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So, with the news that Zimmerman will be charged with something in the killing of Trayvon Martin, I thought I'd wander over and take a look at what the calm, rational (HA!) commenters over at Faux Noise had to say about it.  The results were... about what you'd expect.  Clippings below the squiggle.

Mini-update: It was pointed out in the comments that I forgot to link the story I got this from.  It was this one.

Ni gg ers are taking over.
Buy those guns white America.....and learn how to use them.
The savages are restless.
After the threats by the "New Blaċk Punksters" defense witnesses and jurors might fear retaliation by these Punks (Eric Holders people). He cannot possibly get a fair and impartial trial. The Savages will uprise.
Is Angela Corey a je -wess or a neg-ress ? I'll bet the SPLC is dipping their tips in this. What we is fewer heebs and boos on the face of this planet. We need to have a global conference to come up with a plan to reduce our combined heeb/ we-be footprint.
The definition of a good gangbanger........a dead one!  America is better for it.
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The only thing Zimmerman should be charged with is LITTERING.
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 I hope Zimmerman flees to Mexico for what these bureaucrats are attempting to do to him. This tossing him to the mob because its easier then dealing with the out of control bl acks is fing cowardly and disgraceful.
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First we went to the good trouble to eliminate every single leftist / Obama supporter from our companies, now we are going to have to do the same to bIacks just to make a point ... man, you bottom feeding maggots sure are making it hard on yourselves.
Gotta love those right to work states ...
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They can put Zimmerman on trial and they may even convict him, but George has saved countless victims by taking out this animal before he got the chance to hurt anyone else. Plus probably hundreds of victims from the offspring this thug would have more than likely produced with the neigborhood mamas.
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So Dumbo trying to get the bla cks on his side is now going to loose the Latino vote.........good going the imposter in chief who has his hands in every aspect of our lives..........good riddence in November
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LOL, poor racist can't get his screeds past the word filter.  You make me want to cry for you, stogie.
Trayvon Martin should be charged with intent to murder George Zimmerman.
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they ought to charge him if anything with littering leaving trash lay at the scene fine him $50.00
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well well well... what in_hell_do we have_here? A racist_federal_buckwheat_kangaroo_court forced_upon_we_the_people in America by_the_POS_buckwheat_in_our_wh_and his_racist_buddy_holder_and_liberal_thug_brothers_the_new_balck_panzy_punks!!! America, justice_just went out_the door!!! Lock_and_load!!! The_party_is_about_begin_again...
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It is the O.J. Simpson trial all over again.  Facts do not matter ... when the political left smells BL00D.
The race card is the only card that Obummer has left to play.
If it looks like he might not win the next election ... look for things to get so bad that martial law is declared ... and Obummer is deemed to be re elected...
TEA anyone?
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Don't just use the word.nig.ger...  You gotta rotate your racial slurs.

Coon...porch monkey..gigg-a-boo.  I'll tel ya, the next time you gunna
say nap py headed.nig.ger., call that spade a jungle bunny instead - Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks

Well that makes me hopping mad.  I guess we aren’t supposed to defend
ourselves against punks anymore.
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Put me on the Jury.  I'll get revenge for the OJ trial.  No way this guys gets convicted.  If you're white, you must be right!
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Not surprising considering the media and liberals have already and publicly tried and convicted Zimmerman. All that's left now is for the B lack Panthers to put on white robes and throw a rope over a tree limb. Of course Eric Holder and the compliant liberal media would somehow justify such an illegal act.
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You.niggers thought you had it bad before.  Just wait.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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Time to disassociate from Blax. We have done everything we can for them since the civil war where we lost almost 600,000 whites fighting on their behalf. They have no appreciation and still hate us. No matter how much we give them, they continue the racist march. Don't hire them or befriend them...they have proven they cannot be trusted to be intelligent and fair. Blax are only concerned for other Blax...they care nothing about anyone else.
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paperman1   40 minutes ago
Can't wait till he is acquitted and the urban apes go on their usual rampage.
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If I was on this jury I couldn't find him guilty just because Al Sharpton and Eric Holder have already convicted him. What the jury will be asked to do is to find this man guilty because of drummed up community outrage by b l a c k racists. He is guilty simply because a b l a c k man was killed, forget about the facts
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Sharpton, Jackson and their "NoLimitNigga" chain gang are racial terr orists. They do nothing but stir up hatred with their race baiting and inflamatory speech. All they do is try to incite violence with their gold tooth rhetoric. But you don't see the other "NoLimitNiggas" in the WHITE house or the Dept of Injustice arresting these criminals or the DHS investigating them for their terr orist activities. Guess jungle fever is spreading like wildfire now.
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 No more "politically correct".
They are ni gg ers...always have been...always will be.
Love One

iearnmyown  in reply to Love One
..was served when Trayvon.died.
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 So lets see, your bläck... you are a wanna be thug... you attack someone
and get yourself kìlled and YOU ARE THE HERO / INNOCENT VICTIM .....
you are non-bläck and defend yourself from bodily harm and having your
skull crushed by being slammed into the pavement repeatedly and shòot
and kìll said bläck wanna be thùg YOU ARE THE BAD GUY? .... if people
want to talk about Zimmermans intent, and actions prior to this incident
then lets also look at prior actions of martin... 1) walking around
looking suspicious in a neighborhood that has had a problem...
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We all appreciate your sacrifice, but someone has to feed the worms and you were chosen.
Mad Rhino
"Special Prosecutor Reportedly Will Charge George Zimmerman in Fatal Shooting of Trayvon Martin"
Translation: In a desperate move to maintain his base in the face of the highest blàck unemployment in recent history, President Obama pressures special prosecutor Angela Corey to charge Zimmerman pander to a ginned-up and ill-informed blàck community.
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BIack people, would you please stop crying and bitching?  It's getting old.  Time to man up, fellas.  Time to quit acting like a bunch of mouthy ho's, ladies.  I swear, you're a bunch of professional victims, and quite frankly, I'm tired of you butchering the English language, dressing like street trash and thinking everyone owes you something.  Grow up, bIack people.  Enough is enough.
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...I'm done.  They're posting this shit way faster than I can copy it out.  Note that the most racist ones are the ones with the most recs. Just what I'd expect from them.

Originally posted to Hayate Yagami on Wed Apr 11, 2012 at 01:20 PM PDT.

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