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This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
One ought to be forgiving of a poet who lived in more primitive times though hardly as desolate and loveless a place as that of our Republicans and "moderates."  J. Alfred Prufrock was a lusty hedonist compared to today's pitiful porn freaks.

The dominant fossil fuel fools and nuclear knuckleheads have no corner on ignorance when compared with the sun worshipers.

A new scientific discovery has cast some doubt on the theory that an alien invader disappeared the dinosaurs.

See below the fold if you dare put aside conventional wisdom for even a few seconds.

Despite all the blather from sun worshipers, who allow only the wind whistling between their ears, to dull a bit their dazzlement of solar brilliance, there is far more potent, cheaper, less polluting power on the earth that is baseload (always on).

It is the earth itself which no scientist can answer the question definitively of why the planet is not itself a minor sun with its molten core.

The previous dinosaurs ruling the earth may also have done themselves in with their flatulence:

"In a major new climate finding, researchers have calculated that dinosaur flatulence could have put enough methane into the atmosphere to warm the planet." - Vancouver Sun, May 8.

From: Mrs. A. Brontosaurus.

Occupation: Ruminant.

Address: Humid, Bug-infested Swamp, Pangea.

Dear Editor:

"As a mother of several hundred hatchlings, I feel compelled to write in to you today to share my thoughts about, and my fears for, our future. Our time here as the dominant, super-gigantic species on Earth may be coming to an end, no pun intended. We have only ourselves to blame.

"We now have incontrovertible proof that the Earth is warming, and that this warming is due exclusively to our excessive lifestyles and unbridled consumption of, mostly, ferns.

"According to a new study, we dinosaurs pass about 520 million tonnes of methane annually, or the equivalent of about 706 gallons of gas a day. Think about that. Those numbers are in themselves obscene, and I am not just talking about the fact that everything smells like feet now.

"We cannot continue to live in this way and expect life as we know it to remain the same. Everything we cherish and are accustomed to - the wallowing around in fetid mudholes, the squashing of things underfoot, the daily panicked stampedes - all those good times will come to an end because of our own profligacy.

"We have to leave a smaller footprint. We have to consume less. [And gawd knows, at over 35 tonnes, I, for one, could afford to lose some weight!]...

Yesteryear's dinosaurs wouldn't listen to the weighty opinion of Mrs. Brontosaurus in the Dinosaur Times and our own dinosaurs will not listen either.

We are also in danger of extinction because of our extravagance and foolishness.

Mother Nature can be a most wonderful old lady or a mass killer like no other if we are ungrateful for her wondrous bounty.

Best,  Terry

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