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A person that realizes that UNLESS action is taken harm will come.

Dr. Seuss made me an activist
Remember The Lorax that speaks for the trees?  After the last Truffla tree was gone, the single item of value left behind was a stone slab etched with the word "Unless".

unless you do something, Unless You Say Something, UNLESS YOU ACT
Nearly 40-years ago, that book helped an 11-year, old 7th grader standup to a big, 9th-grade bully who thought he was gay.  That dumb little kid didn't even know what the word meant.  Back then dictionaries were no help.

One after-school fight later two students remained.  A bully ashamed to beat up a little kid.  A kid with a black eye that would never tell anyone about the incident.

I have no idea how 7th grade classmates figured out I was gay before I did.  I just know that dang book taught me to stand and speak out against bullies.

I have not always stood up.
I remember you.  You were that hard working waiter in Provo Utah weren't you?  I sat their mortified as grown business executives twice my age competed to tell the most vile gay jokes.  I knew they were trying to make sure you overheard.  Later that same trip in line at Alta you were helping people safely get in the ski lift.  I failed you too.  Those two behind me were obviously speaking loudly so the whole line heard.

That was 25-years ago.  I still remember you, remember what was said, and beg your forgiveness that I failed to stand up.  That could have been me if they figured out I was gay too.

I am standing up now.  Are you?
Exactly why I am shouting is difficult to understand.  It almost seems my entire life was one big education project leading to now.

Today is the day all I have learned comes together in one big shout!  STOP
But like the Lorax, no one is listening.  Or those that listen and know are making sure the message is lost in the background noise.

The Once-ler and me
The parallels between us are close. I too retired from the world taking with me my wealth and live in a mansion that slowly crumbles around me.

The Once-ler kept the very last seed of the Truffula tree. I believe I have the seed of truth.
Here is how I came upon it.
#1 I left the corporate world and semi-retired in Hawaii where I co-own a gay bed and breakfast with my partner. We never got married, never could, and still can't.

#2 When I first heard of super PACs I checked on Wikipedia and found information confusing and incomplete.  So I wrote much if not all of the pages regarding U.S. Federal Election Campaign Law with a specific concentration on political action committees, and illegal campaign contributions.

#3 I admit it.  I didn't like Bush. Either one.  And I knew campaign money is what helped them get into office and I knew it was illegal campaign money.  So I pretty much became versed in all the ways loopholes were exploited in the past.

#4 Unlike most people I like going directly to the source and reading it myself.  So I read the rulings of the Courts, and read the actual laws.

#5 So just days after a January 31, 2012 ruling by the Court I was reading it because it spoke of illegal campaign spending.  It was after reading that case everything finally clicked.  

The seed of truth I hold is super PACs and unlimited individual contributions are illegal.
Therefore I launched a lawsuit to stop them. However, it took me nearly 1.5 months to write and research this lawsuit and it is filed and now before a 3-judge panel.

Now here is where we get to the problem. UNLESS.

Unless I can demonstrate to the Court that the majority of those accused in the lawsuit heard of it, and had a chance to respond, the Court is likely to deny any motion no matter how much merit it has.

I have tried.  Believe me I have tried to get the message out. However, there is a very strong right-wing community that wants that message to be lost.  The right-wing community wants super PACs since they get far more money.  That is why I finally came up with the idea of joining this website.

However, despite my efforts here. I have gone nowhere. It is difficult what I am doing.  It is difficult to believe the U.S. Courts will rule that the individual contribution limits will be upheld by the Courts and this business of "non-contacted  or independent" PACs is bunk.

So I turn the question to you:

Unless you take the time to understand.

Unless you spread the word.

The Republicans will win the White House this Fall.

I suggest beginning with this page:  Are super PACs legal or illegal?

Philip B. Maise

p.s. On the behalf of my family, my greater gay family, I forgive you Mr. Mitt Romney.  You were just a stupid kid then. However, go enjoy your grandchildren and help them grow up better than you.

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