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Two teenaged siblings, twins to be exact, were videoing a police shootout from their second floor balcony.

The police burst into their home and arrested them both.

When their mother contacted the police to find out what they have been charged with and when they would be let out this is what the lieutenant told her:

“Lieutenant comes down tells me ‘Yeah I have your kids here. They’re safe, but they’re gonna be here until I say they can be released’,”
So much for Habeas Corpus-Disappearing people is SOP for police now.

The twins’ mother, Karen Madison, believes the police became upset because she moved her truck when she saw them using it as a shield during the shootout. She says that none of the officers on the scene would tell her why her children had been arrested and taken to jail.

“Lieutenant comes down tells me ‘Yeah I have your kids here. They’re safe, but they’re gonna be here until I say they can be released’,” Madison recalled.

The twins were let out of jail several hours later, but the police kept the SIM card from Terrell’s phone and Madison was told they had been charged with disorderly contact. Their court appearance is scheduled for May 17.

Please let this police department know that there are laws in this country and they too are subject to them.
U.S. Mail:
City of Pearl
P.O. Box 5948
Pearl, MS 39288-5948

Street Address:
2420 Old Brandon Road
Pearl, MS 39208

Phone: 601-932-2262

Fax: 601-932-3568


Here is good ole boy Lt. Townsend trying to explain why police violated the Constitution to get back at this family. He lost all credibility of this being a just arrest when he told the twins mother:

‘Yeah I have your kids here. They’re safe, but they’re gonna be here until I say they can be released’,”
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