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     Glen Beck's The Blaze is defending George Zimmerman and attacking Trayvon Martin. This really pissies me off. So, with all the banter out there on "Stand your Ground" purported self defense laws and other debates on what was purportedly said on the 911 calls by the "purported' Neighborhood Watch Captain. Thus, it seems prudent to discuss what is hogwash and what is fact from this caucasion boy's view as an outsider. I would argue that what the real case is, George Zimmerman had a troubled past, a Hero Complex, bias against blacks and a Gun. A murder bomb just waiting for the day to come and kill someone and be thanked for it.


      First of all, almost par for the course, the Police Lied. Trayvon's parents were told that George Zimmerman had a "squeaky clean" record. This is not true. As denoted by the Miami Herald (here) - Zimmerman had a domestic violence arrest. Zimmerman was also previously charged with batter of a police officer. Compounding those issues are the fact that Sanford Florida Police have previously been involved in racial violence and racial death incidences. The previous Sanford Police Chief (Brian Tooley) was forced from office due to a cover up over a Lt beating up a black homeless man. and current Police Chief (Bill Lee) promised to clean Sanford Police up as there was a previous incident in 2005 where an off duty Sanford policemen shot Travares McGill in the back and claimed self defense. (see Orlando Sentinel article (here)).

     As a result of the apparent Cover Up attempts and lies by the current Police Chief (Lee's) office, three out of five members of the Sanford City Commission have voted NO Confidence and 1 member asked for Chief Lee to step down.

BREAKING NEWS = Sanford Florida Police Chief LEE Steps aside (for now).

   We, the United States citizenry have to stop this crap in our country. Does anyone have any doubt whatsoever, if it had been a black Trayvon shooting a white Zimmerman - that he would have been immediately arrested? Please - show me evidence of black men shooting people, saying self defense and no arrest. Especially after even the police TOLD Zimmerman to stand down.

THANK YOU  - Petition with 1 Million Signatures

When we first started our stories here on Daily Kos and placed them on Facebook and Twitter - Trayvon's mother (Sybrina) Change.Org Petition had around 25,000 signatures. It is now Over 1.2 Million about 1 week later.

    Thanks to people like you (and of course MB's followers) - Way To Go!

 If you have not yet signed it - please do so now (Trayvon's Mother Petition).

    Even Zimmerman's own dad is making erroneous statements of what did or did not happen - But he Wasn't there - so his statements of facts are erroneous. Glen Beck's Blaze justifies how bad Trayvon Martin is, because he was once suspended from school.

        Thus, I will counter Glen Beck's Blaze and all others with the obvious Questions; which should have been addressed from the outset. But 1st, let's start with a YouTube video rebutting Glen Beck's Blaze. Starting with the good discussion on the fact that Zimmerman was well over 200lbs and Trayvon weighed 140lbs.

Here are some of the questions germane.

  1. Given Sanford's History could they have at least taken Zimmerman in?
  2. Neighborhood Watch own protocols forbids guns and arresting - correct?.
  3. Where's the proof Zimmerman lived in the neighborhood?
  4. What qualified the police to say Zimmerman was a Caption of the Watch?
  5. How can the police ever justify the lie that Zimmerman was "squeaky clean"?
  6. Isn't it stalking when there is No crime and you chase someone?
  7. Did Zimmerman have a Hero complex?
  8. How many Sanford Police were aware of Zimmerman's profuse 911 calls?
  9. Do the police have the same "racist" 911 call against Trayvon on Youtube?
  10. If Zimmerman did not live in the "gated" community - who let him in?
  11. Why are police declining to met with certain witnesses?
  12. What motivates the Sanford Police department to be so biased?
  13. Does anyone there know that we are in America where Obama was voted in?
  14. What motivated the Sanford Police to lie and cover up?
  15. Why did they lie about Zimmerman being squeaky clean?
  16. Did they seriously believe they could cover up Zimmerman's violent past?
  17. What is the 911 agent take on this - who listened to the incident as it happened?
  18. Were there any black officers that responded to Trayvon's murder scene?
  19. Did any Sanford Police, for even 1 second, consider that Trayvon was innocent?
  20. Was there any question by the Sanford Police - that George Zimmerman is guilty?


      It is incongruous for Glen Beck's Blaze to infer this is reverse racial profiling and not even consider that it was racial profiling that caused the death of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman's dad can no more testify to the events than you or I can. George Zimmerman's letter (see the story in the Sentinel (here)) - stating George did not "confront" Trayvon is so false it is pathetic.

     This appears, by all the evidence we have thus far, to be a racially biased person stalking a teenager, who had a possible Hero complex and a Gun. Zimmerman was a time bomb waiting for the fuse to be lit. Unfortunately the fuse was a chance to shoot and kill a black man with the hopes of becoming a hero - regardless of the innocence of the person.

      Are there any questions - points of view - you think need addressing here.

Fri Mar 23, 2012 at  8:19 AM PT: THANKS EVERYONE

The PETITION is almost 1.5 million (1.48M)

Way To GO

Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 01:05 PM PDT.

Also republished by Abolish the Death Penalty and WeeklyBUG.


Was this a stalking racial bias crime?

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