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Oh, I wish wish wish I could embed this week's Mark Fiore cartoon video; it is must must MUST viewing!

Let's look back at the March 29ths of the past. On this date in 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. I own the documentary their granddaughter made, and it is SOMETHING. On this date in 1992, Bill Clinton announced he "didn't inhale." R...i...g...h...t :)

It's time for SPARK! :D How convenient would it be to be born WEARING a tux?! :) Sign me up to ride this mother! Finally, I can do to TurdBlossom's tweets what the GWB cabal did to the Constitution during their little reign. :D

Let's spend some time with Keith & Rachel!

Mucho appreciado to Eliot Spitzer for pinch - hitting for Keith tonight!

#5 "Delayed Justice" AKA "Tale of the Tape" - There's that video again. Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's father & retired judge, went on the attack to defend his son. Did he see all these injuries on his son? There are no injuries on George Zimmerman visible on that video. Mr. Zimmerman's attorney is keeping mum on the video. Here's the funeral director's comments! Those could be just as or more powerful than an autopsy report.  Andy Kroll gets Trayvon Martin analysis tonight. And, there are no rubber gloves on the cops! Way to go for THAT observation, CaliScribe! :) George Zimmerman had perhaps been treated, but the video was within a half hour after the shooting, and there's no obvious evidence of a broken nose. There were no lacerations or bruises on Trayvon's hands, and there is no neck brace on George Zimmerman; it's common practice for a potential head injury. Phone records of that night are apparently in investigator's hands; they could prove to be important corroborating evidence. Paul Butler is a law professor who wrote about Trayvon Martin on The Daily Beast. He, too, was harassed as a young African - American man. If George Zimmerman began the fight that night, he can't use self - defense as an excuse. Mr. Butler thinks there is sufficient evidence for manslaughter or even perhaps murder.

#4 "Marco's Man" AKA "The End is Near" - Both GWB's Daddy & Senator Marco Rubio have given the Mittens' campaign their blessing in the last 24 hours. I wonder if Senator Rubio could've been just A LITTLE more excited? ;D He also insists he won't be the #2 on the ticket. Sheldon Adelson has officially cut off Newt! Newt & Mittens met in secret before the Louisiana primary this past weekend. Maybe, they swapped Tiffany's stories! Newt insists he's sticking around. Ryan Grim gets MENSA duty. He doesn't think the Bush endorsement means a whole heck of a lot. Senator Rubio might be Latino, but that community ain't all alike, folks! Just ask our own Great Orange Satanic Leader! :D Senator Rubio will neither help nor hurt Mittens in swing states should he be on the ticket. HOWEVER, his "creative editing" of his life story could be a wee dram of a problem!

"Time Marches On!" - Check out the creepy jumping robot! AUGH! It's spring training, and a fan caught an errant bat. :) Ugh...I can't stand Peeps, but watching them blow up in a microwave is pretty fun!

#3 "Oil Slicks" AKA "Crude Fight" - President Obama asked the Senate to put big tax breaks on big oil on the kibosh, so guess what the Senate did today? Killed the mofo bill. A whole mess of Dems voted to keep those breaks going. THANKS A SPARKIN' LOT! Uh Mitchie, St. Patrick's Day was last weekend; you can ditch the leprechaun suit. Joe Williams gets to talk bubblin' crude. Both parties are blaming each other for high gas prices. President Obama has a damn difficult job ahead of him trying to educate people on exactly why he can do jack & $hit concerning gas prices. Lots of people blame the oil companies for high gas prices? Well, maybe folks aren't as dim as I thought! :) Both oil & natural gas drilling have gone quite nicely, thank you, since Deepwater Horizon. Yea, we learned a lot, yes?! *&^%$#@!

#2 "Occupied" AKA "Wall Street Occupied" - OWS actually made a statistical demonstrable difference to Wall Street activity? Well, I'll be darned! Execs are admitting their own actions or inactions contributed to the lack of warm & fuzzy feelings toward them. Well, let's see how long THAT lasts. They WANT increased regulations, too?! Now, that I DON'T believe. Robert Reich thinks marketing & communications folk on Wall Street "get" the anger. Everyone else? Well... *&^%$#@!

#1 "Super - Earths" AKA "Space Jammin'" - There could be a whole mess of planets we can destroy in this galaxy! OK! Maybe, they have oil, too! Liquid water could exist on bodies near red dwarfs. Whether life can be sustained there is another question. Let's send $aint $arah from Wasilla there as a test subject! ;D Derrick Pitts gets more - Earth duty.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Thu Mar 29, 2012 at 06:04 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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