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     For years we have suffered as victims & witnesses to one of the greatest criminal conspiracies, corruption and crooked lawyer Bankruptcy Rings you have ever seen. They literally broke nearly every single Bankruptcy Code & Rule Fraud statute that there is. As if they had a world record in the making.

       Judges have been promoted off the cases. US Attorneys who were connected refused to investigate and prosecute the case; failing to tell us he was a partner at the firm. Another US Attorney received all the evidence, as we were instructed to do, by a Federal justice's clerk. Where we got each and every single page Time Stamped. Then that United States Attorney, in charge of the Public Corruption Task Force, shut it down and actually Threatened career Assistant United States Attorneys to keep their mouths shut as to the reasons why.

See the Los Angeles Times story "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors"

                    NOW, I get to serve up a plate of revenge served cold.

        Today I was informed that the investigation is about to begin. That there are good & decent people at our federal systems of justice who have taken notice. I am sure that this "notice" was fostered by the fact that the main benefactor and King Pin is a Presidential wannabe.

                           Be that as it may, I was given the go ahead to rub it in.

I Thank and Adore Elizabeth Warren - For Making me Believe

       Just look at this lovely woman who is going to become a Massachusets Senator soon. She said what I needed to hear and then I heard words that I needed to know.

                                                   Justice is Coming

Email sent to the criminal cohorts that may even get a Congressional Hearing

email verbatim to me from former DOJ Deputy Director Friedman;


Date: 02/25/05 14:49:58

To: ‘’
RE: Item sent to the record today

Mr.. Haas:

You most assuredly have our attention and my personal commitment that we will act in every case where action is required and we are aware of it.  Please understand however, that like any prosecutor, we must exercise appropriate discretion in carrying out our responsibilities which while sometimes in a particular case may seem unjust, it is done with perspective to ALL matters we handle.  I sympathize with your frustration and again assure you that my staff is extremely competent to handle this matter and will exercise appropriate judgment.

Lawrence A. Friedman, Director
Executive Office for US Trustees
United States Department of Justice
Washington, DC


Director Friedman was caught off guard when we dug deeper. While they were promising to handle the case. That I had his attention. Bain Capital, Michael Glazer, Kay Bee Toys, MNAT and Paul Traub were engaging in another tens of millions of dollars in the Kay Bee Toys case. I reported this and Director Friedman RESIGNED.

     After that, we followed the man who chose discretion over valor - as Lawrence Friedman became a Director at Bear Sterns (and we all know how that ended). Then he went to Bader in Indiana. They formed Off Shore companies (sound familiar) where they have kept 2 sets of books, formed an illicit ESOP and promised people that when their investment got to be more than the $1.2 million and "adaption" of the books would transpire.

But I digress. I am going to email Lawrence Friedman too. He can save himself, if he comes forward NOW.

News of an impending investigation

        Today, I finally was notified - in a bizarre manner - that an investigation is about to begin. This made me jump for Joy (but she ran away from me ☻).

         So, I asked if I could rub it in on them. Was told yes. That I earned the right.

          This is my verbatim email to the criminal co-conspirators.

Email Header of 1st Sending

To: Paul Traub ------------
Cc: Paul Traub  ->,
    ""  ->,
    Barry Gold  ->,
    "" ->,
    Mark Kenny - ,
    Roberta DeAngelis ->,
    "Excutive Office for U.S. Trustees"  ->,
    USTP Bankruptcy Fraud Div ->,
    Criminal Division US DOJ  ->,
    Insptector General US DOJ  ->,
    US Attorney D C District  ->,
    Office of Inspector General US Dept of Justice  ->,
    ""  ->,
    Jack Kaufman SEC Dreier case ->,
    Colm Connolly Morgan Lewis  ->,
    James Garrity ->,
    Michael Fox Olshan Frome Law ->,
    Greg Werkheiser ->,
    Derrick Abbott ->,
    "" ->,
    Jeremy Bates ->,
    "" ->,
    "" ->,
    "" ->,
    "" ->,
    "" ->,
    "" ->,
    HAPRUSSIN Pomerantz ->,
    HELMAN Wachtell Masyr ->,
    J Reichman Wachtell Masyr ->,
    "" ->,
    "" ->

Email message in full

        Ladies & Gentlemen;

We've waited 11 plus years for justice to come in the eToys case. Bain owns Toys R Us, that owns Kay Bee Toys, FAO Schwartz and eToys all through federal frauds. Toys R Us remains in possession of the stolen properties of the federal estate of eToys (which is still open after 11 years).

