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    Yesterday, 3/21/2012 Rush Limpballs literally promised to "pay" people to ReTweet the propaganda he spews on Twitter ... at least that is what he said on his radio show. The payment Limpballs promises is in the form of giving some retweeter an iPad.

Here's Limpballs con-Artist Hitch:
     At the same time Limpballs promised to "pay" people to ReTweet his hate propaganda - he also said he would keep the "winner" of the iPad secret and not announce their name on his radio show ... hmmmm.....  is that because there will NOT be any real winner.  Is this just one more of Rush's con-games to lure people to ReTweet his hate with no intention of actually giving anyone an iPad?  

Transcript 3/21/2012

RUSH: "we're going to post [Tweet] things as we have done within the past hour, and these things ... are helping to get the truth out about this terrorism that's going on sponsored by Democrat operatives and conducted by Democrat operatives against local advertisers and radio stations which carry this program

... this boycott is not a boycott, that it's a pure act of "terrorism," that they're not angry consumers ... They're Democrat operatives and terrorists."

RUSH: Then what you do after you follow us is you simply retweet it ... And what we are doing is randomly selecting from our new list of followers a person each day to win the new third generation iPad ... And I have a stash.

... So we'll be doing that, and we're not gonna announce on air who wins the iPad each day.  We will contact the person via their handle and let them know that they have been randomly selected.  Just so that you didn't think that we forgot to announce the iPad winner, we're not actually going to be doing that on air."

    Sounds to me like Limpballs is lying again.  Sounds to me like Limpballs has no intention of giving away any iPad to anyone who retweets his lies but rather he is only conning his listeners into "thinking" he will give them something in return for their work ... free labor ... that's Rush's deal here.  He wants free labor and free advertisement.

     Naturally, Limpballs has to rely on the biggest haters in his viewing audience to waste their time retweeting his hate -- so he calls Democrats "terrorists."

    Rush Limpball's current advertisers should be concerned that Rush is using the same type of hate-language against Democrats that the 1994 radio host, Georges Ruggiu used on Rwanda Radio that gave rise to the Rwandan Massacre (Genocide) that left over 800,000 of men, women and children dead.  

    Rush Limpballs has been spewing lies and hate for decades but in the past year he has ratcheted up his hate-speech to the point where the language Limpballs uses can now be compared to the hate-speech used by Radio hosts that played a significant role in causing the 1994 Rwandan Massacre.

Last Year, March 2011:
RUSH: "Those people never ...the Obamas of the World, the Leftists, they never go away. They never give you a sense that they've ever been beaten. So it's an ongoing, never-ending battle ... [Y]ou want to be able to say you've won - if not the war, you want to be able to say you've won the battle. But the moment you win the battle, and you know you've won - the war continues. Because these people, they're like cockroaches, they just keep coming back..."
    1993-1994 Rwandan Télévision Libre des Mille Collines was a radio station that appealed to the Hutu population, with its racist propaganda against the Tutsi.  Their main Radio Hate-Monger was George Ruggiu.
In 2000, George Ruggiu confessed to his role in the 1994 Rwanda Massacre:
"admitted having directly and publicly incited murders and caused serious attacks on the physical and/or mental well-being of members of the Tutsi population with the intention of destroying, in whole or in part, an ethnic or racial group."
Rwandan Genocide scholar Alison des Forges:
 "The tone of Georges Ruggiu and Mille Collines [Radio] became more and more violent."
    Here's a small example of the hate-speech Rush Limpballs has used against Democrats just in the last year:
Jan 2011:
"Democrats Seek to Profit Out of Murder"

Feb 2011:
"Murders And Kidnappings Of Americans Abroad Are The Result Of Obama's Election"

March 2011:
 "Leftists ... they're like cock-roaches they just keep coming back"

April 2011:
"Obama's base are vile ... walking human debris ...

May 2011:
"Democrats are our Domestic Enemy"

June 2011:
"Democrat party is party made up of a bunch of parasites."

July 2011:
 "Democrats Are Literal Poison For This Country"

Aug 2011:
"Liberalism has led to the paralysis of law enforcement. The people committing these crimes are entitled in liberalism."

Sep 2011:
"Obama's Base Is A Bunch Of Crazed Anti-American Lunatics"

Oct 2011:
 "Senate Democrats Vote for More Rape and Murder"

Nov 2011:
"If Ohioans Repeal Union-Busting Law, They're Voting To "Rape Themselves"

Dec 2011:
"Obama wants riots"

    Rush Limpballs is not smart nor is he rational -- Limpballs is your basic, everyday hate-monger who cons his viewers with hate-propaganda and outright lies.

     Sure the straw on the camels back that caused Limpballs to lose his current advertisers was when he solicited porn on his radio show and when he slandered Sandra Fluke by calling her a Prostitute - implying she sells herself for sex.

