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                .. The Obama and Warren Stars are aligning for 2012! ..

It will happen if Democrats seize the day and select Elizabeth Warren to deliver the Keynote Address at the DNC National Convention. A petition is up and running.

No American was so early in writing to alert the country about America's shrinking middle class, or to strongly advocate for financial industry regulation, as Dr Warren has done so passionately, and tirelessly, for so long.

And no expert in the field better understands how the financial system needs to work within the bounds of proper oversight and appropriate levels of regulation, than the brilliant and charismatic Professor Warren.

Petition Link:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admitted as much, when expertly examined by Dr Warren at the TARP oversight hearings (Chaired by Warren at the President's request) when he bowed to her superior knowledge of the financial matters under discussion.

Should Elizabeth Warren be selected by the DNC, it would supercharge her campaign to regain Ted Kennedy’s old seat in Massachusetts, and inspire Democratic Party candidates, swinging voters and campaign volunteers across the country.

The naming of Elizabeth Warren as Keynote Speaker would undoubtedly add much excitement, anticipation and media speculation, leading up to the Convention. We can be sure that a powerful, telling and well received speech from that podium, would ultimately represent a major contribution towards the President's re-election and to achieving the Democrats goal of regaining control of Congress.

Please add your name to the petition and forward this article to your friends, associates and other supporter groups.

Thank You!

Petition Link:

                    .. A sample of typical comments from the petition

* She is the absolute epitome of an advocate for the people. She articulates clearly and with passion. Dryfork, WV

* A Woman that can represent everyone. Someone everyone can understand. Doesn't play the game. Is straight up brilliant. Vida, OR

* Elizabeth Warren is smart, articulate, passionate about her beliefs, and really cares about the 99%. She would make a great president or vice president, or senator! Charlotte NC

* Elizabeth Warren is the best we have for President in 2016 - just as President Obama's keynote speech in 2004 launched his future Presidency, so this could give Elizabeth Warren a national spotlight - & inspire us to work together for progress. Pollock, MO

* Because of her integrity, smarts, and heart in the right place. Sarreguemines, France

* No one else comes close to Warren. Fresno, CA

* Elizabeth Warren is critical to taking back the US Senate and keeping the White House. With the Republican assault on Women, We need her to make the best, best case for Pres. Obama's Re-election, everyone understands and believes when Mrs. Warren speaks. Jacksonville, FL

* Elizabeth is one of the most thoughtful, articulate speakers of our time, after the President of course. Piscataway, NJ

* I hope to vote for Elizabeth for president some day. Seattle, WA

* Elizabeth Warren is a fighter for the middle class and has great ideas for getting us back on track. I will back Elizabeth Warren on any issue, at any time. Thank you Elizabeth Warren. Crestview, FL

* I think Elizabeth Warren is phenomenal ! Decatur, AL

* Liz is just awesome, She’s everything this country needs in its leaders. Plus all the repugs wanted nothing to do with her. President Obama would be very wise to tap one of America s brightest lights! Westville NJ

* The President needs all the help he can get and Ms Warren is the tip of the top.
Laurel, MT

* In a year when the GOP is trying to send women back to the dark ages, we should stand up for women by making a strong, smart woman the keynote speaker at our convention. Jackson, NJ

* She is a prophetic voice on where the Banking industry is leading our country to ruin. Florence, SC

* Elizabeth Warren is an articulate woman who understands the struggles of the working class and is willing to fight for the common good of the people of this country. Obama 2012, Warren 2016. Fall River, MA

* I continue to be impressed by Elizabeth Warren. She clearly brings a fresh voice and honest look at politics today. She would be a dynamic speaker. West Brookfield, MA

* She is the smartest, most sincere politician ever! Springfield, MA

* Because Elizabeth Warren speaks for the American people and she speaks truth to power with a clear voice. San Tan Valley, AZ

* She's proven herself to be a true advocate for consumers, and is willing to take on the big companies in order to ensure that the rights of regular people are protected and respected. Salem, NH

* Elizabeth Warren will bring a fresh and very positive message to the nation. Wenham, MA

* Elizabeth Warren speaks to America NOW, and to America moving FORWARD. I'll be petitioning her to run for President in 2016. Arcata, CA

* For the 99% . South Windsor, CT

* Because Elizabeth Warren will be POTUS in 2016. Rockport, MA

* I believe in Elizabeth Warren. I would vote for her if she would run for president in 2016. I'm not the only woman who feels this way. Lacey, WA

* Women need representation and there is no one better than Elizabeth!  El Cerritoi, CA

* The war on women has to end and I can think of no one better to represent the women of this country. Athens, GA

* We know she cares about the people and espouses the same values and tradition of honest, integrity and intelligence that the Obama Presidency has shown to everyone! Redmond, WA

