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A haiku for the occasion for Newt Gingrich giving up the Presidential ghost...

Newt Gingrich admits
running for POTUS impedes
his Newt Corp cash flow.

If the muse strikes, I might come up with some more, or y'all can show off your haiku chops! :D

It's time for "this day in history." On May 2, 1903, Benjamin Spock, the American pediatrician whose books on child rearing influenced generations of parents, was born. NOT this guy... ;D

On this date in 1939, New York Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig's streak of 2,130 consecutive games played came to an end when the ailing slugger removed himself from the lineup. On this date in 1972, J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI for 48 years, died at age 77. What a twisted vindictive hypocritical little $hit. I finally saw this movie a couple weekends ago.

Another haiku! :D

Calista will have
to shop remainder bin at
Tiffany's. Oh $hit!

And, what a great transition to SPARK! Is this Tim Tebow still a virgin? Today's brilliant criminal forgot old - school dress for robbery. I'm almost tempted to get one of these & send it to GWB with a "You failed!" note. Finally, I introduce you to an ACTUAL MENSA member! ;D

On with The Rachel Maddow Show...

"Unexplained, Sudden, Drastic Change" - There are a whole lot of sickness in Mississippi. The infant mortality rate there is 10.6. Racial disparity colors these stats horribly. The infant mortality rate is actually being worked on there. Are they going to tell African - American women to stop having babies? That's usually the mindset in those parts. Dr. Carl Reddix heads the state board of health there; THAT'S gotta be a fun gig. He's African - American?! Oh hell. *&^%$#@! The MENSA Lt. Gov. has fired Dr. Reddix because he wasn't qualified. Dr. Reddix has an association with a clinic that provides abortions; if something goes wrong, he will care for the woman if she needs to be hospitalized. So, I guess he got fired for daring to follow his Hypocratic Oath. MENSA politicos are still denying there's a problem with the rabid radical anti - abortion activities & laws over the last year or so. House MENSA members introduced a new anti - abortion bill at the same time Speaker Sobber was pounding the podium to insist there's no war on women. I think all this anti - abortion $hit is because the GOBP want to strike while they're in power & are afraid they'll go down in flames in November, so they want to do all the damage they can do while they can do it. Dr. Carl Reddix gets an interview to talk more about what's going on in his fair state. The good doctor didn't even know until literally the last hour that his confirmation meeting had been put on the kibosh; it was kiboshed A WEEK AGO without his knowledge.

"We See Governments Come and Go..." - I remember that Valdez oil spill very well - all those pictures of geese & other animals covered in bubblin' crude. The Coast Guard wanted 5000 Exxon workers; Exxon told the Coast Guard to go spark himself. India's state owned oil company wanted a piece of a big 'ol off - shore drilling near Russia; Exxon didn't want India to be involved. When India tried to plead their case to GWB, he said there wasn't a darn thing he could do - while he was sucking at big oil's teet. Big oil & big corporations are rich enough to wait out pesky governments. Exxon has a bigger economic footprint than over 150 countries. So, what happened to all those lessons we were supposed to learn after Deepwater Horizon?! Can you imagine what those toys from Toy Story would think of that big 'ol claw??!! ;D All developments are about digging further - not faster nor safer nor more easy to clean up when something goes horribly wrong.

"The Interview" - Rachel thinks energy policy will be the big meme for this decade. Steve Coll's written a hell of a book about Exxon - kind of a barn burner. Globalization allowed corporations to become more powerful because they were able to spread their wings after the bipolar nature of the Cold War was over in the early 90s. They were also willing to take more risks in politics & in technology. Mr. Coll is kind of wondering about where the lessons from Deepwater Horizon went, too. Exxon's plan for dealing with media is larger by a long shot than their disaster plan.

"Debunktion Junction" - YEA! :D President Obama admitted to creating characters in 1 of his books? WRONG. The "usual suspects" are having a herd. President Obama admitted to the composite characters in the darn introduction. Will there be guns & live ammo at the MENSA convention this summer? No??!! WOW!! The NRA has to be $hitting themselves. HOWEVER, the FL Governor said, "Sure! Bring your guns & ammo!" So, the bat$hit gun nut component in Tampa will increase exponentially this summer.

"Chart Imitates Life" - There's Dr. Krugman again! Rachel's added a new word to political discourse - chartpiphany! :D Oh, there's Governor Scotty. He was able to raise unlimited money for a good long time, and he's spent a $hitload of money, too. And, his job approval's gone down. :D His unfavorable ratings are up. :D :D

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed May 02, 2012 at 07:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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