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I am getting tired of people like Noonan and her sycophantic followers boosting Romney by  distorting the Obama record. What gets me is the vague criticisms without ever specifying what Romney (or anyone) else could have done differently from what Obama did to cause a better or quicker recovery. My Comment is here

I repeated my comment to Noonan below the line:

Noonan says of Romney, but neither denies nor refutes,

--"Months ago he [Romney] was the out-of-touch corporate raider. Then he was a flip-flopping weasel. They momentarily shifted to right-wing extremist. This week he seems to be a Bushite billionaire." --
Noonan accurately describes Romney, and significantly, recognizes Romney as a calculating, unmitigated liar who does not seek the Presidency to perform a service, but rather to achieve a status that he hopes will finally permit him to be viewed as more accomplished than his father.

Bush did what he could to dismantle the federal government's regulatory system. He gave the so-called "JOB CREATORS" 8 years to create jobs with low taxes and two wars of convenience that stimulated the economy artificially. The Federal Reserve further pampered the " JOB CREATORS " by keeping interest rates low; and Bush's NLRB plus propaganda from the Chamber of Commerce and the NAM decimated unions, thus giving the " JOB CREATORS" a free hand in paying bottom of the barrel wages to Americans.

What has pandering to the " JOB CREATORS " won for America during the Bush years and in their wake? Even after the public sector almost doubled in size during the period 2000 to 2008, Bush lost of millions of jobs (and indeed, Obama has created more new private jobs in 3.5 years than Bush had in 8); Wages of Americans, when adjusted for inflation, dropped to their lowest point in 50 years; and America's children now score among Third World nations in achievement tests, crippling our future competitive advantage. Meanwhile, Bush allowed Wall Street bankers, hedge fund managers, and venture capitalists to rig the regulatory and tax system.

In 2009, Obama stepped onto the world stage in the middle of a global crisis, along with misguided steps to avert disaster that were put in place by Bush. There was no primer on what to do. The path out of trouble had to be carved by trial and error. The availability of easy credit had made our economy dependent on consumerism, and when the ability to charge consumer goods disappeared for the working class, America's economy collapsed. Republicans saw the global crisis as an opportunity to regain power, and refused to approve what Obama proposed; but did not offer any reasonable alternative. Sadly, Blue Dog Democrats gave the false impression that Obama had loyal majorities in Congress before 2010.

Republicans advocated shrinking our economy under austerity programs, and when Obama sought to accommodate the debt hawks by proposing to raise taxes on million dollar earners to help pay for his JOBS Act, the Republicans whined we could not afford to do anything that might anger those " JOB CREATORS".

Yet, compared to the European countries that enacted the austerity programs proposed by the Republicans, only America's economy and stock market have recovered, in spite of the Republicans. Obama steered the country away from the abyss, rescued and rejuvenated our vital auto industry and gave money to the States to avoid the elimination of local school systems, cops and fire fighters and health clinics.

Romney, a failed Governor of Massachusetts who left it with billions in debt, having created virtually no jobs, spews bromides about how he thinks Obama failed to achieve a better and faster recovery. Yet, can anyone identify a single concrete action taken by Obama where Romney says he would have followed a specific, different plan? Obama has had four years of experience facing more serious problems than any President since FDR. Obama is tested and educated. And Romney? He is an accomplished liar, and an empty suit.

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  •  i would not call romney "accomplished" at (6+ / 0-)

    anything. sure, he lies, but they are so transparent that i wold just say he is a piss-poor liar.

    •  once you reach a certain point of wealth (6+ / 0-)

      you no longer have to be good at lying, only good at keeping your mouth shut and allowing your paid mouthpieces to talk.  Mitt needs to learn to shut up but in the current Krazy Klown atmosphere, he has been forced to do the 2 things he does not do well in public, to speak and to think

    •  Oh he is accomplished, an accomplished politician. (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      ninja tortise, DianeNYS, raster44

      That is what Romney is good at, running for office. That is how he learned to lie, lie, and then lie some more.
      Romney now says he is running for President because he "cares about America". Bullshit, he cares about being President. When the ecoonmy of America was tanking in 2007, 2008 and early 2009, where the hell was Romney? Someone who truly cares about this country, someone with the knowledge of how to put America back to work, would care nothing for party, but he/she would offer himself up to the President as part of a task force to turn things around. I don't recall Willard doing anything like that.
      Romney has asked the question, "are you better off than you were four years ago? My answer is HELL YES!! I know that is not true for all Americans, but some of us are markedly better off than we were four years ago, and we are part of the middle class, not the top 1%.

