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(Published earlier in the day)

Heavens to Betsy.  Some folks around here sure are upset over some comments made on Twitter about Ann Romney.  One article even goes as far as posting the headline "Liberal hate on display at Twitter: Ann Romney called cruel obscenities" based on an article this writer read at Michelle Malkin's hate site, "Twitchy."

And you betcha.  Many of the things said about Ann Romney are hateful and cruel and obscene and are not worthy of being part of the political dialog.  We're sure glad that nobody ever said anything mean or cruel about First Lady Michelle Obama, or, as Rush Limbaugh calls her at every instance, "Moochelle," because -- for some reason, the First Lady is somehow too FAT to please the slim, slim, ever-so-slender host of the EIB radio program.

Well, sir, when we saw that so many of our liberal brothers and sisters were directing such hateful comments at Ann Romney for making the career choice of staying home and letting the household staff take care of the kids, we decided we'd look deeper into this story.  We'd do what any responsible journalist would (or should) do and examine the comments posted on the Twitchy site, the hateful liberal comments that so outraged someone into writing that provocative, inflammatory headline.

It wasn't that difficult, really.  The "Twitchy" story included links to the "hater's" Twitter timeline.  One could actually look at the other things these "hate Tweeters" had tweeted to get an idea where they stand on political issues.  This is something any responsible journalist could have done and should have done before making a blanket statement about these comments coming from "liberals."

Here's what we found in our exhaustive investigation which took less than an hour to complete and was done before we had our morning coffee.  Making hateful remarks about Ann Romney is not a liberal thing.  At least not for all the 13 people Malkin pointed to in her article.

We're glad we checked some of these last night.  One of these people -- the majority of whom turned out to be teenagers -- have had to remove his Twitter account because of the massive hate spray directed at him by Malkin's readers for daring to say an unkind word about Ann Romney instead of talking about the offensive size of the First Lady's backside (and how DARE she tell us that our kids should eat better and exercise -- now there's the real villain in this story).

The first one was:

   Clifford @cliffdarby

    Ann Romney is a dumb c*nt b*tch. Can we get that trending?

Clifford is a high school student who had a couple other liberal thoughts on his timeline, but mostly he talked about dating, sports, and the other stuff high school kids find interesting.  His site is gone.
   Ho Hum @Hohummm


We are hard pressed to call this one a Liberal.  This person expresses several anti-Islamic ideas as well as a lot of anti-immigration sentiments.  When one adds the the fact of this person being a Canadian -- in Canada -- we just don't see how we can refer to this person as a Liberal.

    @AnnDRomney Go f*ck yourself. You didn't raise sh*t, you filthy billionaire wh*re. Servants raised all your children. What a joke you are—

In his timeline, Big J says he is not a liberal or even a Democrat.  He just likes to fight with idiots on the Twitter.

A recent post by Big J says, "@Arobs86 I never said I was liberal, I just hate mormons. Oh and you, I hate you too."

   Taylor Roome @tayroome

    Ann Romney is a bad b*tch

Teenager.  From reading her comments, she seems like a young one.  She's mad at her mom.  And we think she may mean "bad" as in "good".  But that didn't spare her from the Malkin-directed "hateribution".  (And there, at 7:50 am on a Friday morning, we have invented a word.)
   Shakeem Johnson @ShakeemJ

    @AnnDRomney hey wh*re, what struggle you know of?

A young black man, outraged by the killing of Trayvon Martin. Someone who takes offense at a person who has known nothing but privilege and wealth her entire life talking about "struggle."  We see no other political statements of any kind, other than support of Trayvon.  That makes him a liberal?
   Dan Tanner @dangadanga

    Because she's a c*nt..Idk why.. RT @Kim_tastiic: does anyone know why Ann Romney is trending?