    Remember, legally, calling someone a bitch or cunt or even slut is an opinion.  However when you call someone a Prostitute, that is slander.  When you solicit porn by telling all women who use contraception to post the sex videos on line that you can watch - well - that's also not legal.  

     I think any advertisers who might even consider advertising on Limpballs show should consider the primary fact that Rush's Hate language is becoming more and more violent as well as the fact that he solicited sex on his radio show and that he slandered Sandra Fluke.

     I think any of his listeners who are considering working for free for Rush by retweeting his hate should think twice before they believe he is truly going to be paying anyone with an iPad.

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  •  "Terrorists" (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    You have got to be kidding me.  Rush Limbaugh needs to find a new job for his OWN benefit.  He has become so inured to his own speech that he can't hear how pathologically wrong he is about just about everything.

    If this guy was seen by a psychiatrist I think we'd have a laundry list of personality disorders that we'd be dealing with.

    I know how this will end, though.  He'll see what's happening with Beck and he'll follow his lead.  Beck is making a killing now making people pay to listen to him.

    Lost influence but made money.  Limbaugh will see that as an out he can agree to.

    I blog about my daughter with autism at her website

    by coquiero on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 07:29:18 AM PDT

  •  I have thought for years now that there was a (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    askyron, cc, coquiero, kbman

    similarity that was too close for comfort between right wing talk radio and the way radio was used in Rwanda.

    And while it's nowhere near in the same league, I find it disrespectful, to me the reader, to read Rush Limbaugh referred to as "Limpballs".

    It makes what is otherwise a very good diary seem frivolous.

    Tracy B Ann - technically that is my signature.

    by ZenTrainer on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 07:49:21 AM PDT

    •  thank you (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      sasidechick, kbman

      for you kind words and your respectful way of letting me know you find it disrespectful of me to call him Limpballs.

      I respectfully, disagree with you -- but again, thank you.

      •  I just call Rush an anal cyst on humanity... (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        He used that medical reason to get out of the draft, you know, the blowhard asshole.

        "We are a Plutocracy, we ought to face it. We need, desperately, to find new ways to hear independent voices & points of view" Ramsey Clark, U.S. Attorney General.

        by Mr SeeMore on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 09:36:42 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  Twitter on a Jitterbug phone? (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    cc, Samer, truth2008, adrianrf

    Since the great majority of Rush's listeners are in the '60 to Deceased' demographic, do they even know what Twitter is? Or how to operate it? Or how to program their VCRs to stop flashing '12:00'?

    •  Now they're RTing That Twitter is Blocking His RTs (0+ / 0-)

      ... I think he's not getting any RT's because of what you said, his listeners are 60-deceased and don't know what twitter is.

    •  As a mem er of his demographic (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I recently set my MIL up to use skype to attend remote meetings. You might be amazed at what the older demographic can do.
      Now, do I think his listeners are good at change?  What ever the age, it appears that they cling to the old and fear change.  But I think that is true of all his listeners, regardless of age.

      Ok, maybe I'm a tad sensitive about hitting 60

    •  You made me spit out my coffee!! (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      cc, Mr SeeMore, adrianrf

      THANK YOU for the wonderful flashback.  I went to visit my late father after work one day years ago and he was so tired of the VCR clock flashing "12:00" that he put a piece of black electrical tape over it.  I remember asking him why didn't he just set the clock and he said "the only ones who know how to work the damn thing are the kids"--which were my niece and nephew who were 5 and 3 at the time.  They would come to visit Gram and Pap with their bag of movies and they were the only ones who ever used the VCR.

  •  He is done! (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    cc, coquiero, Swampfoot, adrianrf

    He is losing it.  He knows now that the VERY PEOPLE that he hates the most are the ones that GOT HIM.  He will NEVER get over it.  WATCH as he blows up and becomes even more unhinged.

  •  This is neither here nor there... (0+ / 0-)

    But I noticed Limbaugh had 15,000 followers, while Sandra Fluke had around 30,000 within the first week of the fiasco.  She's at around 35,000 now, his has increased 10 fold.

    "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would suffice." Eckhart von Hochheim O.P. (c. 1260 – c. 1327)

    by rosabw on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 09:02:17 AM PDT

    •  I think Limbaugh's twitter increase (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      adrianrf, rosabw

      is due to people like me who started following him after the Fluke incident.  I also listen to his radio program to identify sponsors, so I can email local sponsors, and report them to Dittowatch. Yesterday, we called his call-in number  to disrupt his call ins.  Rush's phone number1 800 282-2882,
      the number stayed busy the entire time.

      I'm a Louisiana Liberal, and I despise Jindal, Landreau, Vitter and the rest of the idiots that represent my state!

      by truth2008 on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 11:55:55 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Where Rush is headed! (0+ / 0-)

    Rush Limbaugh In Anal Probe Hell!

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