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Fox News, your number one source of Nazi and Soviet military file footage since the History Channel began to focus more on Ancient Alien Conspiracy theories . . .

Remember when Frank Luntz said that Occupy "Scares him"?  Here is how the children at Fox who are very serious people report the news. You have Megyn Kelly, hosting Lou Freaking Dobbs as they fear monger and shout at clouds over the scary, scary people who may be like Soviet's. Are you frigging kidding me? Lou Dobbs, when he isn't busy arguing with imaginary cartoon characters, was once famous for being a bigoted liar at CNN who constantly demonized latinos, but here at Fox he is at home with the charmingly nebulous Megyn Kelly. Playing Soviet Footage before discussing Occupy, because watching Fox News is like eating a pink slime burger for you brain.

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Fox News Lies, brain cells die

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If you can't see what Fox is doing, they are setting up to say that no matter what happens the May Day protests will be a failure because commerce persisted despite the protests, yeah, yeah, whatever, the larger point is the fact that Fox has to preface any commentary on the matter with this nice little reminder of Soviet Union footage. Classy, subtle. Either you're a Republican who loves Fox and hates everything else or you are a Commie. Good luck with that independent voter outreach, champ.

But more to the point, Fox is scared, otherwise they wouldn't be discussing this at all. Tomorrow is May Day. I will be there. Part of why I march is that I don't want huge multinational corporations like that lie factory NewsCorporation influencing our elections. My sign for tomorrow is ready, my girlfriend Luchia/IamNotAKochsucker gave it to me, on one side it says "G.O.P. Greedy One Percenter", on the other side I haven't decided what message I should place.

Either way, I would just like to log this as yet another reminder that Fox News is single-handedly ruining the discourse in our country with it's factless, small minded partisan propaganda, they are no more than a pack of cowardly mercenaries who are strip mining our country, bleeding us as part of the vampire squid, and they would rather scream socialist then have a fact based argument because they know they can't win a fact based argument.

Listen, if the multicultural, multi-generational protesters are gutless anti-war tree hugging hippies then they can't be militant commies too, can they? Well, if you are a Fox News watching conservative they can be both at the same time, because the Fox News watching Conservatives who trust no other news source are the dumbest fucking people in America.

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You see, Fox can only recognize how screwed up America is when "the right kind of people" are saying it, Tea Party kind of people who will blame it on Obama and vote for Republicans, because in their world only people who vote Republican and swallow everything they say hook line and sinker are the real Americans, either you think Sarah Palin isn't an idiot or you're a commie that hates capitalism, freedom and apple pie. Reality is too liberal for Republicans. Fox News is the mind killer.

The floor is yours

Rant off . . .

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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Mon Apr 30, 2012 at 01:13 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.


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