      We were able to modify our mortgage, which kept us from losing our home, and since my husband's occupation is tied into the manufacturing industry, that too has improved. There are, if not millions of people at least hundreds of thousands who are better off today than they were four years ago.
      The saving of G.M. has saved many jobs, the stimulus has also put more people to work. Ask the victims families of 9/11, if the killing of Bin Laden didn't offer them some relief from their pain. Those folks with pre-existing medical conditions who could not get health insurance and now can are better off, the same is true with students who can stay on their parents policies until age 26. Gay people who are proud to serve their country, can now serve openly as Gay Americans, millions of women are better off because they have a President who cares about them. Not to mention the contributions made by Michelle Obama, teaching our kids to eat healthy and be healthy. This like with every other good thing this President and his administration has done, the results will be seen not immediatly, but later on down the road.
      Things are not perfect for all, but they are a hell of alot better today for many folks than they were four years ago.
      So I say "bring it on, ask that question Mr. Romney, I have an answer for you.

  •  it is what the people in Teh Beltway do (6+ / 0-)

    the same as lemmings go plunging over cliffs from time to time or the same as sharks and crocodiles will eat their own young.  We don't expect decency, common sense or even good table manners from these creatures so why have a higher bar for Peggy and her crowd?

    She writes for the Inner Circle, those irritating people who wear pastel bowties or pearls so they have something to clutch in moments of despair.  They do not write for the Great Unwashed but for their fellows and like,with any incestuous relationship, the bastard offspring can be horrendous indeed.

    Peggy and her group feel like they are insiders but, in true HS fashion, are the "satellites" who are the sycophants for those  who are prettier or richer or whatever.  Sycophants gotta do what sycophants do.  The only known solution would be a few weeks outside of DC but the withdrawal has been known to be prolonged and violent, and at times fatal to pundits' preconceived notions of how people below the 50th floor really live.

  •  One thing that Republicans at the state level (6+ / 0-)

    could have done differently would be not to radically cut state budgets and state spending - laying off people in the process.  This had a dampening effect on the economy and I firmly believe that Republican administrations in the states did it to try to worsen the economic picture for Obama's re-election.  Republicans have worked against the economy in order to try to work against the success of Obama at every turn and the citizens of the US be damned!  They do not care who is hurt.   Someone should write that editorial.

    •  Like they would fix it later; they DONT care (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      as long as Rs have a job where we pay them. They just want 2 get richer.

      The radical Republican party is the party of oppression, fear, loathing and above all more money and power for the people who robbed us.

      by a2nite on Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 06:59:02 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Your first mistake is reading (4+ / 0-)

    whatever dross Noonan puts out.

    Stop it.

    Peggy desperately wants to be Blanche DuBois, but she's more like Blanche Devereaux [without the depth].

  •  I initially read "Bushite billionaire" (3+ / 0-)

    as "Bullshit billionaire."   I think I like the misreaading better.

    Republicans: if they only had a heart.

    by leu2500 on Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 05:11:28 AM PDT

  •  Have a 401K? A mutual fund? JOB CREATOR!! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    a2nite, raster44

    The single biggest distortion (as if there are not enough...) is that being a JOB CREATOR is the sole realm of millionaires.


    Having a 401k/IRA, with any type of bond or stock mutual fund, or investing in any mutual fund -- heck, even having any type of insurance (life, house, auto) and not making any type of a  claim -- automatically makes you a JOB CREATOR regardless of your income.

    By investing in any mutual fund, you are automatically an investor in those companies invested by the fund.  Funds  invest in companies in order to grow -- which by growing, these companies create jobs.  Plain and simple.

    Same with insurance companies.  They take your premiums and invest them to generate returns, which are used to cover any claims.  

    So, there are probably more JOB CREATORS for Obama and the Democrats than there are for the GOP.

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect -- Mark Twain. Ode to Social ME-dia: Sweets and tweets, self indulgently fed. First widens seats, second fattens heads -- Dcrolg

    by dcrolg on Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 05:32:21 AM PDT

  •  Romney Hasn't Been Issued His Policies Yet nt (2+ / 0-)

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 05:53:08 AM PDT

  •  Not sure I disagree with anything she says... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    When she starts in with that God-awful whiney voice of hers I just stop listening, but I doubt that I would agree with it if I did listen...

  •  Arguing with blockheads like Noonan is not fun (2+ / 0-)

    I prefer masquerading as a GOPer such as,

    'Mitt Romney understands that only the 1% can survive
    in today's economy and he will do whatever is necessary to see that they thrive in the coming catastrophe just as he learned to make Bain Capital thrive. He will eliminate futile spending on Medicare and SS for the doomed US middle class and reduce the Big Government tax burden on the successful. Guaranteeing the 'survival of the fittest' is all that matters.'

    Irony intended.

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