicare's even released a video of the upcoming budget shenanigans. The last time he tried to submit a budget, it was met with "WTS?!" on a massive scale. Sahil Kapur says the "new" budget submitted will be similar to the last time since it worked so well the last time. ;D The GOBP is just DYIN' to get rid of the safety net on which so many rely & to fallatiate the 1%. 

"Time Marches On!" - A little lady's a heck of a singer. :) When a tree falls on a house, and there's no one around, does anyone hear it? A turtle's having a heck of a time trying to eat a mater. AAAaWWWww...poor thing!

#3 "Inside Jobs" AKA "Jobbed Act" - A "jobs" act has actually been proposed in Congress?! Nah... The Jump Start Our Businesses Whatever Act is merely a way to deregulate Wall Street since THAT worked so well the last time. Robert Kuttner gets "jobs" duty. Guess what? Not a damn thing in this bill will create jobs! Go figure...the mother passed the House on a MASSIVE scale, it may or may not pass the Senate, but President Obama's signaled he may sign the thing? Lovely. *&^%$#@! Governor Spitzer's a little animated on this subject. Gee, I cannot imagine why. :)

#2 "War on Women" AKA "G - O - Prerogative" - There is yet more odious legislation concerning Mommy parts down the pike - this time in TN. A proposed law will force that state's health department to reveal the identities of women who get abortions & the doctors who performed the abortions. Huh...guess they've never heard of George Tiller or the many other doctors who have been threatened, wounded, or murdered along these lines. Gloria Feldt used to be president of PP; she's in studio to talk this proposed law. Yea, The Handmaid's Tale AIN'T a "how - to" book! Only 13% of counties in this country have abortion providers? Wow... Ms. Feldt would like similar legislation for men who want Viagra. :D

#1 "Re - Occupy" AKA "Re - Occupation" - 73 Occupy protestors were arrested in & near Zuccotti Park this past weekend coinciding with the 6 - month anniversary of Occupy efforts. The NYPD didn't work or play well with protestors, either. Several NYC council members took issue with the NYPD. Ryan Devereaux & Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez are in - studio to talk about what happened in Zuccotti Park. The NYPD commissioner refuses to appear before the city council to answer for what's happened during Occupy protests. Mr. Ryan doesn't want to make TOO many predictions about what the future of Occupy holds, but activists have been making plans throughout the winter. They are hoping for a general strike on May 1.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Mar 19, 2012 at 06:13 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, Pink Clubhouse, and Progressive Hippie.

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