Another young black man, who does an admirable job on his timeline standing up to the hate he receives from Malkin's readership on account of being black and having an anti-Romney opinion.  Still, other than his remark about Romney, we see nothing in his timeline that identifies him politically.
   Ninja Nate @TOTD_ninja

    We may debate about whether or not Ann Romney has worked a day in her life, but I think we all can agree that she's an ugly c*nt

Seems to be another teenager.  And in addition to his Romeny comments, This one makes anti-semitic, anti-gay and misogynistic remarks.  Liberal?  Don't think so. One of his hashtags is #f*ckpolitics.
Zach Parsons @ZachParsons2    Ann Romney even looks like a cold heartless b*tch, but when she opens her f*cking mouth...
OK. This one's a snarky, liberal gay kid.  Proud of it too. And he spent the night doing battle with Malkin readers who demonstrated that conservative love and tolerance we all keep hearing about with comments like this one from @JoshuaGillis -- Still doesn't f*cking matter, you b*tch and moan and hate on others. You're a twitf*cked little c*nt.

Gotta admire that famous conservative love and tolerance!

   Aidan @maddhatter

    Ann Romney: "I know what its like to struggle." --> BITCH STFU! You don't know the 1st thing about "struggle" you rich b*tch! >: [

Another young black man.  This fella says quite clearly he is NOT a liberal.  He spent the evening doing battle with some of Malkin's readers demonstrating that legendary compassion and tolerance for people of color.

@arden_lilly for instance, who shared: @maddhatter you are a jealous pig that doesn't know how to earn a dime live off the government, sit on the couch, get your check

(Recall... Aidan is black.  Therefore, he is on welfare.  Except he's not.  She also shared some of that well-renowned conservative love with other folks on Malkin's list.)

@ShakeemJ easy to call someone a whore when you were raised by a crack whore

Well, he is black.

@tayroome sad loser, your mother must be so proud or maybe she is a crack whore

This is how we talk to a young teenager?  And tayroome is MAD at her mother.

@BigJHendrix you absolute loser! Jealousy need another government hand out!

I don't recall him saying he was on welfare.

@Hohummm typical loser gimmee, gimmee too fuckin lazy to earn anything, must be a democrat

No.  As we pointed out?  Canadian.  In Canada.

@cliffdarby your mother must be so proud......asshole!

We bet your mama's proud of her little conservative racist, Lilly.  Good job!

   Marcus Erenberger ♚ @Aurelius_KiNG

    Ann Romney is a f*cking whre. Okay, now you have something to bitch about.

Marcus makes a couple of interesting points in response to the torrent of conservative "compassion in the spirit of reaching out and finding common ground."
   These Republicans are so mad at me, they keep insisting I'm a Democrat. Sorry guys, I'm a lone-wolf. I go to the beat of my own drum.
   Republicans are making jokes about killing @BarackObama and the media is freaking out because someone hurt Ann Romney's feelings.
Yes.  Interesting points.  We're still looking for a right winger to apologize for the "Bulletproof Teleprompter" joke yesterday.
   seth molitoris @Sethmolitoris

    Ann Romney = c*nt

College kid.  Ron Paul supporter.  Up much of the night dealing with the storied conservative outreach and understanding of opinions that differ from their own.  Like this one.

@Sethmolitoris too bad your mother missed her abortion appt. your life will never be at her level and you can't stand it. #sorry little guy

Can you FEEL the compassion and understanding conservatives are known for?

   Steve Hopkins @sthop2

    Ann Romney acts like she's the first b*tch to ever have children

High school kid, on the receiving end of much of the traditional "compassionate conservatism" Malkin's followers so proudly cling to.


Uh oh!  Angry black man!  Maybe a New Black Panther? We don't know, but we're sure scared!  This one also makes racist, sexist, right wing and misogynist remarks.  Liberal?
OK.  Let's review.

These are the 13 Twitter tweets that Twitchy Malkin, and right wingers across the nation and on the Examiner, are using to define the "liberal hatred" directed at Ann Romney.

We checked the other comments on the Twitter timelines for each of the 13.

We found:

Two self-identified liberals.
One Canadian
Four high school students
Four black people
A Ron Paul supporter

Out of 13 "liberal" tweets, only two can be identified as liberal by their timelines.  The rest just seem to be folks who have a problem with some rich lady talking about the "struggle" of being a stay-at-home mom who has servants to take care of her kids, the youngest of whom is currently 31 years old.

See how good and angry you can get when you go out looking for something to get angry about?  And see what a good, fun story it is to pretend that everyone who disagrees with you is a "liberal"?