* Elizabeth Warren will be a powerful factor for Democrats to defeat Scott Brown & an asset to encourage women to enter public service and the political spectrum. Waynesboro, VA

* She cares about her country and its people and she's smart enough to help them. Hillsborough, NC

* Elizabeth Warren gives voice to those that don't have any. She is an inspiration to me and thousands of other women. Albany, GA

* Because she shows courage in wanting to regulate Wall Street and the systemically large Banks. Plano, TX

* Elizabeth Warren represents WOMEN and so many level headed rational Men and Women - the US NEEDS Elizabeth Warren! San Diego, CA

* Elizabeth Warren as Keynote Speaker would provide a good contrast to the GOP attitude toward women, particularly after the Rush Limbaugh debacle. She would probably sway more women voters to President Obama too. Bedford, IN


* This is someone who is really learned on the financial system. She knows what works and what doesn't, she's honest about what she thinks, she focuses on the economy, and she wants to be progressive. This is the real politician we need. I want the whole world to hear her. I trust her when she says she wants to improve the middle class. Arvada, CO

* She is the genuine article and will hopefully be elected President of the United States in 2016 - let's start the ball rolling - she will give a passionate address and reassure any doubters that despite Obama's shortcomings he will continue to work hard for this country in order to pass a lighter baton to her in 2016. Salem, MA

* She should be the first Female President of the United States. Schenectady, NY

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  •  Great idea (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    MKSinSA, elwior, kellius, John Hay

    I welcome anything like this that would help put her in the mix for 2016.

    There are two types of republicans, the rich and the stupid. The rich ones strive to keep the stupid ones stupid and the stupid ones strive to keep the rich ones rich.

    by frankzappatista on Wed May 16, 2012 at 12:38:17 AM PDT

  •  if warren is elected in 2016, (0+ / 0-)

    it'd be two people of color in the oval office back to back, which would be pretty cool.

  •  Warren needs to win this year here in MA. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I'm not sure all the comments pushing her for President are helpful here & now, while she's fighting an uphill battle against a strong opponent.  Brown's a total fake, but he's still strong.
    It'd be great for her to do the speech (just signed the petition) but imo the best way to support her right now is by donating and volunteering.


    •  Another problem with the keynote speech: (0+ / 0-)

      The Democratic primary is scheduled for Thursday of convention week.  As of now, Marisa DeFranco is still in the race against Warren.  It would be awkward to give the platform to a candidate who, as of that date, would not yet be the Dem. nominee.  Although DeFranco doesn't stand a chance she is, after all, a fellow Democrat and doesn't deserve to be slighted.

      Remember, it's always wrong to generalize.

      by brae70 on Wed May 16, 2012 at 06:15:11 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •   Another problem with the keynote speech: (0+ / 0-)

        Barack Obama wasn't a candidate for election in 2004 when he delivered his famous Keynote Speech at the invitation of Presidential nominee, John Kerry, in Boston.

        Marisa DeFranco should do the right thing by the Party and voters. She has failed in her attempt and needs to clear the decks immediately for a brilliant candidate whose comparative chances of winning against Brown need no explanation.

        •  Obama was indeed the Dem nominee for Senate, (0+ / 0-)

          the primary being held in March or April, 2004, and the convention where he gave the keynote was in the summer.

          I can agree that DeFranco SHOULD do the right thing, but if she doesn't, and Warren is chosen to give the keynote, you can bet the media will play this up to make the Dems look bad.

          Remember, it's always wrong to generalize.

          by brae70 on Thu May 17, 2012 at 04:39:06 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  Obama was indeed the Dem nominee for Senate (0+ / 0-)

            Warren is the ACE card for the Democrats. The GOP has nothing to touch her in the "War against Women" stakes.  

            The Keynote address will also help the Democrats in their attempt to win MA and propel proven talent into the Senate.

    •  Meanwhile... (0+ / 0-)

      ...I see the Brown campaign is still avoid actual issues:

      Law Review Called Senate Candidate Warren 'Woman of Color'

      •  Yes, but this kind of dogwhistle racism is (0+ / 0-)

        effective.  For many it's all they know about Warren...that she used (not true) her false claim to Native American identity (she was truthful) to get ahead via affirmative action.

        All bs, but they're driving the narrative with it, and talk radio listeners hate affirmative action.

        When did a Republican ever win on substantive issues?

    •  Warren needs to win this year here in MA (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      The goal is to give this brilliant woman a national platform to improve her chances in MA and one from which her speech could inspire Democrat candidates, voters and volunteers across the country.

      The Democrats need her to light up the Convention as a prelude to the President's final day acceptance speech.

      Signing a petition takes only 90 secs. It is not designed to replace donating or volunteering.

      Thank you for signing .. John

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