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       My fellow OccupyLA protestor and 99%'r extra-ordinaire  - Pete Thottham - continues his dedicated efforts to make a change. Pete Thottham quit his elected position due to the realization of the tyranny, cronyism and corruption within our systems of government. He created and maintains a sub part of the OccupyLA movement entitled the self explanatory "Occupy The Rose Parade" dot Org.

    Pete was able to get thousands of protestors to go to the Rose Parade January 2012.

       Today, Pete asked me to take a look at another crony article by the extremely biased Los Angeles Times and the fact that the LA Times is helping to foster the notion that the OccupyLA protests cost the City of Los Angeles $5 million dollars. You can see the article with its accusative title here "Taxpayers' bill for Occupy L.A. protest reise to $4.7 million". It claims that;

A new report finds Occupy Los Angeles cost city taxpayers nearly $5 million, with the bulk of the money spent on policing the protest.

Originally the Los Angeles City Council Supported OccupyLA

        As denoted in the L.A. Times story "Occupy LA Police to Los Angeles" - it remarks that - originally - the Los Angeles City Council supported Occupy Los Angeles. A true person of the people, part of the Ross Stores family - which provides jobs, pays taxes and is active across America - was the former Los Angeles Council President Eric Garcetti who told prostestors
"Stay as long as you need, we're here to support you"

Foreclosure $25 Billion Fund - Lion Share to California Could Pay Bill

         Here is a simple solution to the inflame contentions of the Los Angeles. It is the Occupy movement that helped to bring vast attention to the debacle of the foreclosure. It has been reported that, out of the $25 Billion deal negotiated to help amend the foreclosure debacles - that California and Florida are getting the lion share of the money. See the NY Times article "Mortgage Plan Gives billions to Homeowners, but with Exceptions"

        If I may be so bold, not only should OccupyLA get some credit for helping bring attention to the issues; the $5 million should be paid out of the fund and maybe even $5 million more to form a "Center" for protests. After all, if you really wish to "corner" the protest to "Free Zones" - why not just give them one somewhere and then hope & pray the main stream media does NOT pay attention.

         Pathetically, the New York Times points out that the settlement is most likely to provide between $1,500 and $2,000 to the 750,000 homes foreclosed upon between 2008 and 2011. Nor is MERS part of the settlement (as it is NOT a Bank) and neither is the Mae & Mac - as denoted by NY Times;

Critics also pointed to the fact that millions of mortgages owned by the government’s housing finance agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, would not be covered under the deal, excluding about half the nation’s mortgages.

Occupying with Laser - A Way to Fund OccupyLA


         During the Occupy Los Angeles "PRE" Police raid error (Nov 30, 2011) - the promise of Eric Garcetti was kept. At that time, from Sept 2011 to November 2011 - I was there 28 full days and many more otherwise. Pete Throttham pointed out to me that the City Council has a public session on Tues., Wed., and Friday every week (except for Holidays and special off days). At that time they permit "Public" comments for 2 minutes per person. Pete suggested that I do a series of stories on Mitt Romney's Bain and Goldman Sachs destruction of the Los Angeles public company of eToys; which lost 1,000 jobs in California - Due to Federal Frauds.

         Hundreds of people came up to me and some even applauded when I repeated the words of Elizabeth Warren ("Underlying Social Contracts") and pointed out that Mitt Romney's Bain & Goldman Sachs stole a Los Angeles public company. Several Council members spoke with me and the Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen A. Trutanich stated he was fighting Goldman Sachs already. I gave them the information and nothing has yet to happen.

