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I am frustrated by the recent media representation of Trayvon Martin shooting. All I hear about is how Zimmerman was beaten and how Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system. I will address these two points shortly. I am also frustrated by a diarist here, whose name I will not mention, but who basically sought to tacitly absolve Zimmerman of his transgression. (Hint just check the Hidden comments list).

From Alternet:

New evidence from the George Zimmerman case reveals, first and foremost, that police believed the encounter between Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was “ultimately avoidable,” and would not have happened should Zimmerman have “remained in his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement.”
"There is no indication that Trayvon Martin was involved in any criminal activity at the time of the encounter," the report said.
Zimmerman showed signs of struggle and this is indicated by his battered nose and head. However signs of struggle do not necessarily mean Zimmerman is a victim or acted in self-defense.
Signs of a struggle, however, do not necessarily provide evidence that Zimmerman shot in self-defense. As the police said, the entire incident -- and Martin’s death -- was avoidable, and would not have happened if it weren’t for Zimerman’s vigilantism.
All that is important to remember is that Trayvon was walking and minding his own business and Zimmerman was the one following him.
An unnamed girl, the one identified by the Martin family attorney as Trayvon's girlfriend, may be one of the case's most important witnesses. She told prosecutors that she and Trayvon talked by cellphone on and off as he went to the store that evening.
She said Trayvon told her a white man in a vehicle was watching him. Trayvon started walking, and the call cut off, she said. When she called back, "he said this man is still following him."
The girl said Trayvon started running, "and then he said he lost him [Zimmerman]," she said, adding that the teen's "voice kind of changed … I could tell he was scared. And in a couple minutes, he said a man's following him again."
She said Trayvon asked, "Why are you following me for?" and a man's voice said, "What are you doing around here?" Then she heard a noise, and the call cut off.
Now to the marijuana. This seems to be grabbing headlines in the media, and overshadowing the fact that a boy is dead needlessly. For instance this is what the NY
Daily News wrote in its headline:
Trayvon Martin had marijuana in system the night he was gunned down

However let me close with a final quote from Alternet:
Because Martin was not smoking marijuana at the time, or participating in any other criminal behavior that may have led Zimmerman to believe he was “up to no good,” the results are irrelevant
This is what Martin was doing on day that would be his last:

Originally posted to Shawn on Fri May 18, 2012 at 09:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges.

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