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I've been dismissive and resentful to Obama's (previous!!!) refusal to endorse marriage equality. I've said for the last year that when he finally does endorse it, presumably after the election, he doesn't deserve credit, that the time to be ground-breaking and progressive has passed, and that at this point it would be following not leading.

That's how I felt about the issue. Until the moment I read his remarks.

I can't tell you how much it means to have the President of the United States stand up and affirm his believe in our relationships.

I have been married, in spirit, to another man, though I'm not currently. I was in a 7 year relationship that was marriage in everything but name. Yes, we had combined finances and lives together, and had powers of attorney and wills and whatnot. But that's not why I say it was marriage in all but name. We loved each other. Still do, he was the first person I texted when I saw the news.

And while that marriage didn't work out, we grew in separate ways that took us half a world apart, I hope to be married again. I hope to have a husband to share my life with, and grow old with.

And the fact that the President said that he thinks I deserve that right- no, that I have that right- does mean something. Would I have liked it if he had come out for marriage equality two years ago, three years ago? Yes. But he did it today. And despite my feelings 30 minutes ago that he had passed the point where he was leading and being progressive by doing so, I can feel nothing but gratitude for him.

Nothing has changed. I can no more get married right now than I could have 30 minutes ago. I know there is still a long road ahead of my community to achieve full equality.

But the fucking Leader of the free world just told the world that our relationships are valid, and that they deserve the full recognition of the United States.

Thank you, Mr. President. For the first time in my life, I don't feel like a second class citizen.

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