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TRMS diary is taking tonight off in order for me to get to sleep a bit earlier to get up before self - respecting chickens to go to a work place I'm not crazy about these days; I've already shaken the diary draft off my Etchasketch. ;D

It's time for SPARK! :D Here's another non - food place where Jesus is supposed to be that I just don't see. If you're a CT resident that has an "unusual" pet, you can turn it in with no questions asked & no hassle from "the man." I hope this brave kewl hiker doesn't run into a certain former SC Governator; hiker's got enough going on to worry about being sparked, too! ;D

Finally, heaven help anyone who decides to marry these kids when they get to marrying age; parents have set them up to be REAL WINNERS!

Let's Countdown...

#5 "Breaking News: Special Prosecutor Appointed in Trayvon Martin Investigation" AKA "Delayed Justice" - Good news, but let's hope it actually gets somewhere in the next 5 years. The police chief of Sanford, FL, Bill Lee, decided to take a leave of absence since he's so popular in deciding to not arrest Trayvon Martin's killer. Other law enforcement agencies outside of Sanford are now taking over the investigation, including FL state & the DOJ. Ben Jealous is happy with today's developments. Protests in memory & honor of Trayvon Martin and his family are going on all over the country. Will Trayvon Martin be remembered alongside Emmett Till? Rep. John Lewis called the news "a sad & dark hour." And, he would know. The "Stand Your Ground" law is getting pummeled all over the country, too. The rep who co - authored the law is ready to take a second look; gee, that's good of him. George Zimmerman has also been disinvited to enroll into college for his safety & the safety of everyone else - probably a good plan. FL State Senator Gary Siplin is happy with today's decisions regarding the investigation. The special prosecutor named has decided, in another case, to try a 12 - year - old boy as an adult for killing his 2 - year - old brother. Keith has a problem with that; I do not. And, State Senator Siplin has no problem with her selection as special prosecutor. He wants Police Chief Lee permanently absented from his job. Maybe, Police Chief Lee can get a job with the UC - Davis campus police. *&^%$#@! The law was SUPPOSED to just apply to protecting your home & your car. Jonathan Turley gets his say in this horrid story. He's on board with a special prosecutor, too. Wow, the wording of that law sounds like we should be thankful that FL hasn't become the OK Corrall! Jonathan thinks there are plenty of grounds for an arrest that night of Mr. Zimmerman. The DOJ can stick around in investigating if it can be proven this crime was racially motivated; they can also still continue if there's a request from local police for assistance. 

#4 "Pipeline Politics" AKA "Political Pipeline" - Today in Oklahoma, President Obama apparently gave the green light to the completion of the portion of the Keystone Pipeline that would run from there to the Gulf of Mexico. Um...why? It's not like President Obama has a chance in Hades of winning that state in November! His words were met with great poo - pooing from Speaker Sobber. The spilling of this sludge is more common than other pipeline spills. So, I can see it now. This project gets done, there's a problem, and red state huge anti - government Oklahoma will beg for federal assistance in cleaning up the mess. Y'all think I got this picture right?! Sam Stein gets sludge duty. He actually agreed with Speaker Sobber. This part of the pipeline isn't what's causing all the hullabaloo; it's the part from Canada to OK - the northern portion. Folks in the White House think/hope the approval dip for President Obama concerning gas prices will be a temporary thing.

"Time Marches On!" - A doggie is trying really hard to get a tennis ball out of a pool. Now, a cat would just look at the dog & think it's an idiot. ;D A 5 - on - 5 game just won't stop, but it's for a good cause - aid to Joplin, MO. Keith showed the same duckies at the White House video that Rachel showed last night. :)

#3 "Endorsemitt" AKA "Mitty Endorsement" - Jeb Bush endorsed Mittens because he lurves Senator Marco Rubio, and he thinks he'll get selected for VP because he talks purty? O...K... Mittens Etchasketch, who today is ragging on President Obama for the high gas prices, said gas prices were because of market forces & such in 2006. SHAKE THAT MONEY MAKER, MITTENS! ;D Andy Kroll gets to talk Senator Rubio & Etchasketches. Well, Senator Rubio would probably like to Etchasketch the TRUE story of how he & his family got to this country. Jeb Bush thinks "his" party is alienating the Latino vote too much, so THAT'S why he wants Senator Rubio as VP; he assumes that all Latinos are alike. Getting oil out of the ground is a much more difficult expensive proposition than it used to be, so gas prices will continue to go up.

#2 "War on Women" - Governor Bob "Vaginal Ultrasound Probe" McDonnell said that claims of a war on women was political theater?! HA! Senator Kay Bailey - Hutchison, who's done more than her fair share of diminishing women's rights, was even taken aback! Yep, she's retiring. The Komen Foundation's still reeling from its PP $hit. Calls for Nancy Brinker's resignation are on the rise, too. Governor Vaginal Probe's approval ratings are tanking. Irin Carmon's in studio to talk war on women theater. Senator Bailey - Hutchison has tried to have it both ways on women's issues. Draconian anti - abortion activities in ID have momentarily, I hope, been put on the kibosh.

#1 "Dislike" - Some employers have taken to asking job applicants for their Facebook login information. Huh...if anyone looked at the dominant theme of my Facebook page, it would be fatigue, lack of caffeine, and waiting for the weekend to get here - not exactly barn burning material. CT Senator Richard Blumenthal is proposing a law to make that request illegal. The ACLU isn't crazy about this trend, either. Ben Wizner's in studio to talk Facebook privacy or lack thereof. He made a great point! Not only do requests like this violate the applicant's privacy; it violates the privacy of the applicant's friends.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Thu Mar 22, 2012 at 06:12 PM PDT.

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