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I'm waiting for the apologies from the right wingers to Michelle Obama. Because they love to smear and attack her on issues from her college thesis to apparently engineering forced eating of broccoli at gunpoint.

Seriously, I could give you 100 examples.

This one by a GOP Congressman about the size of her butt was particularly stupid and sexist.  

Then there was attacking her for going to Target.

How about how bitter and angry Michelle Obama is.

Or Rush attacking her for eating ribs.

Or Limbaugh defending NASCAR fans who booed her, using the word "uppity".

Or the racist response to the false rumor Obama had spent $50,000 on underwear. ("She's trying to make up for the fact that she's not a thin, beautiful white woman. Cut her a little slack. It can't be easy looking like a baboon in a dress.")

More examples below the squiggle.

Or depicting Michelle Obama as Marie Antoinette.

Or for appearing on iCarly on Nickelodeon!

Or the party of Nancy Reagan attacking Mrs. Obama for wearing borrowed jewelry.

Or when Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann attacked the FLOTUS for supporting a very small tax break to offset the cost of breast pumps, a necessity for working mothers of infants.

Which lead to a combination of smears attempting to portray Mrs. Obama's intent was to "raise your children at gunpoint."

No, we didn't hear a single Republican apologizing for any of that, but one single person makes a ham-fisted statement while trying to make a point about the Romneys not having the same economic struggles most Americans have, which the Obama campaign (and the President himself) immediately denounce, oh, the Democrats aren't playing fair.

What a bunch of freakin' crybabies.
 A Republican isn't happy until they're boo-hooing about being a victim.

Originally posted to TheCrank on Thu Apr 12, 2012 at 09:06 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pink Clubhouse.


Republicans will apologize to Mrs. Obama when:

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