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After fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, Florida community watch captain George Zimmerman "couldn't stop crying,'' according to a family friend who spoke with him Saturday.
What a fucking dumbass.

There is a lot being written about this travesty so I'm keeping this short and unsweetened: it's just below the Squiggle™.

Apparently this turd has a friend who still keeps in contact with him, named Oliver:

Oliver, who said he is a close friend of the family, said Zimmerman has gone into hiding, fears for his life, and is "just now becoming aware of how big this has gotten."
Apparently the NEW * Black Panther party has issued a reward for his 'capture'.
On Saturday, Oliver said that in recent days Zimmerman has contacted a number of his friends, asking them to speak publicly in his defense, but that each of them declined his request, fearing for their own safety.
The article goes on to say that Zimmerman has not been charged with a crime and the cops can't find any reason to 'refute' Zimmerman's account of 'shooting in self-defense'.

Zimmerman KNOWS he is guilty and cops are just fucking failing to do anything about it.

[UPDATE] * I have added the word "NEW" to the sentence with "Black Panther Party" in it after a note in the comments that the "NEW Black Panther party' is fundamentally different than the well-known "Black Panther Party". I wrote it this way to put in as much info from the Yahoo posting as possible while not stepping over the '4 paragraph boundary' of 'fair use'.

Because I DID link the Yahoo News posting I suggest you all read it as this posting at Daily Kos is just a blogged version of a "real" news report.

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