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Tim Carney, you can kiss my silly, distraction-inducing, feminist ass.

From the video posted in Olympia's diary, MSNBC Tamron Hall vs Right Wing Tim Carney Follow Up, transcribed to the best of my rage-filled ability:

Well it is my opinion that Obama, but more so a lot of his liberal supporters are trying to distract every week with something new ... the bullying thing is an example, the silly idea that there is a war on woman--women, talking about gay marriage.  All of these I think are attempts to distract.
To talk about a war on women is not to try to say let's have a debate about the appropriate government role in these issues. It is simply to try to distract and to launch ad hominem attacks at people.  And so a talk about policy or a talk about the economy is a trickier thing.
Fuck you, Mr. Carney. Tamron Hall smacked your stupid ass right proper on "silly," but I've got some things to add.

First, the War on Women is NOT a Democratic Talking Point.  It's a real war that your kind has waged against our bodies, our rights, and our dignity.

Second, our fight is a people-powered fight that the Democratic party followed.  You and your party fan the flames of this war every time you deny this truth.  WE fought back with our most powerful weapon--our voice.  Since Komen's Planned Parenthood decision, I learned what's happening here on the Great Orange Satan while the party lagged behind by a few days every step of the way.  Ordinary women, women who we call LaFeminista, legalchic, Liberal Granny, and countless others; we are the leaders and foot soldiers in your war.

Third, you don't get to have "a debate about the appropriate government role in these matters."  You know why?  Because they're none of your goddamned business.  Whether I or any woman wants a baby, an abortion, or a night of mind-blowing, sheet-soaking sex is not a subject of debate, nor is there any appropriate government role.

Fourth, we are not a distraction.  Pretend there's a law that requires a doctor to shove a cathater tube into your dick.  Pretend that a major cable news outlet takes seriously the idea that maybe, just maybe, the country would be better off if men didn't vote.  Pretend that your boss has to approve the reason for every condom you buy.  Pretend a municipality repealed a law protecting you from violence at the hands of your partner.  Would you call that a distraction?  Yea, I thought not.

Fifth, in case you missed it, pucker up your silly, uninformed, mysogynist, homophobic, bullying lips and KISS MY ASS.

"All I ask of our brethren is that they will take their feet from off our necks and permit us to stand upright on the ground which God intended us to occupy"  - Sarah Moore Grimke
(Rant is over; rage continues to build.)

Originally posted to VetGrl on Sat May 12, 2012 at 09:29 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts, Pro Choice, and Abortion.

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