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So sorry to nearly swear in a headline, hope no one is angry with me.

Just read something that made me more livid than I can remember in a long time.............

Mr. War Hero John McCain just sank to a new low, lower even than flinging that substance free slogan robot Sarah Palin on the world stage....

See his latest tweet, probably before he thinks again or gets advice from someone who, ya know, thinks.

John McCain‏@SenJohnMcCainReply

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Good pic of my son Jimmy's bulldog, Apollo - I'm sorry Mr. President, he's not on the menu!

Link goes to picture of the McCain family dog.

I just want to cry for the lack of decency.


McCain is getting some well earned kickback in twitter...


@SenJohnMcCain you have become a very pathetic man. To think I used to admire you.

Delores Watson‏@dmillerwatt

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@SenJohnMcCain YOU are acting the CHILD POTUS was talking about in his book. MITT WAS 36 WHEN HE STRAPPEP DOG TO ROOF OF CAR.

2h LB‏@ReasonVsFear

@SenJohnMcCain What's worse - a child eating what's fed to him in a foreign country, or you saying your wife should be in a topless pageant?

2h JackMack‏@jackthecat11

@SenJohnMcCain Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

2h Matt Buechner‏@mattbuechner

@SenJohnMcCain Nothing like sarcastic quips against a child. I demand a public apology, as should @BarackObama. Clear lapse in judgement.

3:29 PM PT: Thanks for the recs folks, another diary I wish hadn't a reason to be written.

Sorry for not explaining well, was so angry just threw the diary up.

The Romney folk are trying to lessen the impact of the dog on roof story by quoting from Obama's book that he ate dog as a child in Indonesia. McCain just debased himself to sinking to the same level as wingnuts everywhere.

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