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There is an all our war on women being justified under the banner of religious freedom, this perceived freedom is deemed to trump women's rights. The freedom is one of worship, not one of total theocratic control. Nobody has tried to take this freedom of worship away in any shape or form, yet those screaming about freedom may be condemning others to poverty, poor health and even death.

Did our founding fathers really conceive this as one of the great founding principles, the right to deny others their freedom because some half baked religious loons deem it to be so? I think the meant the knife to cut both ways. There was no amendment written giving any religious organization the right to make laws, like anyone else they have to obey the laws of the land.

There is an ongoing war against the LGBT community, once again in the name of religion. Who gave these people the right to define the laws of the land based upon their religious views? Where in the constitution is this written? Where in their beloved "constitution" is it written that all laws will be based upon the tenants of any particular religion, only in their minds eye is it so written.

The hide from the accusations of racism behind a wall of "but, but he is a Muslim, against all truth. Where does their faith give them the right to lie for the sake of racism by using religious zealotry. Where is it so written?

The constitution gives them the right to religious freedom, no matter how crazy that might become, but nowhere does it give them the right to dictate unto others in the name of their god.

These are not the reactions of freedom loving people, these are the actions of zealots that want to usurp the constitution for their own benefit. Talibangelicals is the appropriate term for these purveyors of theocracy.

By all means object to secular laws on secular grounds, however using your religion as justification isn't covered.

No matter how much you hide behind your faith, it's still sexism, racism and bigotry no matter how nicely you wrap it in your faith. What you are doing is unconstitutional and was why the first amendment was written in the first place, to get away from "divine rights".

If you want a "Christian nation" with a religious zealot in charge, go start your own damn country, preferably as far away from me as possible.

Now I wonder just how fast you are going to congeal around a congenital liar, this should be interesting.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Mar 25, 2012 at 04:59 AM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets , Abortion, and Sluts.

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