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As multiple deadly Tornados touch down in Texas, I wish to send a message to Governor Perry, "Get your hands off my FEMA!" .

After spending the better part of your Presidential run, railing against Government spending and the deficit, I dare you to come crawling to President Obama for Federal Emergency relief funds after this storm is over.

Tornadoes continued to rampage across parts of eastern Oklahoma and northern Texas on Tuesday evening before barging into Missouri and Arkansas overnight.

For the past three years, since President Obama's arrival to the White House, we have seen Republican Governors all over the country use the National Debt, which their beloved President Bush left us with, as an excuse to make cuts to Federally sponsored Programs such as Medi-Care, Social Security Benefits, Unemployment Benefits, and most recently the Affordable Health Care Act.

I am not a heartless person, and I hope that the loss of life, limb and property is held to a minimum.

However, when your Tea Party supporters from Texas and other States like, Louisiana, and Florida, march on the White House lawn, waving banners and picket signs of my President wearing a Hitler Mustache, while yelling at the top of their lungs, “I don’t want my Tax Dollars to pay for someone else’s [whatever]….”

I cannot help but to stop and ask, “Why then should the Tax dollars I pay while living in California, go to pay for Tornado Victims in Texas?”

I mean really, it is no different from a Tea Party member ignorantly yelling, “Why should my tax dollars go to help pay for someone else’s Health Care?”.

Why? Because we are all made of flesh and have no idea when a Tornado might strike…that’s why!

More broadly, we are all children of the god you so proudly worship, and so if anyone in America happens to be caught and injured in a bad natural disaster of any type, would it not be great for them to have the piece of mind knowing their medical bills will be covered?

Why was it O.K. for you Mr. Rick Perry and other Republican Governors to vote to cut people off from Unemployment Benefits after suffering the largest recession since the Great Depression? Was that not a form of disaster for them?

Why was it O.K. for you Mr. Rick Perry to turn down Federal Stimulus money,  less than a year ago, to help your economy, as well as those citizens who were in need?

Finally, why should my Tax dollars go to help a Governor of a State that does not believe in Global Warming and/or Climate Change, which is most likely responsible for this terrible disaster in the first place?

If you Mr. Rick Perry, along with the other Republican Governors around this great nation of ours do not believe that the Federal Government has a role to play in helping ordinary people in their personal time of need, then please do not dare call on my President for FEMA dollars when the tables turn.

Instead Mr. Rick Perry, why don’t you call the Koch Brothers and have them rebuild Dallas. Why don’t you call Ron Paul and ask him where are the Charities that will chip in. Why don’t you call Sue Lowden and see if she can provide you a list of Doctors who are willing to barter chickens for emergency care for your injured citizens.

Finally, call your Oil Buddies, and all of the donaors who helped to raise money for your Presidential campaign. I am sure you can do just fine without FEMA. I mean after all, isn’t the idea of every man and woman for himself or herself the American [Republican] way?


Should States that signed on to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and also rejected Federal dollars for Unemployment Benefits to help it's Citizens, be allowed to be hypocrites and accept FEMA dollars after a Natural Disaster?

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