Sweeping generalizations are great fun.  But aren't facts better?

This is just basic fact-checking, folks.  The kind "reporters" do.  Anyone can be a "hack" for either side by just mindlessly repeating the talking points that fit with your customized point-of-view.  But aren't we better served by reporters and Examiners who actually LOOK INTO the FACTS of the stories before making sweeping generalizations about "Liberal hate on display at Twitter"?

It just seems to a rational observer that far too many conservatives, as shown in the "suggested by the author" segment below, feed off of some sense of perpetual victimization. It's as if the white protestant male has been the oppressed class in America for all history and nobody ever realized it. Us poor white guys just can't seem to catch a break in a country where everything is stacked in our favor. Still, conservatives seem to need white males to feel like they are under attack, or will be soon, from hateful liberals, scary new black panthers, the creeping menace of brown people from the Middle East and south of our own borders, and other scary stuff that means nothing but bad news and doom for the white male.

We might suggest that if there is anything in the political spectrum worthy of being attacked, it's the smug sense of entitlement so many conservatives seem to have.  Their co-opting of symbols of patriotism like the flag, the American eagle, the statue of Liberty, etc.  Their constant misquoting of founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin who, if one actually takes a moment to check facts, were not religious men and did not found the United States as a Christian nation.

But again, these are only facts.  And when it is well known that "reality has a liberal bias," facts are best ignored, twisted, lied about, and hammered until they are soft, pliable, and can be crammed into the conservative mold.

As long as liberals and progressives are allowed a platform from which to speak power to truth, we will continue to do so.  We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to subscribe to the Baltimore Liberal Examiner as well as the other liberal, Democrat and progressive Examiners (and there are some, you just have to look for them) and read us every day.


"Unzipping the Mitt and Other Scary Tales of Right Wing Madness from the First Quarter of 2012" is awaiting your kind consideration.  (We wrote a whole diary about this yesterday that seemingly caused Kossacks to poke their own eyes out of their heads rather than read it.) Proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the Democratic National Committee.  The purchase price is $10.  For each $10 book we sell from the CreateSpace store, the $5.64 that would have gone into our pocket will go to the DNC.  Each $10 paperback we sell through Amazon means $3.64 for the DNC.  Help elect Democrats this November with your purchase of "Unzipping the Mitt".

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    12 years with Parkinson's disease made me retire, but it didn't stop me. Visit my home page at Deep Brain Media.

    by Bill Schmalfeldt on Fri Apr 13, 2012 at 05:36:36 AM PDT

  •  Is Malkin on meth? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    A number of lines of evidence seem to converge on that conclusion:

    1.  Bug-eyes.
    2.  Blog called "Twitchy."
    3.  Delusions of persecution.
    4.  Being a Republican.

    I'm just curious, and I hope Ms. Malkin will address this very serious issue.  If she is doing crystal meth, hopefully she will get help in time to regain her composure.

    Technology is a compromise: You can use whatever tool you choose, but be assured it will use you back.

    by Troubadour on Fri Apr 13, 2012 at 05:48:47 AM PDT

  •  Think this is similar to... (1+ / 0-)
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    Going down to the street corner, finding the craziest/angriest guy you can, then take pictures of him and caption the photos with:

    "Liberal mainstream response to our beloved leader's wife."

    I don't blame Christians. I blame Stupid. Which sadly is a much more popular religion these days.

    by detroitmechworks on Fri Apr 13, 2012 at 06:49:41 AM PDT

  •  Conservatives have the lamest comebacks... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I only saw two categories of come backs:

    1. Your mothers a crack whore
    2. Your on welfare

    Pretty much a one trick pony.  For conservatives to think they have some kind of (imagined) moral high ground, they really do a good job of not just "sinking to our level" but sinking even lower.  Not to mention these comebacks are attrotious, I've heard better insults and comebacks from a 5 year old.

    It's also telling that they don't actually defend Ann Romney, they just attack the person tweeting, on a personal level.

    At least the so-called liberal attacks where inventive and based (at least partially) on facts.  I guess conservatives go straight for the yo' momma jokes.  

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