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If you don't know enough details to know this was cold blooded murder by now, then you need to stop watching Fox News and pick up a real newspaper.

Zimmerman bearing no signs of having been in a struggle, or merclous beatingOn February 26, 2012 at exactly 7:11 p.m. George Zimmerman called 911 and identified Trayvon Martin as being someone suspicious in the Neighborhood.

Over the course of several months, Mr. Zimmerman, a 28 yer old, volunteer self-appointed neighborhood watchman, with no authority outside that of a normal everyday citizen, called Emergency Response Services forty-six times, not including the night of an incident, in which he shot an killed Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was an unarmed 17 year old teenager, who although had been recently suspended from High-School for possession of an empty bag containing the residue of Marijuana, was a college bound athlete, with had no juvenille record, or history for breaking the law. Hence, an average Teenager

Most times when Mr. Zimmerman initiated his calls to Police, he would provide a vague descriptions of a "Black male", or "multiple Black Males" in his neighborhood, following supposed burglaries within his Gated Community, Twin Lakes Resort in Sanford Florida.

However, not one single 911 call has surfaced of any actual residences having been terrorized by any home invasion, or burglary within the community. In fact, at least one neighbor was interviewed on a national Cable News Channel, and stated that she didn't know anything about any burglaries, and that Zimmerman's claims of such, AFTER the shooting of Trayvon, was the first she had heard about it.

Hence, the validity that the community was under some kind of threat from a roving band of armed Black Men committing Home Invasions or Burglaries, I believe was nothing more than a than a smoke screen. According to news reports, Zimmerman was about a month away from completing a Criminal Justice course. Persons close to Zimmerman that were interviewed, expressed that he did have a fixation with Black Males and their role in committing crimes.

Zimmerman's Father is Former Judge in another state, and his Mom works as a Courthouse Clerk, also in another State. Zimmerman had already been rejected from becoming a Police Officer. It had become obvious to those who knew him that he was a " Wanna-be-Cop ", and wanted to make a name for himself in order to be accepted into becoming a part of Law Enforcement somehow.

During one of Zimmerman's 911 calls, he described the culprit as a "Black male wearing a leather jacket, a Bomber Hat (the type that covers the ears), and plaid pants, and that he always notices this same man in the evenings around trash day".

Well guess what, the description Zimmerman gave  sounds exactly like me after I am set for bed... in my pajamas, and then suddenly I remember to put my trash can out for pick up the next day. So on goes the slippers, a heavy coat and hat, but I'll be damned to change bottoms for a quick run to the curb.

However, I am in California, and I would bet money that there are millions of other African-American men, like myself who only where Plaid when in Pajamas. You will NEVER catch a black man dead in Plaid Slacks.....That's a fact.

Save that for Austin Powers. Luckily, I have neighbors that are intelligent enough to know the difference between someone taking out their trash, from a Burglar.

For Zimmerman not to know the difference between a neighbor taking out their trash, or someone walking home with a cell phone and a can of Ice Tea in their hands, from a real Burglar casing a house (something i do not think would be happening at 7 p.m. in the evening), tells me either Zimmerman was priming the Police for an Alibi, before finally getting up the nerve to use his 9mm gun and e3arning a notch on his belt.

OR....he is one of these people who are a little OFF in the head, and suffers from borderline Schizophrenia, which might explain why he was rejected from joining the Police Force.

Either way, he is mentally unstable, compounded by a racial animus which became evident when he muttered "F'@&ing Coon" under his breath while he pursued Trayvon.

As for Trayvon, according to an "Ear Witness" (his girlfriend, who was on the phone with him the entire time) once he noticed he was being stalked by Zimmerman, he did everything he was supposed to do. He first pulled the Hood of his jacket over his head in the hopes that whatever  "Would-Be-PERVERT" (in his mind) that was observing him, would drive on by once he made it clear (via his body Language) that he was uncomfortable.

When that didn't work, and as Zimmerman continued to shadow Trayvon from his vehicle, Trayvon begins to walk in the other direction from Zimmernman, faster. Being careful not to run, according to his girlfriend, who is still on the phone with Trayvon.

Why didn't he run you might ask? Because all African-American children are taught at an early age, that running in public for no reason can have the undesired affect of raising suspicion of being guilty of "something". And if at that point you happen to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, it can then give the Police (undercover or otherwise) an excuse to shoot you in the back.

Luckily, Zimmerman was not a real Police Officer, otherwise the questions as to what really happened to Trayvon Martin, and why the Sanford City Police have failed after an entire month to make an arrest, would be an even greater cover up than it is now.

At some point Zimmerman exits his vehicle and begins to pursue on foot. You can hear him beginning to breathe hard over the 911 call. It is at this point the Dispatcher asks Zimmerman if he is following Trayvon. He replies, "Yes", and the Dispatcher advises him that they do not need him to do that, and he replies" Okay".

