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I work in a newsroom, and we got this fax from the Grand Chute authorities a few hours ago.  The War Against Women has escalated here in Wisconsin.
  Sorry for the short diary, but I do have to work...

On Sunday April 1, 2012 at 7:41 P.M. the Grand Chute Fire Department responded to
Plannned Parenthood, 3800 N. Gíllett St for a fire alarm. While investigating the cause for
the alarm, firefighters  found evidence of foul play and requested assistance from the
Grand Chute Police Department.

An unknown person placed a small homemade explosive device on an outside window
sill to the buílding. The device later exploded, causing damage to the building. A small
 fire broke out at the time ofthe explosion, but it quickly burned itself out prior to the
arrival of the fire department.

The Grand Chute Police Department is investigating this incident. It is believed the
incident took place around 7:30 P.M. If anyone has  about this incident,
please contact the Grand Chute  Department at 920-832-1575.

Edited to add the Sally Fields' "You LIKE me!" comment that is mandatory upon hitting reccomended status.  Thanks to all.

I'm home from work now, and out of the newsloop.  I do still have access to my email at work so I'll monitor it for updates.
Update: Thanks to Voodoo, I can report that,TPM is reporting that the FBI is now involved.

 NARAL has also issued a statement, here it is in full.

For Immediate Release                                                                                     Contact: Lisa Subeck
April 2, 2012                                                                                                              (608) 358-7090

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Statement on Incident at Appleton Planned Parenthood Health Center
NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Executive Director, Lisa Subeck, released the following statement today in response to a reported explosive device that caused a small fire at an Appleton Planned Parenthood clinic. According to police reports, the device was found Sunday evening while no patients or staff were present, and foul play is suspected.
“In Wisconsin and across the country, it is unfortunate and unacceptable that reproductive health care providers must live with constant harassment and threats of violence while providing safe, legal medical care to women.
Today, our thoughts are with the staff and patients of Planned Parenthood’s Appleton North health center, and we thank them for their commitment ensuring continued access to women’s health care.
In the wake of this latest attack, we expect law enforcement to fully investigate this case and take steps to fully protect women's health care providers and their patients.
We also call on opponents of a woman’s right to choose to condemn this action completely and absolutely. News of this attack comes just days after Ralph Lang was charged by federal authorities in a May, 2011, plot to shoot and kill Wisconsin abortion providers. Threats and incidences of violence against reproductive health care providers are unfortunately far too commonplace.”
For more information about violence against abortion providers, see the fact sheet provided by NARAL Pro-Choice America -

The Post Crescent is now reporting the bomb was a bottle with chemical elements as well as "an incendiary agent".

Updated again.  Politicians are starting to release statements on the "incident".
Violence is not an option in political disagreements

Rep. Bernard Schaber denounces bombing at Planned Parenthood Clinic

MADISON – Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber (D-Appleton) released the following statement regarding the bombing
at Planned Parenthood:

“The bombing of Planned Parenthood’s Appleton North Health Center is truly a tragedy for the state of
Wisconsin. An act of violence is not free speech, and in fact restricts it. It is severely disappointing that people
would resort to violence to express their political beliefs. Violence is not an option for disagreements and
arguments on politics, policies, religion or anything else controversial. It is a sad day that violent acts have
occurred as a result of the bitter partisanship, the inflammatory remarks and the divisiveness of politics in

“It is good to know that no one was injured by the explosion and that staff and patients are all safe,” said Rep.
Bernard Schaber, “It is disheartening and concerning that people would use a bomb to show their disagreement
with someone else.”

“No matter how vehemently we may disagree on any policy, issue or election; violence is not the solution and
simply creates a larger problem,” said Representative Bernard Schaber. “I hope that this is not a sign of times
to come in Wisconsin politics. Let’s get back to Wisconsin traditions and values by having open, honest, and
respectful debates on issues.”

For Immediate Release                                                                              Contact: Rep. Hintz
April 2, 2012                                                                                                    1-888-534-0054
Hintz Statement on Appleton Planned Parenthood Clinic Bombing

“I am appalled and disheartened by the recent bombing at Planned Parenthood’s Appleton North Health Center.  Every person, whatever their belief, should be disturbed by this criminal act intended to harm and intimidate a community reproductive health care provider and its patients.  
“The women and men served by our state’s Planned Parenthood clinics should be able to receive the medical care they need without facing harassment or verbal or physical threats to their safety.  I am extremely grateful no one was harmed during the attack, and my thoughts remain with the staff and patients of the Appleton North Health Center.
“I support law enforcement officials at the local, state and federal levels as they conduct a thorough investigation of this incident.  It is my hope this investigation results in the immediate arrest of those responsible and we are able to protect the public from further acts of terrorism.
“I join the Grand Chute Police Department in encouraging anyone with information to contact the Department at 920-832-1575.”

Originally posted to tundraman on Mon Apr 02, 2012 at 02:09 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive, Abortion, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.

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