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This entire story is indeed tragic, a law-abiding young man gunned down while walking home from a neighborhood store-- a militant vigilante keen on tracking the activities of others whilst ignoring the menacing nature of his own activities. But, from all I have read/heard--- one person came through with aplomb and their transcript may indeed be the nexus of proper investigation/prosecution from what seems to be a heinous crime of stalking/murder.  Yes, I'm talking about the 911 dispatcher!

911 operators have an incredibly difficult job! They have to deal with everything from someone dying on the phone to a runaway cat- they have to instantly diagnose whether or not to dispatch an EMT, police officer, fire fighters, or provide outside resources like crimestoppers or the red cross--- They have to boil down usually frantic phone calls from usually panicked callers in high stress situations. It is a remarkable task.

In this instance, the 911 operator specifically stated that following Trayvon should not be done! They also called for a police presence immediately, they were calm and tried to get all the info. that Mr. Zimmerman was relating.

If there is a prosecution in this case, I think it will hinge on this operator's excellent job to not only get information and immediately dispatch police to a perceived volatile situation, but because he told him (in so many words) not to pursue his "suspect".

I'm speculating that this was not the first 911 call this operator ever received from Mr. Zimmerman and his advice to 'stand down' was probably based on his good sense that Mr. Zimmerman was 'looking for trouble' and had made many 'false' calls in the past.

911 operators deal with incredible situations (for mediocre pay) on a daily basis and this operator is to be commended for his work-had Mr. Zimmerman taken his instructions... Trayvon might still be alive-- The operator is a true hero in my mind and I hope his transcript helps to make it safer for folks to walk in public without being perceived as threats by the 'they always get away' mentality.

No matter what happens, there will be no justice for Trayvon's family--- the loss is inconsolable nothing can make up for such a loss and my heart goes out to them!

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