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New York is the third of three big states which underwent a fair amount of redistricting upheaval, inspiring us to create "cheat sheets" to help keep track of who wound up where. (Our two other cheat sheets are for California and Florida.) A full explanation follows the chart below:

# Rank '08/'10
Who's Running? Redistr. W/B/H/A Old
1 23 P: 51/48
S: 57/42
G: 57/39
C: 44/54
The Hamptons
Tim Bishop (D-inc)
Businessman Randy Altschuler (R)
Ex-prosecutor George Demos (R)
NY-01 97%
NY-02 3%
78/5/13/4 1
2 22 P: 51/48
S: 57/42
G: 57/39
C: 44/54
Peter King (R-inc) NY-02 53%
NY-03 47%
66/9/21/3 3
3 18 P: 54/46
S: 59/40
G: 61/36
C: 45/53
Oyster Bay
Glen Cove
Great Neck
Steve Israel (D-inc) NY-02 39%
NY-05 33%
NY-03 23%
73/3/10/14 2
4 17 P: 55/44
S: 61/38
G: 62/35
C: 48/50
Five Towns
Carolyn McCarthy (D-inc)
Nassau Co. legisl. Fran Becker (R)
NY-04 81%
NY-03 19%
61/14/18/6 4
5 4 P: 86/14
S: 88/11
G: 85/11
C: 82/17
The Rockaways
Valley Stream
Gregory Meeks (D-inc) NY-06 80%
NY-04 11%
12/50/19/12 6
6 12 P: 63/36
S: 71/28
G: 71/25
C: 58/40
Forest Hills
Middle Village
OPEN (Gary Ackerman (D) retirement)
Assemb. Grace Meng (D)
NYC Councilman Dan Halloran (R)
NYC Councilwoman Liz Crowley (D)
Assemb. Rory Lancman (D)
NY-09 46%
NY-05 38%
NY-07 8%
39/4/18/38 4
7 6 P: 84/15
S: 88/10
G: 86/10
C: 79/18
Lower East Side
Sunset Park
Nydia Velazquez (D-inc)
NYC Councilman Erik Dilan (D)
"Occupy" activist George Martinez (D)
Economist Dan O'Connor (D)
NY-12 71%
NY-10 12%
28/9/43/19 12
8 3 P: 86/14
S: 88/11
G: 83/11
C: 82/16
East New York
Fort Greene
Coney Island
Canarsie • Bed-Stuy
OPEN (Ed Towns (D) retirement)
Assemb. Hakeem Jeffries (D)
NYC Councilman Charles Barron (D)
NY-10 74%
NY-09 12%
NY-08 9%
22/53/18/5 10
9 5 P: 84/15
S: 87/12
G: 84/12
C: 79/19
Park Slope
Crown Heights
Flatbush • Midwood
Yvette Clarke (D-inc)
Attorney Sylvia Kinard (D)
NY-11 76%
NY-09 16%
30/51/11/6 11
10 9 P: 76/23
S: 80/18
G: 79/17
C: 64/33
Upper West Side
Financial District
Borough Park
Jerry Nadler (D-inc) NY-08 69%
NY-15 14%
65/4/12/17 8
11 26 P: 48/51
S: 59/40
G: 58/39
C: 44/54
Staten Island
Bay Ridge
Mike Grimm (R-inc)
Ex-NYC Pub. Advocate aide Mark Murphy (D)
NY-13 88%
NY-08 9%
64/7/16/12 13
12 7 P: 80/19
S: 79/19
G: 81/14
C: 62/35
Upper East Side
East Village
Astoria • Greenpoint
Carolyn Maloney (D-inc) NY-14 77%
NY-12 12%
NY-08 10%
67/5/13/13 14
13 2 P: 93/6
S: 93/5
G: 90/5
C: 87/10
Spanish Harlem
Washington Heights
Charlie Rangel (D-inc)
State Sen. Adriano Espaillat (D)
Businesswoman Joyce Johnson (D)
Ex-DNC PD Clyde Williams (D)
NY-15 73%
NY-17 14%
NY-16 12%
12/27/55/4 15
14 8 P: 76/23
S: 80/18
G: 79/18
C: 71/27
Jackson Heights
Morris Park
Joe Crowley (D-inc) NY-07 63%
NY-05 20%
NY-14 11%
25/10/48/16 7
15 1 P: 95/5
S: 96/4
G: 93/4
C: 92/6
South Bronx
Morris Heights
Jose Serrano (D-inc) NY-16 84%
NY-07 16%
2/29/65/2 16
16 10 P: 73/26
S: 75/24
G: 74/22
C: 61/37
New Rochelle
Eliot Engel (D-inc) NY-17 50%
NY-18 44%
39/31/23/5 17
17 15 P: 58/41
S: 63/35
G: 63/33
C: 49/49
White Plains
Rockland Co.
Nita Lowey (D-inc)
Rye Town Spvsr. Joe Carvin (R)
NY-18 49%
NY-17 31%
NY-20 20%
63/10/20/6 18
18 21 P: 52/47
S: 56/43
G: 56/40
C: 43/54
Nan Hayworth (R-inc)
Attorney Sean Maloney (D)
Wapp. Falls mayor Matt Alexander (D)
Physician Rich Becker (D)
Tuxedo Park mayor Tom Wilson (D)
NY-19 73%
NY-22 24%
72/9/15/3 19
19 19 P: 53/45
S: 56/42
G: 54/39
C: 41/55
Chris Gibson (R-inc)
Attorney Julian Schreibman (D)
Dutchess Co. legisl. Joel Tyner (D)
NY-20 44%
NY-22 37%
86/5/6/2 20
20 14 P: 58/40
S: 62/36
G: 60/32
C: 45/52
Saratoga Springs
Paul Tonko (D-inc)
Banker Bob Dieterich (R)
NY-21 83%
NY-20 17%
80/10/5/4 21
21 20 P: 52/47
S: 59/39
G: 57/38
C: 38/58
Glens Falls
Bill Owens (D-inc)
Businessman Matt Doheny (R)
NY-23 62%
NY-20 33%
92/3/3/1 23
22 25 P: 49/49
S: 56/42
G: 53/42
C: 36/59
Richard Hanna (R-inc)
Hinchey staffer Dan Lamb (D)
NY-24 57%
NY-22 23%
NY-20 20%
89/4/3/2 24
23 24 P: 50/49
S: 57/41
G: 47/48
C: 36/59
Tom Reed (R-inc)
Tompkins Co. legisl. Nate Shinagawa (D)
Attorney Leslie Danks Burke (D)
Attorney Melissa Dobson (D)
NY-29 54%
NY-27 19%
NY-17 17%
NY-22 10%
90/3/3/2 29
24 16 P: 56/42
S: 62/35
G: 57/35
C: 40/55
Ann Marie Buerkle (R-inc)
Ex-Rep. Dan Maffei (D)
NY-25 80%
NY-23 11%
NY-24 10%
84/9/4/3 25
25 13 P: 59/40
S: 63/35
G: 63/34
C: 42/54
Louise Slaughter (D-inc)
Monroe Co. Exec. Maggie Brooks (R)
NY-28 38%
NY-29 28%
NY-26 20%
NY-25 14%
72/16/7/4 28
26 11 P: 63/35
S: 70/29
G: 43/51
C: 46/49
Niagara Falls
Brian Higgins (D-inc) NY-27 42%
NY-28 37%
NY-26 20%
72/19/5/3 27
27 27 P: 44/54
S: 53/45
G: 33/62
C: 29/66
Kathy Hochul (D-inc)
Ex-Erie Co. Exec. Chris Collins (R)
Iraq vet David Bellavia (R)
NY-26 53%
NY-27 27%
NY-29 11%
93/3/2/1 26
--- Bob Turner (R) unsuccessful Senate run 9
--- Maurice Hinchey (D) retirement 22