          However, going LIVE on the Los Angeles Council TV and being interviewed by many at OccupyLA - did start to gather steam. People started to recognize me on buses and the train stations (I am rather too big to miss). The morning of the famous Los Angeles Police 2000 officer raid of OccupyLA - I was scheduled to be on two local TV Stations. You can see my comments, that have always stayed the same against Romney, Bain and Goldman Sachs - at the Archives of the Los Angeles Council TV links;

Link 1 -  Friday Nov 18, 2001 - Go to time of video 1:17:26

Link 2 -  Tuesday Nov 22, 2011  -Go to time of video 00:33:27

Link 3 -  Wed. Nov 23, 2011 - Go to time of video 00:20:45

        As you can see, long before Mitt Romney sought to fleece the GOP nominee nod, the fact that he benefited from federal frauds was being told. Goldman Sachs and Bain conspired to steal 1000 jobs and an Entire Public company from California. We can return eToys to California and get back what they stole. If, as I said in the videos -

IF Just 1 honorable public servant does their job!



        When the Occupy movement takes on individual cases - it parks wins into its history - and that is what America loves - WINNERS. Every time they circle a house to stop a foreclosure, step in front of a bank or do mock trials in front of Goldman Sachs - they are Winning America's heart and soul. This is the one thing that suffers when we don't have one leader. Lack of focus.

       Responding to the Los Angeles Times' biased manner, I accuse them of such and real bad faith too. They have a picture of a beareded man being hauled in by Police in riot gear - as if that was what Los Angeles Police were doing every day. It is a true shame, that unlike Baltimore, New York and Philly - we don't have a California Police person standing with the Occupy camps in CA. Be that as it may, I personally spoke to police often - having worked with DARE in the past. Especially on how to educate our youth to have a better tomorrrow.

      Responding to a commentor who inferred all Occupiers are self serving and not thinking of others - when this $5 million could have went to help the poor or schools (PUH-leaseeeee - like that is where the money would have went)

, I replied;


LaserHaas at 9:04 AM May 12, 2012
We ARE thinking of others.

I don't own a home - but protested about loan corruption predatory lending upon others.

Did not go to War - but protested about the way our country treats those who put their life on the line - once they return.

Do NOT have credit cards - but still protested the obvious fee sucking ludicrous - upon others.

Am not a Woman - but I protested for women's rights - equal pay.

Am Not Gay - but protested for the right for equal treatment.

Am NOT Californian, took the bus to and from downtown Los Angeles every day - to protest, discuss and assist those who could not afford to lose an hour, much less a day or week's pay.

Doing what JFK said to do.

Ask Not what your country can do for you.

But what you can do for your country.

I am there for YOU and many others YOU know.

Why are you Against U.S. helping YOU?

        Regardless of what anyone wishes, Mitt Romney has thrust our case upon the national platform. A person who has benefited from Organized Crimes is running for President of the United States.

         He has "kicked the ass" of his own Republican party so much - everyone except the die hard Ron Paul has bailed. Mitt Romney did NOT win Iowa, did NOT win Mainer, did NOT win Michigan. They - those who play games with our electoral processes - Gave Mitt Romney the phoney wins. Do not consider the fact he has the same plan for the Presidential election is Absurd. Robert Reich has pointed out that the Media is saying Romney is pulling closer to Obama every day. Is he "their" mouth piece? Or do we have something to fear?

                          Will there be a Bush v Gore II type event?

 Here is links to Reich's social & websites;

       OccupyLA did NOT cost Los Angeles $5 million. OccupyLA helped get California Billions of dollars to help the foreclosure process. If just ONE single public servant would do their job and simply open up an investigation into the crimes perpetrated by Bain & Goldman Sachs from California, we would get back the public company eToys and what they stole from us. Then, I promise you - I'll give a big check to the City of Los Angeles to help pay the bill.

         Is it really too much to ask - that the tax paid public servants do what they swore they would do when they gave a public oath of office to protect our Constitutions from enemies foreign and Domestic.


           Can we PLEASE get

                              One Honorable Public Servant to Do Their Job?


Originally posted to Occupying with Laser on Sat May 12, 2012 at 12:19 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, Progressive Hippie, and ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.


Is it to much to ask to get Bain & Goldman Sachs investigated after their attorneys already confessed to 34 acts of Fraud?

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