You are all well aware that MNAT & Paul Traub confessed to Lying under oath in the eToys federal case (DE Bankr. 01-706 (2001)).

All of you are also aware the agreements made to stymie justice is Obstruction of Justice. That MNAT, while lying under oath that it had NO connections to Goldman Sachs, the company that took eToys IPO, did ask for and receive the illicit permission to Destroy Books & Records.
Jeremy Bates working for Sullivan & Cromwell pointed this out in the NY Supreme Court case # 601805/2002

MNAT has since Confessed to their lying under oath about their connections to Goldman Sachs - more than thirteen (13) times.

Paul Traub's partners Marc Dreier and Tom Petters are in prison for 20 & 50 years respectively. Traub Bonacquist & Fox disbanded after we pointed out that they were Revoked in the State of New York and the evidence was entered into the public docket record during the March 1, 2005 evidence hearing in the eToys federal case. At that time Paul Traub also confessed that his (eToys Creditor's) law firm (TBF) paid Barry Gold four (4) separate payments of $30,000 each before he (illicitly) placed his [secret] partner Barry Gold inside eToys for $40,000 per month. This Scheme to Fix Fees in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 155 is about to be the very 1st case ever prosecuted under that code. Paul Traub confessed that he "intentionally" permitted his erroneour Rule 2014/ 2016 Affidavits to stand in the record. Thus perpetrating a Fraud on the Court. The United States Trustee's Office Testified - TWICE - that Paul Traub was forewarned NOT to replace key executives of eToys with any persons connected to the retained professionals. (See parts 19 & 35 of US Trustee Motion to Disgorge for $1.6 Million

It is a false contention that Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999 and we have proof from one of your own ilk. Also, Mitt Romney has admitted he gets paid millions each year from Bain. Thus Bain's profits from frauds benefit Mitt Romney. You cannot stop this now. The investigation has begun. We are everyone one of us ALL IN on this high stakes game. Mr. Jeremy Bates becoming partners with Mr. Elman is now known to us. Even though you put the entire NY Supreme Ct case Under SEAL.

Because Paul Traub now owns Polaroid, that he did own with Tom Petters Illegally, by that Ponzi scheme. This is coming out too.

Judge Kent A Jordan and the tampering with the Transcript of October 2006 - is being reviewed also.

US Attorney Colm Connolly refusing to investigate and prosecute his own partners and clients. Say Hello

US Attorney Tom O'Brien shutting down the Public Corruption Task Force and threatening career DOJ's -UH OH!

Marty Lackner, the brother of MN Asst US Attorney J Lackner, was involved in Petters. He and his friends contacted me and let me know about how Greg Bell did not even know how to do simple business paper work or how to start a Hedge Fund. Never indicting him and then his (speciously) committing suicide (purportedly) - when the file was to be handed to me.
A Big Uh Oh.

Mark Kenney, the Dept of Justice Trial Attorney trying to save his own arse, confessing that he handled the Paul Traub & Barry Gold issues in the Bonus Sales case (and you not remembering the vanity letter with your names on it). And Mr. Kenney telling me that your bribe offer of $850,000 was not "technically" a bribe - until I took it
Nice Try
and real

Mark Kenney going on the record stating the Police, the US Trustee's office would Breach their Fiduciary Duty - stating;
"WHEREAS, the United States Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF to make additonal disclosures"

Then, Mark Kenney Obstructs Justice and Breaches his Fiduciary Duty again. By moving to strike & expunge evidence of fraud;

Barry Gold having a dinner with me and being told by me at Il Fornio's, in 2002 - that;
"You think it ends here - I'm telling you it STARTS here"

You guys had a problem when you went after me and my family.

From that moment on - I did NOT care (and still don't) - what happens to me.

Look at each other. Either one of you made the decision to destroy me - or all of you have.
Which one of you - or group of you geniuses decided that stealing a public company and
breaking every single bankruptcy Code & Rule and fraud law was okay. Needs to look
at the John Gellene Milbank & Tweed case. He did one crime and it cost $20 million plus.
You geniuses have committed over 100 crimes, over $1 Billion, in 3 states, 4 courts
with many members and Goldman Sachs was in on it with Bain.