At some point Zimmerman also admits to losing sight of Trayvon.

At this point, it has been established that Zimmerman is in no danger, and that he has voluntarily sought out a confrontation contact with Trayvon against the advice of a Law Enforcement professional. Although 911/Emergency Dispatchers are not bona-fide Police Officers, they are still empowered by Local Authorities to advise citizens of their safety.

Moments later Trayvon and Zimmerman come face to face. Trayvon's Girlfriend can hear Trayvon say, " Why are you following me?"

It was at this point Zimmerman could have identified himself as the VOLUNTEER Neighborhood Watchman, and given his name, to put the kid at ease, and allowed Trayvon an opportunity to not feel threatened any longer.

Instead, Zimmerman choose to NOT identify himself after hunting down Trayvon's and most likely scared the crap out of him.

Zimmerman then got close enough to Trayvon for the girlfriend to hear him clearly through Trayvon's Headset, and reply , "What are you doing around here".

Trayvon then asked him a second time, "Why are you following me".

It was at this point Trayvon's girlfriend heard what sounded like Trayvon being pushed, and his headset falling off his head. Suddenly his cell-phone then went dead.

So now, one of two things could have happened. Which do you think is most plausible....

A.) Either Trayvon decided, after losing Mr. Zimmerman, and with only 100 yards to reach the safety of his father's home, that he would double back and somehow get the drop on Mr. Zimmerman and sneak attack a 250 lbs., "would-be-pervert" from behind, Punching him in the nose from behind, and bashing his head into the ground all while at a 100 lb. weight disadvantage to Zimmerman.

B.) Or, Mr. Zimmerman continued to search for Trayvon, who most likely tried to hide  from Mr. Zimmerman, instead of leading this unknown stranger straight to his Father's front door.

[Update: since the original posting of this Glog, new video has surfaced of a prestine looking Zimmermanbearing no signs of having been in a struggle, or merclous beating at the hands of Trayvon, as claimed by Mr. Zimmerman]
Perhaps using his Flashlight, (something that almost every person on patrol in the dark would have), Zimmerman finally spotted Trayvon. An ear witness, Trayvon's girlfriend who is still on the cell phone with him at this time, stated that he felt "cornered".

At this point Trayvon may have decided to stand up for himself.  According to recorded statements provided by Trayvon's girlfriend, Trayvon asked the strange man, who by this time had been tracking him for several minutes, "Why are you following me".

As far as Trayvon knew Mr. Zimmerman could have been some sort of pervert, or a gang member, as Mr Zimmerman was wearing a Red Jacket.

When Mr. Zimmerman refused to give a straight answer. It would be no far stretch of the imagination that Trayvon probably figured that since he had already tried flight and that didn't work, so now maybe it was time to fight and "stand his ground". Maybe after a few minutes of fear and adrenaline kicking in, Trayvon figured it was "Game on , fool!" and perhaps he did deck Zimmerman one across the nose.

If so, that would have been within Trayvon's right to fight off a stalker instead of leading Zimmerman all the way to the house where his little Brother might be at risk some other day.

If Trayvon threw some knuckles before Zimmerman gunned him down like a dog, so what! What was he supposed to do?

What do we teach Women to do if a stranger is following them home? Huh? Umm, Let's see now, "Turn"; "Kick"; "Grawing; Strike", "Spray the Mace" and so on, to do whatever she needs to do to survive.

Why is it O.K. to celebrate "Surviving", an attack from a "scary black man", but when a college bound Black Kid notices a stranger with a gun following him and he takes action to protect himself, all of a sudden he deserves to die?

Zimmerman had no Badge, No Security Emblems. Just an ordinary street clothes. He also refused twice to identify himself to Trayvon. For all Trayvon knew, Zimmerman could have been the neighborhood Pervert trying to see where Trayvon lived, or a Cholo Gang member looking for trouble.

Trayvon had a choice to either run to his Father's house and expose the rest of his family to danger, or "knuckle up".

If Trayvon really did throw some Blows, I am proud of him. He did exactly what a Man is supposed to do. According to Florida State Law, Trayvon had every right to STAND HIS GROUND.

Zimmerman was a Coward. He should have taken his lumps  like a man for bothering someone without good cause, and chalked it up as a learning experience. I challenge Mr. Zimmerman to neighborhood watch in using his methods in Compton, CA. , and see what happens then.
9:25 PM PT:

[Update: since the original posting of this Glog, new video has surfaced of a prestine looking Zimmerman bearing no signs of having been in a struggle, or merclous beating at the hands of Trayvon, as claimed by Mr. Zimmerman]

Should the "Stand Your Ground" law be repealed?

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