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I am one lousy fundraiser so I normally throw my own money in the hat to fund for veteran causes.  I cannot do it this month or probably next month.  I just can't.  The gas prices are through the roof.  Hubby has had so many hospital visits over the past month and expenses of my own personal situation has had me in a freefall.  We are not huge.  We are powerful in our own right though.  I cannot carry the organization by myself and with Sec. of State registration and other expenses, including trips to Congressman's offices, help with some work we do for disabled vets, and coordinating a budget for gas money, extra food, volunteer work like grass cutting and errand running, I cannot do any of that because I don't have the money to fund it.

  I am trying to obtain a foreign state entity through the Secretary of State in Florida, whereas I CAN fund raise in this state via also benefits but until I complete the paperwork and pay the fees, it won't happen.   I can legitimately hold benefits in Florida after re registering as a separate foreign state entity, but online or the state of Ga is the place I have to do this for now. The economy is horrible as you know and people are tapped but Five or Ten does help.  I am also going to have to get some new business cards, and until UVA gets some decent working capitol, we are at a standstill.  I have been depending on volunteers completely who are getting a little apprehensive about just volunteering.  They do and I do not blame them want at least their expenses paid for checking on local vets and helping out.  
I have been so busy with interviews and regular Vet work to improve the quality of care for ALL vets, and staying homebound with the recovery efforts of my husband not counting having to pay which I should not have had to...hundreds of dollars in meds.  His meds are supposed to be covered by the VA but guess what.. I am still fighting them on reimbursement.  I will update you on the progress we are making personally with the help Florida vets and my husband is receiving via the White House.  

We received a letter Friday from the liaison at the Dept of Veterans Affairs who informed us in writing that President Barack H. Obama was responding to my request for assistance.
That meant the world to me  because not only was I asking for his inquiries into my husband's managed care treatment but the question of mistreatment of other veterans.
The President had referred back in November my request for insight and oversight regarding Florida veterans to the Regional Office in St. Pete, however, after the major screw ups, in March after the interview with Hal Donahue, this whole thing started picking up steam on helping those veterans falling through the cracks, received some vital attention.  This time the State of Florida Veterans Regional is having to report to the White house and President Obama of ongoing efforts and backlogs.  That is a major victory to have and a huge thank you needs to go your way.

I need your help to continue this work and it is tax deductible.

  Please donate to this organization so I can continue helping veterans in the most respectful way I know they deserve.   I need to be able to do this and I no longer can carry the financial load alone.
Help me Help them.  Help me.  I hope soon to get a decent website but Aimoo will do for now  and a domain of my own instead of this shared stuff.  
Thanks !!!!!

Click on my signature line or go here to donate.....
Tax ID at top of page or for your reference 58-2516283

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We need so very much.  Hats, tee shirts, etc.  Things I used to be able to just go and grab about 50 or so and sell or giveaway for a donation.  Times have changed.  No body can really afford the tees at Cafe press or Visa Print.

We need people in the field with these hard times finding out what is needed that most vets won't ask for until they are at the point of severe desperation.  All of this takes money.  My newsletter I can put online but that is about it.
please donate here....

The FLOTUS believed in us.  Here is some examples of work and recognition

From The Presidential Correspondence

Dear Amanda Kato:

Thank you for your kind note. It has meant so much
to receive warm wishes like yours, and I hope you know
how much we appreciate your support and your service.

The President and I share your hopes and optimism
for what lies ahead for our country at this important
moment in our history. And so, in the spirit of the many
generations of Americans whose labor and service made
our Nation great, I encourage you to find a way to continue to
strengthen our country by serving your community. Your
continued engagement is vital as we move forward

Thank you again for writing. I wish you all the


Michelle Obama

Paralyzed Veterans of America to United Veterans of America

Dear Amanda,

Thank you and your organization for ‘standing with us’ by signing the Paralyzed Veterans’ Virtual Wall of Support.

As we wheel our way to Capitol Hill today, we will be armed with the names of nearly 7,500 patriotic Americans who cared enough to help us make our voices heard.

Thanks to you, we are confident we will make our point as we implore Congress to: “Make sure America’s brave veterans receive the benefits they earned and deserve!”

Find your name on the 2010 Virtual Wall now »

We salute you for your continued commitment to our nation’s veterans!

With heartfelt gratitude,

.....................................................................................................................Mr. and Mrs. Hardegree, Amanda asked me to forward this e-mail directly to you, as she was having difficulty getting it through to you last night.

It was a genuine honor to be able to pay my respects to Mike while I was at Arlington, and it was heartwarming to see that someone else was doing the same (Tell's mother-in-law, along with her niece).

Warmest regards,


Please let me know if you have any trouble receiving the attached photos (there are four).  If so, I will send them individually.

Note: forwarded message attached.
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--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date:  15:47:11 -0800
Subject: Mike Hardegree / Laying of Wreath at Arlington

Amanda, thank you for asking me to place a wreath on Mike Hardegree's grave. Thank United Veterans for this memorial for a hometown tribute at Arlington.  Before going, I did some research so I could know a little bit more about him - and then remembered Mike and the unfortunate incident which ended his life.  Because I did not know the location of Mike's grave at Arlington, nor the section to be designated for the wreaths,

The laying of the wreaths at Arlington was a poignant and emotional event, but one I would not have missed for the world.  Pics included.  

UVA Tribute to hometown hero at Arlington
 (Sample of many letters we receive in a week)

I know you’re a very busy person with a lot on her plate but I’d like to impose on you for a brief moment if I may. I don’t need an answer right away, just wanted to send out this request to get it off my mind for a little while. I don’t have anyone I can trust or turn to for this.

Five years ago I fell and broke my humerus and dislocated (shattered) my shoulder. 16 hours later I was admitted into surgery at the local VAMC, Salem, Virginia. The surgeon botched the repair. My arm is still broken, my shoulder is still in pieces and the metal rod he put in has broken as well. I’ve been in pain since March ‘06 and it’s getting worse. The VA won’t give me anything for the pain because I’m on blood thinner (coumadin).

I was combat wounded in Vietnam and qualify for primary care. I filed a claim for agent orange and ptsd eight months ago and have been told it may be another 6 months before I get a determination. I haven’t been able to find work for the past two years and I can see the bottom of the barrel from here.

If you’ve gotten this far I want to thank you for your time. No need to reply right away, its almost the weekend, take care of your family first. I’ll probably ‘see’ you on DailyKos tonight if your there.

Thanks again

BOTTOM LINE.. I NEED YOU TO HELP PITCH IN TO HELP MEET THE NEEDS AND EXPENSES OF THIS ORGANIZATION.  WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE.  We help with food, flowers, gas, consultation and everyday the needs get bigger.  

Originally posted to Vetwife on Mon Apr 02, 2012 at 11:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by DKos Military Veterans, Community Fundraisers, Military Community Members of Daily Kos, and DK Grants.

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