It was a wonderful ride and I now get the last laugh to rub it in.

Either way. Justice is coming.

If you think not - ask John Edwards if a Presidential wannabe can be prosecuted.
Then remember, Mitt Romney has many wrungs in the ladder to cut loose.


Laser Haas


        Jack Kaufman is the SEC guy who worked the Marc Dreier Fraud case. He and I spoke and emailed. I do NOT accuse him of doing anything wrong. But he must show that he did move this item up the ladder and not destroy the evidence (as the SEC has confessed to doing in the past).

         Debra Wong Yang was the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney, prior to to Tom O'Brien. She did effort to help. Here and Scott Biskupic (US Attorney who prosecuted John Gellene of Milbank & Tweed) - did make conversations with the Delaware United States Attorneys office and Wilmington DE FBI. I do NOT accuse Debra Wong Yang of doing any wrong. However, she was in charge of President Bush's Corporate Fraud Task Force and had to make a case file on eToys. That case number, if destroyed - needs explanation.

          Among the many divisions of the federal government covered in my email, they all received this case file. They have to explain their actions. Especially the OIG of the DOJ and the SEC's OIG; which both had multiple communications with me.


          This realm, Daily Kos, is a wonderful place. There are wonderful people here. I was converted to freeing my mind and opening my eyes by Meteor Blades. Who I first though was so extreme left and full of himself, that nothing good could come from reading or listening to his thoughts.

           I was very wrong. He is a great one who stands tall and history will remember!

          It is possible, being that there are seven people or more who have experienced untimely ends related to this case = including the brother of a MN Asst Us Attorney

           Thus, they may think they can end the investigation by ending me. For I am no where near the worth or value of a Marty Lackner. Even the eToys shareholder who worked with me (Robert Alber) had to shoot and kill a man who was a career criminal. Just like those who have veiled agendas and pettiness among us here, attacking me often (eat your words now suckers) - Alber was abused by the local press. People wrote comments on the man who permanently handi-capped Alber. Even though Michael Sessoyeff had been convicted more than 30 times.

            Therefore, I hope and pray you realize that Mitt Romney fleeced the GOP nominee process. He did NOT win Iowa, Maine, Michigan etc. Please use the eToys, Stage Stores and Kay Bee cases to make him give back the monies Bain has given him over the last 11 years. Do not elect or permit him to steal this Presidential election process.


I am over joyed and you will soon see why.
Mitt Romney's Campaign website does NOT have an email address. Therefore, I called 857-288-3500 and left a message with my email address.

    I will call them tomorrow - Again - for comments and will update accordingly.

            Familiarity breeds contempt. Unfortunately, there are petty people among us, who lambast the facts here. It is much easier to be mean, instead of nice. On top of that, those who work in the legal profession among us - absolutely HATE it, when someone points out an attorney does a crime.

                                                    Tough [c]hit!

                   It does not matter what they want. The Truth is what matters.

                               They will never say they are sorry for naysaying.

                             But their comments are a testimony to their shame!


Michael Fox of Traub Bonacquist & Fox left and went to

Olshan Grundman Frome REsenzweig & Wolosky LLP - a/k/a  - OLSHAN

However, seems Michael Fox wants to distance himself from the investigation

his Bio states;

Mr. Fox currently or has recently represented significant parties in matters both in and out of court such as Jennifer Convertibles, Inc., Champion Motor Group Inc.; NYC-OTB; Mooney Airplane Company, Inc.; MSTI Holdings, Inc.; WHS Kenny's Inc.; Arbios Systems, Inc.; SendTec Inc.; Cape Cod Crafters Inc.; MetaMorphix, Inc.; KB Toys, Inc.; FAO Schwarz Inc.; Superior Telecom, Inc.; Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.; San Francisco Music Box Co.; and Regional Diagnostics LLC.

NOTICE  - NO MENTION OF eToys - but we have his confessions and more lies also

 - we deposed him.

Take  notice - TOO - of the names of those attending the Deposition.

Go to these websites for factual background - on what is to come.

Crystal Cox's websites (many)

and - of course - you can see my many Diaries here at DK (just click on my stuff)

Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Mon May 07, 2012 at 01:32 AM PDT.

Also republished by Occupying with Laser.


How risky is it to go after power mongers like Romney?

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