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I haven't been getting quite enough sleep lately.

I'm not quite sure why: my body just decides to wake up earlier than usual, and I can't get back to sleep. Five or six hours seems to be it, and it's not quite enough.

It shows up in little ways. A sentence doesn't present itself with the usual alacrity, or has to be dumped and redone. I'll remember something I meant to do a little too late for it to get done. I'll put off drafting something because the structure just won't come clear.

This is not to say I can't deal with complexity: I finally found the missing six bucks in my checkbook today. (Two things: a miswritten check amount in my register accounted for five, and a simple arithmetic error explained the sixth dollar. It's been a minor annoyance, and now it's gone.)

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So what do you write after admitting that you're not firing on all cylinders at the moment? Plainly, I'm unlikely to come up with anything particularly clever, unless my subconscious slips something outrageous through my weakened critical function, or I luck out somehow.

I did think about trying to nap today, but I've never been much of a napper. I tried for extra sleep this morning after an early awakening, and also yesterday afternoon before leaving to drive to rehearsal for that matter, and nada. In a way, I'm not surprised the attempted afternoon nap didn't work: when I'm going to be singing soon afterward, I usually make it a point not to nap, since my voice resets and loses its upper register, and needs to warm up all over again—don't ask me to sing first thing in the morning—and this fact might have been in the back of my mind. I'm beginning to wonder if my brain has decided this means that all naps are evil, with unfortunate results. If so, I think my brain needs a talking to. Like right now… or at least as soon as I get this diary safely posted. Come to think of it, napping sooner than that would be highly counterproductive. ;-)


There was a pair of comment nominations tonight, which was twice what arrived for my previous diary, and both met our daily deadline of 9:30pm eastern. Still, more would have been nice: as that top mojo entry tonight puts it, "Oh NOM, NOM, NOM"! Any Kossack can nominate great comments by submitting them to us. Really. As noted above, when you send a writeup with the link, we are able to include it, though we reserve the right to edit, and if you don't include a writeup (or even not much of one), you will likely have some words added by the diarist of the night, which tonight would have meant me. Tonight's submission count is gmail, 1; DKos, 1. Both methods were equally effective, I guess.

From citisven:

In the whole brouhaha over theists vs atheists and whether they should respect each other, this comment by bkamr that should really be a diary stood out.
From Ginny in CO:
In maf1029's excellent contribution to the atheists/theists debate I will NOT respect your beliefs…., Dallasdoc's last paragraph is cited by several follow-up comments. I agree and also think the first is critical to understanding how and why people have come to strong opinions.
From sardonyx (your honey-glazed Wednesday diarist):
Also in maf1029's diary I will NOT respect your beliefs…., downthread from the excellent Dallasdoc comment Ginny in CO nominated above,  KathleenM1 bids us notice the terms being used to describe minorities when they demand their rights.

Responding to Christian Dem in NC's diary announcing that Feds break off talks with Sheriff Joe, artmartin reminds us how Arpaio has been getting elected in Maricopa County in the first place, and blue aardvark poses a comprehensive question.

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30) I think Jefferson put it best: by Cali Scribe — 57
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