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So as of the moment that Amendment One passes in North Carolina... I'm out.

Out of North Carolina that is.

Won't visit... won't buy... won't associate with.

Won't use the word North... won't utter the sounds Car-o-lin-a.  

And frankly... were I a gay man or a gay woman who resides in The Opposite Of South + Rhymes with Fair-Vagina I'd think about being "out" too...

Out of doing all the things that you do for the communities that you're in.

Out of treating people's illnesses... and protecting people's streets... and educating people's children... and cutting people's hair... and picking up people's garbage...

Out of whatever you do to make daily life NORMAL in the state that uses this...

Screenshot2012-05-08at51509PM-2 their motto.

Seriously, "A better place?"

For whom, exactly?

A better place for those utterly terrified of affection between two human beings?

Look, we've come to the point where "This will happen" has got to start becoming "This will happen now" and if that means the first Monday of every month becomes "I'm Out" Monday where anyone and everyone who is gay or loves a gay person or know how to spell gay doesn't happen to show up to work... then so be it.

It's time to re-frame what "out" is about.

You won't let us have the basic rights afforded to any shitty fifteen year-old boy who decides that some other crappy pimply faced fifteen-year old girl will be his starter wife... then cure your own cancer and catch your own murderers and figure out for yourself what the verb is in "all people are created equal."

Because we're "out".

Just one stupid hetroman's opinion, but out is no longer for "closets" but is instead for simply not accepting second class citizenry after this moment right here.

To those accusing me of being random in my ire... "there are so many other states"... and uneven in my sense of injustice... "what about your own state of California"... you're right. It's random and uneven and even a little bit of a hissy fit. And... so fucking what. A vast majority of North Carolinian primary voters tonight suck rodent balls and I for one feel like tell them to chew on snot. So there.
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