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It took Rush long enough but he's finally figured out a way to answer.

Today Rush Babes for America Facebook group lauches

Why?  Because Rush has been so unfairly targeted.  It's dedicated to:

the millions of conservative women who know what they believe in; family, American values and not being told by faux feminist groups how to think
because they have Rush after all
here's the reason, as you know on ... I forgot the exact date, but sometime later this month, the feminazis are going to be working with Media Matters for America, and kicking off some giant program, some coordinated plan to have me taken off the air.  Under the premise that women hate this program.  And that this program is an unfriendly environment for women.  That this program laughs at, impunes, makes fun of, women.

Of course the flaw in this is, that the National Organization for Women thinking that they speak for women.

No we have a man speaking for us by the name of Rush Limbaugh that does that.
If there was ever a group that speaks for an almost infinitesimal minority of women it's the NAGS.  But this is all part of Obama's and the Democrat party's so called "War on Women."

And I know, that there are a number of you women in this audience who are fed up with hearing that Republicans what to take away your birth . . . you know   what I thought about doing today, Snerdley?

In conjunction with the Rush Babes For America Facebook page . . .

I thought about limiting calls only to women . . . you know we used to do this in the early days . . only  . . . I know we haven't done it in ages it would've been fun . . .  take calls only from women who've had Republicans take away their contraception.

We'd have no calls, that's precisely the point. And yet, the Democrats, Media Matters, Obama, the Left, the NAGS, are on this faux "war on women" where Republicans want to take away their contraception.  Republicans what to deny them their contraception.  Deny them their birth control pills.  Deny them their fun.  Don't want to pay for their contraception.  What ever it is!  

900 pieces of proposed legislation, in the last 2 years,  curtailing reproductive rights isn't something we imagined
I know and you know that this whole "war on women" thing is a joke and a distraction,  get people not paying attention to Obama's dismal economic policies and their results.  

And I have, I've  been tired a long time these faux female groups, which are really nothing but groups of liberals.  The National Organization for  Women is not a female  organization, it's a liberal organization disguised as this group that's interested in the "rights" of women.

These groups happen to have "woman" or "women" in their name, claiming to represent all women.  And in reality they represent a tiny number of highly agitated, activist types, basically miserable, and unhappy women, for whatever reason.  And they've turned them into liberal activist and agitators and community organizers.

Because really we all just need to heed to  patriarchy and go back to using "mother's little helpers" so we can be all happy about popping out kids, being paid less than a man for the same work, keeping the house, oh and buying stuff . . . lost of shtuff etc.

We wimyns are so weak minded and malleable that we've been "turned" into a sort of brain dead zombie bot with liberal femnazi talking points strapped to our chests. (yeah I've been waiting in the Rushdrek for a little too long and just like the Venom skin of Spiderman, it's starting to affect me)

But the kicker is his next sentence (4:00)

So I wanted to come up with a contrast, to the NAGS, the NOW gang, of just all of the women in this country and this audience . . . the means of contrast, start this group dedicated to the values that most women hold dear: family, the American values of the founding freedom and capitalism,  most important of all not being told by anybody else how or what to think.
Because nothing says that women are not being directed in what to think then to have an "astroturf, Yay Rush," group created for them by a man, and specifically Rush Limbaugh himself.

Because grosh, we little women aren't smart enough or capable enough to come up with something like that on our own, not even Conservative Republican women like Phyllis Schalfly, Michelle Malkin, Meagan Kelley, any and all of the Fox Women, etc.

No, we had to have a man create this group for us.

Who could take offense?  

He goes on to say that liberal groups believe that all women think alike, and that all women are feminists (in the activitst liberal sense).  Um no, if there was any doubt or idea of that anywhere in liberal feminazi slut land (which there never was) Sarah Palin certainly destroyed that thought.

What Rush Babes for America (a national organization) is about is posting stories and ideas that happen here on the program and occasionally elsewhere.  And invite all of you to participate in conversations on Facebook with other women about what matters to you, as a means of demonstrating just what a minority the National Organization for Women and it's so-called affiliates really are.
That's 6:45 minutes in to a 10:51 segment and I really can't listen any more.  I need a shower before the "Rushdrek" makes me any more "highly agitated, basically miserable, and unhappy."

Rush is scared.  Right now his group has 40,600 + "likes" .  The page has no gender test, you don't need a government issued ID to prove that you are a woman to become part of the group . . . I'm sure that was an oversight just intimated that NOW was not really run by women, so I'm sure he would want to make sure  "Peggy Kadiddlehopper, from Gooserear, Kansas" has only X chromosomes.

The NOW FB page has 28,000+ likes -- but they are probably mostly men (they don't discriminate).  I'm sure that all those miserable, agitating feminazi sluts  can make that number go higher.

Cuz sluts (female and male) gotz friendz.

5:19 PM PT: CONFIRMATION that Limbaugh is hoping that NOWs Facebook numbers being lower that his astroturf page numbers empower his listeners.

This was posted on the NOW FB page moments ago

Pat Hamel

I'm a woman but this organization does not speak for me!!!!!

Have you noticed how many more Likes Rushbabesforamerica has than this group? Does that tell you anything?
Liberals stand up for liberal institutions and orgs.  Like the NOW FB page and encourage all your liberal family and friends on FB to do likewise.

5:48 PM PT: and now the meme about how Rush Babes is so much better has entered the media

Limbaugh ‘Rush Babes for America’ Facebook page surpasses NOW in 24 hours

Forget of course that Rush has a radio show and NOW does not ... they are winning the meme war.  Unless we ramp it up

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