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    In 2007, Mitt Romney told Jonathan Darman of Newsweek that he personally baptized dead people without the dead person's prior consent.

When NEWSWEEK asked Mitt if he had personally done baptisms for the dead—

ROMNEY: "I have in my life, but I haven't recently."
    hmmm .... my, my - baptizing people you don't know and who did not give permission seems to trample on the Civil Rights of the dead person, not to mention, extremely disrespectful of the dead person.

      To me, Mitt Romney's actions here prove he is very egotistical, arrogant, pompous and narcissistic.  Seems Mitt thinks his religion is the only real religion and if a person disagrees with Mitt, then Mitt will impede on a person's civil rights and force that person to convert to Mitt's religion when they are dead and cannot defend themselves ... by God!

      Yet, even though Mitt has proven, by his own actions here, that he has zero respect for people who are of "different" faith than him, Romney accuses President Obama of "assaulting religions" ... hmmm

Typical Romney: no respect for anyone who is "different" from him and bullies those who cannot defend themselves - like dead people, blue collar American workers, former weaker class-mates.

     My Question: What will Sean Hannity say about Romney personally baptizing dead people without consent?  

    Romney has a history of disrespecting people who are "different" from him.  Remember his high school class-mate who looked "different" from Mitt so he chased the boy, pinned him down and cut his hair as the boy cried.

     Remember the blue-collar American Workers who were "different" from Mitt when he abused the Free Market, destroyed American Families by shipping American jobs overseas so that Mitt could personally profit millions?

     I personally, don't care what religion anyone is, nor what higher powers, if any, a person believes in ... However, I do find it grotesque that Romney stomps on other people's Civil Rights and thinks of himself to be so high and mighty that HE is the sole decider of what "faith" people ... people ... shall be baptized in.

     Romney is a former Bishop and top Church Official in Boston, referred specific questions to religious leaders when, in 2007, NECN in Harford Connecticut asked Romney "why" he baptized dead people without their consent:

REPORTER: One aspect of the Mormon faith that you've said you've participated in is the baptizing of dead people, can you explain what that is all about."

ROMNEY: “The best way to get the best information is to check with the Church.  I - I - I am an active member of my faith, I participate fully, I'm not a cafeteria Mormon, I'm true blue through and through and - ah - so if people want to know about the beliefs or practices of my faith, they're probably best to check with the church. I'm not the


     According to the USA Today, in 1995, the Mormon Church "promised" they would never baptize dead Jews ever again ... that ended up being a lie.  

     In 2010, Mormons made a pact by in which the Mormon Church promised to at least stop baptizing dead Holocaust victims ... that ended up being a lie as it was discovered 3 months ago, Romney's religion breached the pact they made.

Why did the Morman Church lie to Jewish Leaders in 1995 and 2010?  Why so secret about their baptizing of dead people?

     Why is Mitt's religion afraid to publicly baptize dead people?

    In February 2011, Romney's Church baptized the dead parents of famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal.

     Also in February, a Mormon Database was discovered that had the names of several living Jews who were to be baptized, without their consent.  Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s name, as well as those of his father and maternal grandfather were on the list.  Apparently, Romney's religion thought Elie Wiesel was dead.  Wiesel was very angry when he found out and said Romney should denounce his Church's practice of baptizing dead people.

     Jewish leaders called on Mitt Romney to “speak to his own church” and ask them to stop performing baptisms on dead Jews.

     To date, I am not aware of any public condemnation from Mitt Romney regarding baptizing people without their consent.  In fact, in February, USA Today reported that Romney's campaign did not answer questions regarding Wiesel, Wiesenthal or any other dead people Mitt's religion continues to baptize without consent.

      Some people say, well some parents baptize their infant - true ... and it is the parent's right to do that as the parent is their child's guardian.  However, when the child becomes an adult, usually age 12 or 13 in most religions, the child can then pick whatever faith they want, denounce any faith they want etc.  Otherwise, once the child is a legal adult, 18 years old, they can change religions, become no religion etc.  

      There is a huge difference between Romney trampling on a person's civil rights and a parent baptizing their infant child.

     The point is: People in America have a legal right, a civil right to pick their own religion, or no religion and it is abominable that Romney secretly gives himself the power over "the People's" civil rights to force them to convert to his religion after they are dead and can no longer tell him Mitt 'f@&k off.'

      Here's what I wonder, will the rightwingers write blogs about the possibility of Romney baptizing all Americans into his religion if he were to become President and privy to the Social Security Database?  

     Will rigthiwingers pen their suspicion that Romney would give the national Social Security Database information to his Church for them to baptize all Americans into Romney's religion?  

     I mean, gee whiz, Romney's religion promised in 1995 & 2010 to stop baptizing dead people -- but they clearly lied as their database was discovered just a few months ago.

     Again, I wonder, what will Sean Hannity say about Romney personally baptizing dead people without consent?  

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