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Lively Facebook conversation this morning, post-Amendment 1 vote in NC. Names and some verbiage changed ever so slightly to protect identities. Thought it was worth sharing.

Like I tell some of my more wingy friends here, don't start shooting if you can't take return fire!

Wall Post:

Regardless of the social implications (not that they should be ignored, you suck NC), North Carolina's business climate is going to suffer...this may be the first dent in their "race to the bottom" (daaaaayyymmmm!!! says GGGE) economic development strategy. So, this is potentially a major advantage for more socially-liberal states if they can 1. get their business climate up to snuff with the Southern states in time to 2. capitalize on this opportunity?
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Fratty Teabagger:

So funny you still bash the south but have now lived in it for over a decade. You speak bad of the people that have been here for generations but you make your money off of them. South Carolina ban gay marriage but is only the second state to give gay couples rights outside of marriage. You tread down a slippery slope without caution and you never know where your going to end up at.
        And as far as our economy, we in the south are among the fastest growing outside of south Dakota and Montana. You being in rejuvenation of a southern town should know that.
        And keeping an open-mind does not always mean you agree with what's going on. States rights and their belief should almost always thump federal.

GoGoGoEverton, obviously stooping to the troll's level instead of attempting to debate with a Teabagger:

badly* banned* you're* South* South Dakota* Southern* State's* trump*
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Awesome GGGE Coworker:

It is a well known fact, Fratty Teabagger, that the North lost the Civil War when the South surrendered. And I say this as a Virginian.
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        Some Guy:
I was thinking the same thing, Original Poster. Maybe this is a good time to revise our state slogan to "Virginia is for ALL lovers"?
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Original Poster A.

everyone keep off Fratty Teabagger. This is how we communicate (but we haven't for many are you sir?
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Original Poster

B. Fratty, I was not bashing the South. If you reread my comments, you will see I paid it a compliment; there is no denying that Virginia has a more business friendly climate than states up North. I am trying to extract the social implications of the decision and focus on the economic argument that, as a libertarian-minded conservative,I thought you might appreciate.
        Some Guy:
One more thing for Fratty... State rights SHOULD trump federal rights.... But human rights trump both
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Fratty Teabagger:  

Glad to get everyone going this morning. It has been a while since we had a good meeting of the minds. I still hold true to the fact that if I don't care for the way my neighborhood is built, I should look some where else to live. Same goes with states.
        Next: this is facebook style writing on an iPhone not a properly composed written letter. Fast and to the point. But opened minded people would never point out someones flaws no matter how small they are, right my liberal friends.
        Last: human rights? Really? Come on! That ban has nothing to do with human rights. Food, water and shelter are human rights. Choosing where to live or vote is a right provided our gov't. Defining marriage is the right of the states and it's citizens who live there.
        I don't come into your house and tell you how to keep it clean and I expect the same in return. Be happy where you live. I'm happy in charleston and I hope the same for everyone else where ever y'all are.
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