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I cannot believe.
what I just read.                                          
in Saturday's NYTimes,
regarding the interview which President Obama gave to Brian Williams of NBC News in (gasp! horrors!) the White House Situation Room:

Tony Fratto, a deputy press secretary under Mr. Bush, said that it was “unseemly” to use the room for such a purpose.  “I don’t believe it ever would have occurred to us to conduct an interview in the Situation Room,” he said, “and don’t believe we would have considered it appropriate.”

Excuse me Mr. Fratto?   Unseemly?!?? ... Did you so quickly forget about the president you worked for?
You know.  
The one who started a war against a nation which was not the one who attacked us?
The one who was so proud of this accomplishment that he decided he had to make a big announcement when he mistakenly thought his little "cakewalk" of a war was finished mere weeks after starting it and that "major combat operations" were over?  
The one who was soooo filled with a sense of accomplishment that he thought it would be extra extra special if he made his pompous pronouncement after landing on an aircraft carrier in a jet he pretended he knew how to fly?
And you know of course that he couldn't really fly it because he also had pretended he was a National Guard pilot back when he was pretending he was a brave young man who wanted to go to Vietnam.   The truth is he was scared of flying!  He couldn't land a plane on a mile long runway, never mind the postage stamp sized deck of a moving ACC on open water!!!

And when he finally decided he had had enough of that pesky Guard duty, and Vietnam was winding down, he figured he would never have to show up for duty again.  Nope. He didn't show up for his annual physical and so he was struck from Flight duty.  And as we all know, Bush never showed up anywhere for Guard Duty for close to two years following.  Some would call it AWOL.

But we're not done yet Tony.  Not even close.

Because when it turned out, not so long after that insulting and insipid stunt, that "major combat operations" were nowhere close to being over and the hapless, less politically connected young men and women he had needlessly sent into harms way were being killed regularly and in alarming and growing numbers- remember what your wonderful leader did??? ... He just shrugged it off from the safety of his podium thousands of miles away and taunted like the best schoolyard bully: "Bring it on"!!!

And they did bring it on Mr. Fratto.  Oh yes they did. Over 4000 more US casualties followed that brainless bravado.  But hey- who's counting when it's not you, or someone in your family, or anyone you know personally at the receiving end of the "bringing"?

No.  I'm sorry Mr. Fratto.
A natural born coward who pretended he was a warrior as a young man, and then long after he had the chance to show his mettle in an actual war finds himself commander of the world's most potent armed forces- and then directs those forces to act in ways he never could or would himself. And worst of all, donning a uniform and strutting about as if he's fucking George S. Patton Jr.!!!???

No.  I'm sorry Mr. Fratto. THAT is what is unseemly!!!

Now Mr. Fratto. Perhaps you can now see why I'm a little perplexed that you object to President Obama's use of the "Situation Room".  You seem to feel he has misused it, but I find that sadly laughable considering how he seems to have in fact made very good use it. Especially with regards to prosecuting the "War on Terror" and accomplishing things like killing Osama bin Laden.  Much much better use than the callow coward from Texas ever made.

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