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Scott Walker keeps on losing.  




And now he lost what he counted on to win his recall.  Walker, his Republican cronies, and the monied interests relied on a bloody primary fight among Democrats in our recall election.  I'm delighted to report that it didn't happen.  There wasn't even one question or attack on any other candidate in the primary.  They kept their attention on the many reasons Scott Walker has to be replaced as Wisconsin Governor.

On June 5 we'll celebrate Cinco-Walkers-Gone-O.

Today, all 4 primary candidates joined Mike Tate in a public appearance where Kathleen Falk, Doug La Follette, and Kathleen Vinehout reiterated their full support of Tom Barrett.  Strong support came last night in their speeches to supporters after the election results were in.  They urged every one of their supporters to fully and enthusiatically support Tom Barrett.

Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk spoke to reporters before Barrett, saying she quickly gave her support to the Milwaukee mayor and urged her supporters to do the same.

Secretary of State Doug La Follette and state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout also spoke, stressing the importance of uniting behind Barrett to defeat Walker.

The candidates talked to reporters after having breakfast together inside Barrett's home.

Unions who supported Kathleen Falk also made statements of strong support starting last night and today met with Tom Barrett.

Scott Walker is campaigning his ass off (finally spending some time actually IN Wisconsin rather than having his paw out to the monied interests out all over the country) complete with lying attacks on Barrett as well as his well-rehearsed and repeated memes:

One day after a historic gubernatorial primary, Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday wasted little time attacking his opponent, Mayor Tom Barrett.

Shortly after making his case to a manufacturing group that manufacturing is a key part of the state's economic recovery, Walker told reporters that Barrett wanted to repeal a key tax incentive to help businesses.

Tax "incentives"?  Read tax breaks so corporations pay pitifully less than they did.  His reward for "helping" business was for Wisconsin to become Number One in the entire country in job losses in 2011.  With "friends" like that .....
"This has been a sustained marathon of attacks against us," Walker told reporters at the Frontier Airlines Center. "And I don't see that likely to change."

Walker said his opponents, "fueled by special interest money" had repeatedly attacked his administration. "I expect that will intensify even more in the future."

The governor conceded that his backers would respond with attack ads of their own. Walker has raised millions of dollars, much of it from out-of-state interests.

"I wouldn't have to raise or spend a penny if this recall hadn't been fueled by out of state special interests," Walker said. "They fueled the protests, the recalls, the attacks."

He can't and won't admit that it wasn't outsiders, but pissed off Wisconsinites that protested and recalled.   Unfortunately, his supporters truly believe that protesters were out of state, homeless, jobless, or paid to participate.   He's got friendly media and RW hate radio all over the state to propagandize the citizens and he makes good use of them with personal appearances frequently peppering local RW radio shows.

"Marathon of attacks"?  Since when has stating the facts and telling the truth been an attack?

Barrett has asked for 4 debates before the recall election, Walker has agreed to only two.

The RW leaning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has wasted no time carrying water for Walker, who they have supported and endorsed.

It has been 60 years since a candidate for governor got as many votes in a Wisconsin primary as Republican Scott Walker did Tuesday.
Of course, they failed to report that support like that is not hard when the Republican opponent ran no ads, had no mailings or official signage, and virtually no money.  But those would be the facts and those facts conflict with the Walker meme.

Political observers also like the Barrett-Mitchell ticket to take down Walker and Kleefisch.

Political observers say Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's Democratic gubernatorial primary win hands Mahlon Mitchell his best shot at ousting Republican Rebecca Kleefisch from the lieutenant governor's office.
Mitchell, a lieutenant with the Madison Fire Department and president of Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, appeared with Falk in the early stages of the recall effort. But some say a Falk-Mitchell combination would not only be seen as too beholden to the unions, but also be saddled with the liberal Dane County label that conservative candidates use with out-state audiences.

"It seems to me a Barrett-Mitchell ticket is more balanced," says UW-Madison political science professor Barry Burden. "They come from different parts of the state. One is from Milwaukee and one is from Dane County. And Barrett has sometimes disagreed with the unions on key issues, whereas Mitchell is a union representative. So they have both sides of the divide."

At his election event last night, he even joked about his lack of funds:
"I want to buy everyone here a drink," he quipped. "That's one drink. So everyone get a straw and pass it around."
So, here we are, unbloodied, united, enthusiastic, ready to go.  28 days to Cinco-Walkers-Gone-O.

Important links:

Tom Barretts web site.  Keep up with the campaign, volunteer, donate and get swag there.

Mahlon Mitchells web site.  Keep up with the campaign, volunteer and donate there.  Swag for Mahlon Mitchell available in Tom Barretts web site store at his web site.

Wisconsin Democratic Party web site.  News, blog, volunteer, donate, and get swag.

Bonus video.  The Ed Shows interviews with Tom Barrett and John Nichols.  Barrett hits the right notes on job losses and the John Doe Probe as well as continuing to point out how Walker has divided the state.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Originally posted to Puddytat on Wed May 09, 2012 at 11:10 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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