The first column ("#") is each new district's number. (Speaking of which, you can also find our Google Maps overlay of the new map here.) "Rank" refers to the district's rank according to Barack Obama's 2008 vote share under the new lines, with NY-15 the bluest (95% Obama) at no. 1, and NY-27 the reddest (44% Obama) at no. 27. (The synchronicity of those numbers is coincidental.)

That brings us to the next column "'08/'10 Vote." Again using the new lines, we've provided the vote share for four different races, including the presidential race in 2008 ("P"), and three statewide contests from 2010: the full six-year Senate race ("S"), the gubernatorial race ("G"), and the comptroller race ("C"). We're using the comptroller numbers because they represent something of a low-water mark for Democrats, who only held on to the seat by a 51-46 margin. (We opted against including the results from the other Senate race, to fill out the final two years of Hillary Clinton's term, because that was a special election.) In each case, the Democrat's performance is listed before the slash.

In the "Cities/Neighborhoods" column, we've listed key cities and towns in each district, and for seats located in (or partially in) New York City, we've also included the names of important neighborhoods. "Who's Running?" should be self-explanatory, though we'll keep updating this column as necessary. (New York's filing deadline is on April 16, and petition challenges are not uncommon.)

"Redistr." is short for "Redistribution" and is designed to show you which parts of which old districts make up each new district. Note: The districts listed in this column refer to the old map. So for the new NY-01, for instance, 97% of its constituents come from the old NY-01, while 3% come from the old NY-02. (That's Steve Israel's old district, not Peter King's new one.) The numbers don't add up to 100% in many cases because we've typically left off the more minor chunks, but you can find complete numbers in this spreadsheet.

"W/B/H/A" stands for "White/Black/Hispanic/Asian" and shows the racial breakdown for each district. Note that for whites, blacks, and Asians, we're listing the percentage who do not also identify themselves as being of Hispanic origin. Finally, "Old #" simply identifies which old district can best be considered the direct ancestor of each new district. This is based on where incumbents have chosen to seek re-election (or in the case of NY-06, where they were planning to seek re-election).

One last note: Along the very bottom of the table, you'll see two orphan names, Bob Turner and Maurice Hinchey. These two men are not seeking re-election, and their old districts have been more or less dismantled because New York lost two seats in reapportionment thanks to sluggish population growth per the Census Bureau.

If you have any questions or updates, please let us know.

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