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Robert Prechter inteview is down the page Mar 22.

They scoffed at him before, image if you left their fiat debt ponzie matrix long ago.
Now if you have a W2 you never get out but I do what I can, no TV service, no cash in bank, don't pay sales taxes buying useless shit from china. Live 1 mile from work to avoid supporting gasoline terror ( I don't have an electric plug available or would have done that already).

Oh, George Ure Urban Survival cites data that west coast port traffic is down 20% in the
quarter, public reports say public credit card debt is at new records and retail sales at new records, funny how it never adds up. Maybe they are buying food with the credit card, are not buying chinese shit. Maybe it is that bad.

My keypoints, opinions, and comments are:

Greece a disaster, 100B bonds defaulted and 260B more to go.

Japan next.

Cities defaulting. In the debt to gdp ratio chart comparisons, US is a little better
than a few of the worst. These worst are nation states, one account. The US debt published does not count up all the states and cities. I imagine we are many many times
the worse than the worst.

More specifically on how I think it will happen below.

My cycle analysis is down.

After said 15T federal reserve notes are put out there, this is/was as good as it got.
What happens when FED does not have cycles at their back much longer?
The cycles are already down and Fed is fighting the rollover, I can't say but the
first shot down could be in April. It is an election year and they do kite checks a lot
longer than could be reasonable, I can't say exactly April.

In April I have silver down hard, gold weekly cycle is weak.
If this happens it is a dollar surge. How do you get a dollar surge?
Simple it is other relative paper, backed by a bond which isonly by a promise to tax labor.
Yet what if the hyped manufacturing jobs are $13/hr, not so much taxable blood in that stone.
The only way dollar goes up in April is something else crashing, I think it will be Yen.

AND, they have announced money markets ( commercial debt paper ) will not be
defended. Every one of these subtle announcements is profound.
Central banks will not put capital in to support commercial debt paper, to
the $1 net asset value. If you trash money market you support the currency.

Now imagine the entire population thinks money market in 401k/IRA is cash.
When the money market goes, there will be a rush to take out and hoard hard dollars,
but there is another consequence after the initial mayhem. Once the myth of money
market = cash is gone, stocks gain relative value, stocks swing up again, stocks have relative value to "all debt is trash" with now broadened trash definition = money market. Stocks have automatic monitary inflation indexing, earnings are number of
dollars not units of widgets.
Yet another consequence from a  relative currency crash, it opens the door for
more FED printing, any time dollar is up relative to something else you can print more.

Now breaking the money market is hard to believe in election year but my cycles are
down are fairly soon, again they can hang to the right in time but not really defeat the
cycles, just burning time. Perhaps it will work out for the reflex dollar printing to come
in time for election and they actually need the breakdown soon, leaving time for the next
re-inflation. It would also work out to time the mayhem fairly soon and prepare the next dollar printing orgy with the next start of the next war, they love that in the financial markets and right before election works nicely.

I have studied some of what would initially seem like hyberbole about "appropriation of the public savings" and I do see the early signs, but again hard to believe in election year summer. This is already occuring on small scale, they do beta testing on these things and see how they can control the corporate media whores to slip it under the covers, it is being rolled out.
Ending the transfer of central bank money to support the money market debt paper, is a tranfer from public savings to bank, it may be that subtle where some hyperbole
says they are going to confiscate the 401k/IRA's.

Now I am not going to read alot of insults because the knuckle draggers are to me the
same as the right wingnuts. You have been warned see how it plays out it will not be exactly as I said but it should rhyme.

If I am close, I will be buying gold/silver around end of April yet you are restricted to $600 transaction increments and has to be done over time.

Above is just opinion for entertainment purposes, I am not qualified in these matters.

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