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Ann Coulter

“So maybe it’s time to start imitating liberals in another way and go after the Obama children,” she added. “By the way, that has been done grotesquely and viscously over the years by the left.”

While most public figures do avoid keeping the children of politicians out of the line of fire, Limbaugh in 1993 attacked the then-13-year-old daughter of President Bill Clinton.

Do you know any prominent figure on the left who has "grotesquely and viciously" gone after children of conservatives and Republicans comparable to the way Rush, McCain, Coulter and others have gone after the young children of liberal and/or Democratic politicians?

Yeah.  Me neither.

By the way, Media Matters has a story up regarding how one prominent right winger has already attacked President Obama's children.  Rush Limbaugh has already gone where Coulter suggested the right should go -- two years ago.

In June 2010, Limbaugh mocked Malia Obama, and in an apparent attempt to imitate her, asked: "Daddy? Did you shake down BP yet, Daddy? Are you going to make them pay, Daddy?" Limbaugh was referring to a remark Obama made during a May 2010 press conference, in which he said that Malia had asked him of the Gulf oil spill: "Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?"

And against Chelsea Clinton?

In November 1992, just a few days after Bill Clinton won the presidential election, Limbaugh launched one of the nastiest attacks of his career against then-12-year old Chelsea Clinton. He compared her to a dog.

I'm sick to death of these right wing liars suggesting evil liberals are the ones who do the crap that the right wing media and politicians have been doing for decades.  Or have people forgotten the Limbaugh's attacks on Amy Carter when he called her the "most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of the country."

And how many comment threads have you read where right wingers leave comments that attack left wing women as sluts, whores, lesbians and ugly?  That make death threats against liberal women, young and old?  Or the ones that attacked young Trayvon Martin as a gang banger and called him a [insert "N" word here] who deserved to die?

I hope Satan has a special place in hell reserved for these assholes.

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