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From 2007. I sincerely hope the man in this video is ok. Watch Mitt Romney turn his back on a sick man and dodge his real life or death question about his health care. I've included a short transcript below the fold, but here's the short version, wheelchair bound man asks Romney if he will jail his doctor for providing him with the only medicine he can find that will ease his pain, Romney responds with a fluffy version of "Die Quickly"


   I've watched this video over and over, and it's just stunning. Callousness personified.

   It takes some nerve to turn and flee from a sick man in a wheelchair after condemning him to die in pain. If only Mitt Romney could imagine him as a corporation  maybe he could have found some compassion for him.

   Disgraceful. This is a perfect vignette of Romney. He has no real answers for real problems, and when faced with those real problems he will run away if he can. Pathetic.

More below the fold

Here is the transcript

Sick Man:     "I suffer from an extremely rare type of muscular dystrophy and I have to take medication or I'll die. Right now I weigh less than 80 pounds, I have all my life. Um, I have support of 5 of my doctors that I am living proof that Medical Marijuana works. I am completely against legalizing it for everyone but there is medical . . ."

Romney:    "And you have synthetic marijuana that's available and other . . . "

Sick Man:     "It makes me sick. I've tried it and it makes me throw up. I have tried all the medications they are and all the forms they come in after my stimulators, the steroids. I have muscular dystrophy, that's completely against my DNA."

Romney:     "I'm sorry to hear that."

Sick Man:      "My question to you is, will you arrest me and my doctors if I get medical marijuana?"

Romney:     "I'm not in favor of medical marijuana."

(Romney looks away, moves on to next person mid-conversation)

Sick Man:     "So, will you have me arrested? . . . "

Romney:     "Hi, how are you?" (moving on to next person in line)

Sick Man:     "Excuse me, will you please answer my question?"

3rd Person:     "You're not going to answer his question, Governor?"

Romney:     "I think I have."

3rd Person:     "No, he asked you if you were going to arrest him. He asked if you were going to arrest patients like him, Governor? You're just going to ignore a person in a wheelchair?"

Romney:     "I spoke with him."

3rd Person:     "Yeah, but you didn't answer his question!"


  Remember when Conservatives used to at least pretend to be somewhat compassionate? They used to at least have the decency to pretend to care about real life problems even if they had no solutions or if their solutions made matters worse, they would at least pretend to care for the sake of not looking cruel or inhumane. That doesn't happen anymore. The cruelty and callousness is on full display.

   Got a problem the pharmaceutical industry can't fix? Then don't get sick, and if you do, die quickly. Mitt Romney is against Medical Marijuana. Your argument is invalid, wheelchair-bound sick guy who is living proof that Medical Marijuana does work.

   Really? Really?

   I think Marijuana should be legal, but there sure is a lot of money in putting non-violent drug users in prison, especially in for-profit privatized prisons. Marijuana should be legal. Period. And I challenge any far right free market enthusiast to explain why certain substances should be controlled (regulated) and criminalized but certain financial products and their suppliers (dealers) should be allowed. Remember, Credit Default Swaps are a gateway drug that has been proven to lead to harder stuff like international market collapse.

   Sadly, the Obama Administration is really not very different than a potential Romney Admin would be on this one, but you would think that Obama would at least pretend to give a shit and try to find an answer. Mitt on the other hand is ready to literally step over the sick guys wheelchair and move on to the next handshake before the guy is even done asking his question about whether you would put him and his doctors in jail and potentially force him to die an agonizing death.

    With all the whining in the right wing corporate media about how President Obama hasn't been properly vetted yet, can we start asking them to do the kind of research I just did so we can learn a bit more about Mitt Romney? Good luck with that. The behavior exhibited by Mitt Romney in the video above is absolutely pathetic. Mitt can bully gay kids but he will run away from a sick man in a wheelchair if the questions don't go his way. Absolutely pathetic.

   Ohhh, by the way, when I lived in Colorado in 2010 they shaved $7 million dollars off of their state deficit through funds raised by selling legal licenses to medical marijuana dispensaries.

The floor is yours . . .

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