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I missed the last hour, where Media Matters picked this up.

To paraphrase : The overturn of health care may mean college coeds may have to pay $1000 a year to have protected sex. Free birth control pills may go by the wayside.
BTW, did you know there isn't a single Obama accomplishment that's not a burden to justify?

Hello to Rush and his people. Yes, yesterday's football reference was another dig at his fading importance. And today, he talked football! I know, some didn't quite get the Tebow tie-in , but I know he's a fan and former commentator….surely not an athlete. So it could be just a coincidence. At least I know who's reading all this!

Today's WABC New York tracking.

But first, football.

Warren Sapp, of the NFL Network, said an unnamed source claimed Jeremy Shockey (former Saints tight end) told the League about the "bounty" being paid to New Orleans Saints players who injured quarterbacks of opposing teams. Shockey demanded the NFL Network fire Sapp - short version.

Rush of course tied this to the fact that if you work for a company, they have the right to fire you for what you say. It is now, he noted, a matter of routine, rather than rare exception, that people expect that result. It boggles his mind how oblivious people are that if they censor someone like Warren Sapp… and of course, by extension, him, that it leads to the loss of their own freedom. Let's revisit that idea that everyone does not have the right, or means, to broadcast whatever they want to say on public airwaves just because they exist.

Too convenient too, to leave out that the commentator was relating a rumor he had heard, rather than making a direct accusation of a public sports celebrity. Inaccurate reports about him are not foreign. Sapp's comments are nothing like Limbaugh's. Yet he wanted his listeners to think the cases are similar. The NFL Network is not firing Warren Sapp, notes CBS Sports.

Concerning football's recent issues with concussions and bounties, perhaps the government should be involved, suggested a sports writer. Which Rush used to relate football to the Affordable Care Act / Supreme Court case.  

Inside Radio says Mike Huckabee's show will air on WOR-AM (New York) from 8-10 AM on tape delay. Which puts him against Don Imus on WABC in this market. So a taped show goes against a live show. Meaning, it's over before it starts. May be live in some markets. Remember, it means the owners of WABC are buying time on another network (Buckley Broadcasting) which will go against one of its own better rated programs.

Other NY area AM stations having "lower rated" shows have major sponsors throughout the program. So either those top-hour spots are really, really, really costly… or majors have opted out of Rush. Rather unlikely the companies still on the rest of the show are paying formerly premium rates. Especially with the number of repeats, and which companies are doing them.

Media Matters notes that Kohler confirms it will not advertise on his show. Potential sponsors are still leaving because they want to. Even saying it in public.

And the Twitter followers are not at a million. Dang!

Limbaugh Twitter followers - March 22 18:20 - 151,550
Rush Limbaugh Twitter followers - March 22 18:20 - 163,244

Limbaugh Twitter followers - March 26 12:40 - 163,464
Rush Limbaugh Twitter followers - March 26 12:40 - 184,259

Limbaugh Twitter followers - March 27 1308 - 166,876
Rush Limbaugh Twitter followers - March 27 1308 - 190,681

Today's WABC New York Tracking.
120 Minutes. 67 Spots. 4 New. 16 Repeated. 16 Promo.4 PSA. 47 Paid.
PSA - Freebie
= Repeat
NEW - not in a previous tracking

1202 CSX Transportation - (NEW)
1202 Rosetta Stone =
1203 American Bullion =
1204 Reputation =
1205 Regus
1205 IHeartRadio - (NEW)
1206 Organ Donor - PSA
1206 Find It Here

1220 WABC Promo
1220 Tax Resolution Services =
1221 Robert L. Steinberg Law Firm
1221 Grasshopper Mowers =
1222 WABC Promo
1222 Small Business Authority
1223 Food Stamps - PSA
1224 WABC Promo

1231 Osteo Relief Institute =
1232 WABC Promo
1232 Jim Nantz / Insperity
1233 Hoover's

1246 WABC Promo
1246 LifeLock
1247 Amberin
1248 WABC Promo
1248 American Credit Card Solutions

1255 WABC Promo
1255 Lear Capital =
1256 Kars4Kids
1257 WABC Promo
1257 Back And Body Medical

1259 Feed The Pig
100 WABC Promo

102 Wounded Warrior Project - PSA
102 Rosetta Stone =
102 Cooperstown Village
104 American Bullion =
105 Reputation =
106 Flushing Bank - (NEW)

123 WABC Promo
123 Hillsdale College
124 Chuck Wollery / Generation America
125 WABC Promo
126 Conservative Tours
126 Network Capital Funding

131 Osteo Relief Institute =
132 WABC Promo
132 Equity Now
133 Jason Evans, author

144 WABC Promo
144 Tax Resolution Services =
145 Lear Capital =
146 WABC Promo
146 American Credit Card Solutions

155 WABC Promo
155 Grasshopper Mowers =
155 Ted Bell, author
156 Wave Ventilation
157 National Library Service - PSA

159 Innerthrive Neutraceuticals
200 WABC Promo

202 Reputation =
203 My TV - (NEW)
203 Transforming Debt Into Wealth
204 Paragon Honda / Acura
205 American Bullion =
206 Garmin
206 WABC Promo

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  •  Tip Jar (4+ / 0-)

    cheerleaders need not apply.

    by kravitz on Tue Mar 27, 2012 at 01:09:10 PM PDT

  •  Kars4kids? (0+ / 0-)

    Kars4kids advertises on Rush?  Aren't they the ones that raise money to send Jewish kids to orthodox summer camp?

  •  RE: Rush's football career (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    It really gives new meaning to the term Fantasy Football.  During the Oxycontin contretemps, he initially alleged extensive back surgery stemming from football injuries.  (This ignores the fact he was in a celebrity golf tournament the week before and was bragging about his 300 yard drive)  Someone then noted Rush was only in college for his Freshman year and was not recruited for the team nor tried to walk on that no one remembered.

    Rush clarified that he meant his HS football career
    His former coach remembers he played one season but other researchers have alleged his high school did not institute football until after he graduated.  Rush also alleged during his stint as a sports announcer early in his career that he threw the pigskin around with the pros (yeh every pro dreams of having a wannabe hanging around practice)
    Later Rush was asked to pull up his shirt to show his surgical scars and he declined

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